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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Just Playin' Around

MY Rolodex card project is rolling right along.
I made these Mr Zip cards -- with unused Zip Code stamps -- because Mr Zip has got to be included in the file.

I got inspired by my favorite set of stamps -- the USPS eight-cent series of postal workers -- and decided to make ten rolodex cards using each of the ten stamps.

I got out my postal supplies and got started....

Ten cards!
Those Rolodex files are BIG so it is going to take a lot of art cards to fill them up, even with the help of you guys....I've got to make cards too.

The backs have to look good too!

Since I was busy making cards, I got inspired to make four Paris ATC's as well.
(like that little Altoids box of heads?)

I made four French ATC's but only photographed two. C'est la vie!

(Photo by Ryan Tamares)
My little stash of stuff at the SF Correspondence co-op meeting....

INCOMING Rolodex Art Card
What have we here? Looks like good mail.

(Photo by Ryan Tamares)
Look at this beauty by Miss Millicent! She sewed up a little Rolodex pouch and tucked a little girl inside. Sweet.

I have been getting some wonderful cards in the mail and many thanks to all of you who have been sending them. I will try to post pictures of all or most of them. I have already been posting them on the 
Cappuccino And Art Facebook page and on Instagram (PamelaArtsinSF).
Check it out!

So, back to the work table -- I've got more cards to make.


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Come over and I'll Show You How to Make Something....

Lately I've been trying to straighten things up around my studio. Problems are that I like to have everything on display and I also seem to work better when ephemera is out all over and I can look at it and get random ideas.
I love those little stamp bundles (above). I wonder who has the patience to put the stamps in bundles like that? Not me.

There is a special spot for my wonderful Dori Singh mail.....

Mail boxes and mail art - oh my!

Tickets always come in handy for various projects and they are nice to look at too.

I like pretty tin boxes for storage. These beauties are from France (cookie boxes).

Recently added to the vintage wooden ruler collection. Thank you to Scrap.

Hummm....I better get these plastic boxes of stamps off the floor....

$1 at the book sale -- could you resist?

Airmail envelopes and some vintage stationery from Scrap.

See that china bowl with the gold rim? If you are relatively new to the blog you might not  know I received it in the mail. Unwrapped and covered with stamps and my address written on it in Sharpie. Found on my front step - delivered by the USPS.
Coolest mail art ever.
So, you want to see how to make that booklet with no glue or staples?
Here's how I do it:
Tear five pages out of a discarded book. Or, just any five pieces of paper you have (all the same size).

Fold them in half like this.....

Cut ONE of the sheets of paper like this.

See? You cut a slot in the middle of the fold..

Then cut the FOUR remaining sheets like this -- little notches at the top and bottom of the fold.

This is totally easy to do but difficult to take a photo of....You roll the paper with the slots (one at a time) and insert thru the cut in that first sheet and then line up the folds...
then you just tuck the notched part in and the top and bottom...easy really...

I'm just pushing the paper through the slot and when the middle folds line up the top and bottom will just hook in...

And viola! A little booklet you can decorate and send out in the mail.

Go ahead and try it -- it is really easy. Or, just come on over to my studio and I'll show you.
I love company and making things with friends. I hope these instructions are clear enough for you guys to make the books. 
(Shout-out to Monica for showing me how to do it)

You could use three - or five - or seven pages, I think....I make little books and filled them with vintage postage stamps and rubber stamps and tiny collages...

So, let me know how you do, OK?
Have fun!


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Rolodex Project

My Rolodex Project
I thought it would be fun to have a Rolodex -- or two -- filled with art cards and I've been busy making cards. I invited my friends to join in too and getting the cards back in the mail has been so much fun.

When I thought of doing this I didn't know it was already "a thing". Silly me.
But what the heck, better late to the party than never.
If you are interested just google Rolodex Art Cards and you'll see what I mean.

(cards here by Karenann)
Karenann sent me a whole bunch of cards she made a while ago -- lucky me! She said she was cleaning out her stuff and getting rid of things. Oh! The horror! Imagine these beauties being lost.

They have a very good home now.

Card by Monica the Artful ReCrafter -- tiny little die cut envelopes with stamps inside. 

I bet you can guess who made these -- Mim4Art! Very cool.

Keep those cards coming in folks!
Things are starting to look pretty good here. I have this flat Rolodex and a round one....I replaced the beat up blue ABC cards with these nice plastic ones -- thanks to Scrap. If I fill up the flat file I am moving on to the round one...

Top two cards from Tofu and bottom from Christie....

Here's one I made....
Dori Singh Mail
Dori sewed two of the cards together and made a little pocket.....I am crazy about this one...

D is for Dori
And, here's the back......

I am eagerly waiting for more cards to roll in (Rolodex....get it?). My art pal Kelly P made cards as soon as she got my request and they are lost somewhere in the mail......bad USPS.
I know a certain someone in Australia is working on a couple and the rest of you know who you are......
If any of you out there in cyberspace want to join in the fun, let me know in the comments. I would certainly love more cards and you'd be in very good company.

I have more to share about the Rolodex art cards so stayed tuned for more posts about them mixed in with other posts. How many of you have already done this?
And how many are GOING to now you've seen how cool these cards are?
You notice I'm back....I couldn't stay away too long...I miss you guys....



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