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Friday, March 30, 2012

Casey's Rubber Stamp Heaven (NYC Post #3)

A little bit of heaven in the Lower East Side in NYC --
well, it does say God's Gifts on the awning, now doesn't it?

Outside the shop is a table with rubber stamps to play with and try out before you even enter
the world of stamps inside.

Happily I had some postcards with me ready for mailing and got to stamp a few
just to say I did.

If you like stamps -- this is the place!

We know Ms Red Letter Day loves her rubber stamps
and she got there first but I think Casey's is so great you will all
want to hear about it again!
And now I know where a certain person named Alice found the fabulous tiny
stamp she gave me a while back.

You want ink? You got it!

The man himself -- John Casey!
A pleasure to meet and talk to and he will help you out with anything you need.

Too bad I didn't get to stay for the after-party on St. Pat's -- maybe next time.

Custom stamps are available too.

The eyes see all.
Why didn't I get one of these eye stamps?

Choosing is a little hard when you have have so many to choose from.

You can browse the delightful catalog. But you better bring CASH because if you want
some of these fabulous stamps ---
you've got to pay cash.
A member of the younger generation discovering the box of rubber stamps
outside the shop.

Yes, I did leave with a lighter wallet but at least rubber stamps are easy to bring
back home to San Francisco.

If you visit, NYC and like rubber stamps, Casey's is the place to go --

(maybe you'll see the postcard I sent John on the wall there?)

322 East 11th Street (between 1st & 2nd Ave)
New York, New York 10003

Now I think I'm going to go play with my rubber stamps!

(Thanks to C.S. once again)


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fleas (not Bedbugs) in New York

Today we are going to visit a really fabulous flea market in
New York City.
I am driving myself crazy with these photos wishing I had bought more.
But flying and the 50lb limit for the suitcase is sadly restrictive.
Especially when you are sharing a suitcase.

First of all, you've got to get there -- take the subway (or walk) to:

The Antiques Garage
W. 25th Street between 6th/7th Ave

And just look for this sign......

OK, in you go....and get ready for some serious and fun browsing...

Perhaps you are in the market for a typewriter?

Or maybe a "Beau Catcher" pencil?
I'm so sure how that works (catching a beau?)....but you can write with one.

Maybe some vintage photos to collage with?

$1 vintage postcards to re-purpose

Boxes of paper ephemera....heaven help me resist.....

And then there are all the vintage stamp sets...(I'd buy this one just for the box).

Rubber Animal Stamps

Movable Hebrew Alphabet Stamp Set
(You just don't see these everywhere)

The piece de resistance was this beauty -- a vintage 1930's (?) school set
of wooden stamps with words, phrases, pictures and ABC's.

Anyone want to guess how much this beauty cost?
I am really having second thoughts about passing this one up.
So, if you are planning a trip to NYC, and you're there on a Saturday or Sunday,
this is the place to go.

And, if this isn't enough, only a block away --
W. 25th Street Market, W 25th between 5th/6th Ave
Hell's Kitchen Flea Market
W. 39th Street between 9th/10th

Are you all packing your bags now?

After all this excitement, I had to go sit down and have a calming Japanese lunch.
(Special thank you to C.S.)

This weekend is my birthday celebration weekend. Any excuse for a party!
I was going to put a shot of the very special birthday
present I got from my sweetie but since I got so
much great mail I think I will save the photos for another day/another post.
In the meantime, I am eating cake....

Send Good Mail/Get Good Mail
Make a someone happy.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Manhattan Mail In a New York Minute

Packed up my mail art kit and hit the road (or maybe I should say the sky?).
It isn't easy finding time to send out mail art from NYC when you are visiting because there are
way too many fun things to do.
I sure didn't have time to pick up a book or a magazine
but I did manage to send out some mail.

I gave this envelope to the desk clerk to mail and she loved it! Maybe we have a new
mail art convert.

If you look closely, these are travel collaged cards that went out......

Some vintage NYC postcards on the way

I love the New York subway system and had fun using some Metro cards
on handmade postcards....

Handmade Journals
I always carry travel journals that I make specific to the place I am traveling to.
The one of the left has made four NYC trips so far and the smaller one is an insert into the larger
one and just for this trip.

Working at the desk in the hotel room.....

Bryant Park
.........or sitting at a colorful table in Bryant Park...a great spot for writing letters or  for
journal writing....and NYC City had some unusually mild weather for March.

Another great spot for lunch or making writing a sneaky postcard...

Humnmnmnnn.....I believe I did take a (ahem) number of the KATZ place mats
to write letters on or fold into handmade envelopes.
The pain of returning home was lessened by a huge pile of fabulous incoming
mail waiting in a tray for me -- my son was under strict orders to take it in and protect it from
the rain San Francisco had while I was in NYC.
Thank you all!
I definitely have my work cut out for me this week --  answer my mail!

Uh Oh
And them there was this....but the funny thing is, there was actually nothing wrong with
what was inside. Kelly P had wrapped some rubber bands around a wooden postcard and I guess
the USPS thought it was broken. (I forgot to take a photo of it -- I will post a photo of the card with
rubber bands on the Facebook page for Cappuccino & Art).

From Sally in London -- hand sewn PAMELA and little flags -- how clever and charming this this?


If you are considering a trip to NYC I highly suggest going --  a fabulous place
to visit with endless things to do and see (and eat).

And it is a post-inspiring spot too -- upcoming posts with include Casey's Rubber Stamp Heaven
and the best flea market  have been to in ages (think rubber stamps & typewriters and much, much more). So stayed tuned into the blog for those. If you happen to be planning a trip they will be useful.

I have lots more photos -- so let me know -- via comments -- if I should just do a general
post of the great city of New York.

Happy Incoming and Outgoing to you all!!

Oh--and welcome to the newest "followers" of Cappuccino & Art -- we hit
200 while I was gone -- whoo whoo

Monday, March 12, 2012

My Washi Week

Washi Clips

Last week Alyson Kuhn contacted me and asked to include some of my projects
with washi tape in a post on
Felt and Wire
The post came out today and Alyson did a wonderful job with it.
Check it out and see my washi work along with work by GinaVisione,
Shasta Garcia and Alyson Kuhn.
Please leave a comment for Alyson on the Felt & Wire blog if you like it!
Tell her I sent you.
And, of course, comments are always very welcome here on my blog too.

My Outgoing Envelopes
Besides the binder clips and address and datebooks, of course I use washi tape
on my handmade envelopes too.

Surprise For GinaVisione
Well, maybe it won't be a complete surprise since Alyson mentioned it on Felt & Wire today and here I am showing this envelope but I hope Gina enjoys what's inside.

Washi clips with St Patrick's Day spirit!

You can see the covers of all my datebooks and address books on Felt & Wire
but here is a stack of them sitting pretty.

More handmade envelopes going out....

Outgoing Collaged postcards

Recipe cards made into cards..
I think these need a bit more decoration on them -- still working on them.

Incoming letter book from the fabulous Karen Isaacson (who sends great mail).
And a special shout-out to Karen for inspiring me to make the washi chips
following her example. If you haven't checked out Karen's Blog
you should.

Hope you enjoyed the Felt and Wire link and are inspired to create some of your own
Remember, if you send good mail -- you get good mail!

Special thanks to GinaVisione, Karen Isaacson and Alyson Kuhn.

Postcards will be sent.


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