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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Happy Mail Box

Lots of wonderful mail coming in....
who knew there were so many of us out there?
A Very Happy Mail Box indeed.

From Linda

and Garci --
love that airline luggage sticker on her envelope.

And this mysterious postcard arrived with no identifying marks or names, not even a postmark -- who sent it?
Maybe it 's from the Mailart 365 Project

Another beautiful watercolor from Marni in Malaysia

Very cool from Alice

And from Tallie

AndyGeezer IUOMA
A Welcome to the Mailart 365 group

Check out this great bug stamp!
Love it.

Mail is coming in faster than I can ever photograph it

and post it on here -- or answer it!
I must get out my art supplies and my pens and get busy,
we all know you've got to send mail to get mail.

I think I'll go make some postcards.


  1. I love the strategically placed fir :-)

  2. Miss Pamela -- such incredible missives are arriving at your PO box! And you are oh-so-good about posting up the pics.

    We have some pen-friends in common: I adore Marni's watercolors, and Alice's "recorded correspondence"! Andy's postcard is beautiful and who can that mystery postcard be? The handwriting doesn't look familiar to me...

  3. Oh super! My half-bus arrived! Yay! If you don't mind, can I post your pic of my card up on my my REAL wall?


  4. Your wall is now up on my wall!

    Thanks for posting Pamela and I look forward to seeing your stuff on mailart 365!

  5. I have another friend who is participating in that project, small world! :D

  6. Love all the photos! Perhaps I should do more with evergreens.....



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