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Friday, March 30, 2012

Casey's Rubber Stamp Heaven (NYC Post #3)

A little bit of heaven in the Lower East Side in NYC --
well, it does say God's Gifts on the awning, now doesn't it?

Outside the shop is a table with rubber stamps to play with and try out before you even enter
the world of stamps inside.

Happily I had some postcards with me ready for mailing and got to stamp a few
just to say I did.

If you like stamps -- this is the place!

We know Ms Red Letter Day loves her rubber stamps
and she got there first but I think Casey's is so great you will all
want to hear about it again!
And now I know where a certain person named Alice found the fabulous tiny
stamp she gave me a while back.

You want ink? You got it!

The man himself -- John Casey!
A pleasure to meet and talk to and he will help you out with anything you need.

Too bad I didn't get to stay for the after-party on St. Pat's -- maybe next time.

Custom stamps are available too.

The eyes see all.
Why didn't I get one of these eye stamps?

Choosing is a little hard when you have have so many to choose from.

You can browse the delightful catalog. But you better bring CASH because if you want
some of these fabulous stamps ---
you've got to pay cash.
A member of the younger generation discovering the box of rubber stamps
outside the shop.

Yes, I did leave with a lighter wallet but at least rubber stamps are easy to bring
back home to San Francisco.

If you visit, NYC and like rubber stamps, Casey's is the place to go --

(maybe you'll see the postcard I sent John on the wall there?)

322 East 11th Street (between 1st & 2nd Ave)
New York, New York 10003

Now I think I'm going to go play with my rubber stamps!

(Thanks to C.S. once again)



  1. Awesome post!!!! I smiled the entire entry. I was born and raised on 109th street (between 1st & 2nd Ave)!!!!!! Squeelz

    Thanks for posting this!!! NYC love!!!

    1. NYC Love is right! And you are a native -- how cool! Thanks for commenting. I cannot wait to get back there.....

  2. After Jennie's post about this place, it was on my list, but now I want to move up our visit to the city to this month instead of sometime this summer! Good to know to bring cash, too, so thanks for that tip. :)

    1. I agree -- move your visit up to as-soon-as-possible! Hit Casey's and the flea market too. Have fun! And definitely bring cash for Casey's....

    2. Amazing! I love the table of stamps out front--that is SO fun! Adding Casey's to the NY list . . . thanks so much for the helpful info!

  3. I am sure your brought some cool stamps back to embellish your mail art with, looking forward to your outgoing! Places like that are addictive, I was in my local one today, but they don't have the edgy stamps Casey's has. xox Corrine

    1. Corrine--what a place! Really fun to look at all those great stamps.
      We have nothing like this in SF. Will send you an embellished envelope soon! xo

  4. I love the idea of custom rubber stamps, although with a selection like this I can't imagine you'd need anything else.

  5. that's mind-blowing. I don't think I could choose.

  6. Holy S$*%!!!!!! I am most definitely going to this place when time I visit New York. WOW. (Denise C)

  7. Hurray -- I went there when I was in NYC last month!

  8. That store would be heaven! I would need a lot of money!!!!!! It would be great to go there and just get to play with some of the stamps! That might be one of the few reasons I would actually go to NYC!

  9. Replies
    1. I've been wondering if there were any mail art and such locations in NYC. I go there once a year to visit my folks. I'll have to visit Casey's next time. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Wow-zer! Love the look of this place. How wonderful to have a table of play right outside the front door to draw people in...brilliant. I have Casey's web site bookmarked to see if I can do some online shopping. He's got some amazing images!!

  11. I must say, I love your blog. What an inspiration for mail art. :-)

    1. Hannah--thanks for stopping by and are you still interested in mail art?

  12. were in NYC 3 weeks ago & I didn't know it?!?!? Shame!



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