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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Colors (Ivory)

San Francisco Main Library
Another set of Sunday colors -- today a calming ivory -- to offset the busy time of year.
An amazing old ledger written in Italian in beautiful cursive writing.

A pop-up art gallery of white papercuts in a storefront
in San Francisco's Mission District.

Beautiful calligraphy 

Old ivory paper umbrellas in LA's Chinatown.

Road Trip clouds.........

Greetings from rainy San Francisco.

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  1. I love your Sunday color days... What fun!

  2. I love your storefront photo & the calligraphy book. Do tell us more about that, s'il vous plait.

  3. Well, Gman....I love handwriting in all languages and all kinds of writing so when I see some beautiful writing, I try to buy it. The calligraphy is Japanese (and the cursive is Italian...). There are lots of inexpensive Japanese and Chinese vintage calligraphy books around in SF.
    As for the paper cut-outs, I don't know who did them but they were in the window of a vacant storefront in the Mission. They have little pop-up stores and pop-up art galleries all around SF these days and it's great.

  4. Merci. That Japanese book is amazing. Don't you wonder who would discard that? Any clue what it's about? A pillow book or travel journal maybe?
    Love them pop-up galleries, pop-up books and warm pop-overs with butter.
    It's the way you framed and caught the reflections too, that makes your photo special.

  5. Thanks, Gman....I'd buy one of the books for you but you know it wouldn't get delivered......No, unfortunately I don't know what it says (but that lets it be whatever we want it to be, right?)



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