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Monday, May 30, 2016

What's Been Going On

Same old, same old.....making a mess on my work table and having fun making things.
I decided to give blogging a little rest.
Did anyone miss me?

I've had fun going to Scrap and finding some old books and rubber stamps and various things to create if I need any more....

I had a most pleasant gelli printing day and made lots of pages for my various altered books. I love using paper with tabs (found at Scrap).

I printed book pages, tags, envelopes, cards, paper bags....once I get into something I'm all in....

I like the thick texture of the gelli printed pages...

An altered book page for my favorite little Texas gal....and a road map envelope too...

My very talented pal Monica (you know, the Artful Recrafter...) showed me how to make little books without using any glue/staples or sewing...just my I got busy making a bunch of them with collaged pages...

Very true.

Wouldn't you like this? I know I sure would...forgot going into business -- I just want to make myself lots and lots of rubber stamps...

Making up some sweet little folders with treasures tucked inside...

These books were in the FREE bin at Scrap. You know I will think of something good to do with these old beauties...

I am kinda thinking I will spend less time blogging and more time just making...
When I started the blog I was really hoping for more of a dialogue -- you know, some back and forth -- so I'd know what you all are making and thinking and enjoying (or not) about the blog.
It is hard to keep going without that.
I took a little break and we'll see how it goes.
Hope you enjoy seeing what I've been up to. I'd like to hear what you have been up to too.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Art, More Art & Food

The last week has been pretty great around here. I wish you all could join in the fun  here but I bet you are all having your own fun.
Saturday was an art field trip from SF to Sacramento CA -- my pick up time was 7AM! I am NOT a morning person -- just ask the other three who were in the car with me!

My friend Monica and her sisters and old friends have had a yearly art  and crafting meet-up and I have been lucky enough to be invited along the past two years. It is too much fun!
We shop at places like SCRAP or book sales, we craft, we have show and tell and we eat.

This year my talented pal Monica brought a big box of stamps she made using a die cutter, freehand, pieces of plexi and sticky back foam from Michaels. They were so much fun to stamp with. Some folks stamped the designs on tote bags but I made my pages for my altered book.
Now I really, really want Monica to help me make a bunch of these stamps for ME.

I loved seeing all the recycled papers on the work tables and all the different things everyone made.
This is an incredibly creative group I can tell you..

Even the trash was pretty nice. We had to clean the stamps with baby wipes so the ink pads wouldn't get all muddy.

Did I mention food?
Lots of wonderful salads and fruit and dips and crackers......thanks to Tracy & Melissa.

The very next day, Sunday, was the SF Correspondence Co-Op's 5th birthday party!
Five wonderful years of monthly mail art get togethers. I've made such good friends from the group. That first meeting, organized by the one and only Jennie Hinchcliff, seems like just yesterday.

Of course here was food.....

And sangria.......

And, friends and socializing....

There was an artistamp for our passports.....

There was a raffle...and a swap table.

And some of the folks even wrapped gifts to pass out...
I am looking forward to the next five years of mail art meetings and friends. As I've said before, I highly recommend starting up a mail art group of your own.

Friday I went to a fabulous show of collages by two local SF artists at
Inclusions Gallery
The artists are Mark Faigenbaum and Kim Smith. If you are local, I highly recommend the show.
And Kim has a pretty great book out (used on Amazon) too.
(The above collages are Kim's)

These are some of Mark's. I would like to have them all if anyone wants to buy me one.
After that I went to the soon to be reopened SFMOMA on a special tour given by two pals who work there.It was so amazing I didn't even take any photos and that is a first. It is huge, filled with art and the store is great too. I'm just saying. 
if you can get to SF. 

Today I just had to kick back and think about all the art I've seen in the last few days.
And, I did have to eat lunch. There is something so wonderful about being with other friends and making art together and going and looking at art together.
I am so inspired.
I need to stick around my studio for a few days now and get busy and make things.
But -- being out with all my friends is addictive -- I am planning the next adventure in my head now.


Sunday, May 1, 2016

Just Mail

May 1, 2016
Happy May Day. Just getting back to my mail art roots and showing you some mail I have recently sent out -- come on over and take a look!

I had to play a little bit....I have been using watercolors and watercolor pencils on some envelopes and it's really relaxing and fun.
Give it a try!

Besides my regular outgoing mail, I have been up to my old tricks of altering vintage envelopes too. So much fun. And sometimes I mail them out...

I think I deserved a cappuccino after getting out all that mail. you agree?

This is going to be a super-busy week around here so back to working on getting the mail out....
See you all on the other side!



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