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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Quick One!

Outgoing for The Elevated Envelope swap.
I had fun doing this swap - making envelopes from vintage cookbook pages
of sweets.

Check out Tara's blog for info about the swap--
The Elevated Envelope

This is the second time I've done this and it is a whole lot of fun.

Tucking little surprises inside......can't tell you everything or I will ruin the surprise.

Lemon meringue pie, ice cream floats, cookies and jello envelopes going out....

Some more outgoing, including the hamburger cookies to the kids at The Beam Camp
in New Hampshire.
Hope those cookies didn't melt in that heat you have going on back there..

Wrapped Presents
These aren't mail art but given my love of paper and cleverness
and great things to look at I thought I'd show you these lovely presents wrapped by J.U.
in in SF.
These are so pretty I'd hate to unwrap them (but I would!)

Envelope Cookies!
All that work on the Sweet Swap makes me think of cookies.
Sally and Kirsten's cookies...

Library Pocket
Made a few library pockets to tuck small things into like Jennifer's artistamps

My son made a bunch of these two-toned little origami folders. His idea was to
put stamps inside but they are a bit small for that.
We'll think of something!

Summer is such a great time to travel around the Bay Area and browse...
maybe pick up some paper ephemera to play with....

Speaking of that, this coming weekend, August 4&5 is the Vintage Paper Fair here
in San Francisco -- maybe I will see you there!

And be sure to check out the Felt and Wire blog on Friday
for a post about the
With some photos by me.

See you.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lots to Do Around Town!

Look what I found!
No, I didn't buy it but I got a photo--
a small consolation.

Friday afternoon was a postcard swap hosted by
the lovely ladies of the LWA.
Here are my contributions--
the fronts....
And the backs....

Of course you all know about the LWA, right?
If not, get over there on the left and
You have been missing a lot.

Kathy, Annie & Donovan on a warm San Francisco
afternoon (at Rare Device)

It's always fun to share.....

Magda the Mail Art Dog
accompanied by Catwrangler
(I just could not resist putting this on the blog)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Origami Booklets, Stamp Folders & Fun

Some of you who made booklets from my tutorial were nice enough to send me the results
and I am sharing them here to show the great ideas. They are all different and unique -- and each one arrived in a handmade envelope!
Such creativity.

From S.W.
This black and white beauty arrived with handmade envelope, hand carved stamped

not only all that... enclosed was a great cookie recipe......

From L.W.
Using navigational charts she picked up at an estate sale.....

Inside......lovely.....makes me want to take a boat ride on the Potomac!

From T.W.
A lovely blue theme -- and what a good idea to use a National Geo.
I hadn't thought of that...

Inside are some great graph pages and interesting stats!
Very cool.

From Karenann
Not one, but three booklets arrived from her - each one is charming
and I am crazy about the perforated pages...

Karenann has sent me some wonderful mail art, including some terrific postal
ATC'S which I will share another time.
She tells how to do another origami folder here so check it out.

Just want to be sure you see them!

I really love how each person put an individual stamp on the same process.

Thanks very much to those who mailed me booklets. You will all be getting
a little something from me in the mail.

And I've been at it too -- I decided to make some with Chinese Joss papers
and leave the pages out to use as stamp holders. Clever?
But I can't take credit -- it was my son's idea.

Joss Paper Stamp Folder
I can think of all sorts of things to do with these....and I have been trying out
different sizes of papers

Handmade Envelopes
I've been working up a storm in my studio lately....lots and lots of collages
and handmade envelopes...

(I hope she doesn't see this before the envelope arrives)

Sent out a weather report -- anyone coming to visit SF -- better bring a sweater!

I had a fabulous mail week last week -- so much beautiful mail --
thanks to all! I am working on responding to everyone.

See what I mean? More incoming. I am loving it!

Last Saturday, Bastille Day, was our July Correspondence Co-Op meeting at the
SF Main Library.
Yes, we are having too much fun and no, I don't know what the heck we were
actually doing. Thanks to P.L.H. for taking this photo.
(Ok, I admit it, yes that is me standing second from the left).
I strongly suggest organizing a mail art group in your area if you don't have one.
We have such a terrific time.

Co-Op Meeting

Mail art, show & tell, rubber stamps, swap table, food and drink,
demos, artistamps......
and there is a rumor a certain  someone is going to be writing about that last meeting
very soon.
I'll keep you posted!

This Friday the LWA is hosting a postcard swap and this weekend is the Renegade Fair
and soon the Vintage Paper Fair is coming to SF.
What are all of you doing this month?

Send Good Mail -- Get Good Mail

Thursday, July 5, 2012

OK -- You asked! (Booklet Making Tutorial)

Get a nice piece of 8-1/2 x 11 paper (double sided looks best rather than white on the back)
and place it printed side down on the table..

(I suggest reading through all the directions first and using a piece of white printer
paper to practice on before using your special paper)

Fold it in half like this...

Then fold the halves in half -- like this....

Now your paper should look like this

Then fold two edges up about a 1/2 inch (no more)..I just eye ball
everything and never measure

Then fold corners into triangles....


Your paper should now look like this

Fold the flaps in so your paper looks like this -- and now flip the paper over

(so this side is on the table)

Lay this flat on the table

And FOLD down the top as shown about an inch or so.....
Then (I missed a shot here...)
Fold UP from the bottom and tuck the two corners into those little
triangles up top -- you can do this!

Now you will have THIS!
Isn't that just so cool?
You can actually fold it in half either way here, depending on which sides you
want for the cover...
Next you add pages...

Just showing you...
So now you are going to cut out some cool pages....
mine are usually 3-1/4" x 5"
Just cut 'em out.....fold in half and press into the spine of the booklet..........

I hold the paper in place by using binder clips....

Use an ice pick or an awl to punch holes so you can sew the binding easier....

And here you go -- just sew the pages in place and you are done.
I used waxed, linen book binding thread but you can use butchers thread or embroidery

The finished booklet!
Now the fun part - there are four little "secret" pockets to put tiny treasures in...
You can write a letter on the pages
and/or rubber stamp them..
So many ideas...

The booklet itself actually takes about two minutes to make - believe it or not.
The papers and sewing them in takes a bit longer
but these are actually very fast to make.

Another finished booklet--
travel booklets, booklet about the fun things to do in your town, a how-to booklet,
a mail-art inspired......the possibilities are endless...

Hope the photos show you how to do this -- please let me know how it goes.

How about everyone who makes one, send me one and I can do a post with photos
of all the different versions of the BOOKLET!
It is so interesting to me to see what people do when using the same process --
everyone put their own stamp on their work.

So-- CALL FOR ENTRIES -- send me a booklet (within two weeks) and I will provide documentation
to all and show them in a post.

Have fun!!


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