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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pretty PO Pictures

Sebastopol, CA Post Office

Not a lot of words in this post. I'm just going to show you some pretty postal pictures.

Postal Scale -- I really wanted it......

Pasadena, CA Post Office
Outgoing mail art -- curbside mailing....

San Luis Obismo PO
I loved the pink building with tourquise window trim -- so Southern California

Summer vacations -- Be sure to send lots of postcards! And visit some new post offices.
Pack your mail art kits.

Back from my road trip.
Came home to a lovely pile of mail. And now to catch up!
Answering mail, working on projects and a new post but here are some pretty pictures to tide you over.

Happy beginning of summer (even if it is raining here in SF).

More very soon.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Little Art Never Hurt Anyone

I have Postal ATC's on the brain.......

I just got the bug and wanted to make and trade Postal themed ATC's.
At first it was hard for me to work in such a small scale...

But I got into it. What do you think? It was fun going through my stash of postal stuff getting ideas.

I like the whole red, white & blue thing I've got going on. It is almost 4th of July.

These have a brown theme....

And here's an Asian Postal Theme -- used the stamps my friend got  for me in Taiwan.

Here's another of mine
....I have gotten a few really cool ATC's in and I'll show you those when I collect a few more..

Outgoing envelopes for some ATC's -- you know who you are if you've sent me a card already.

I love these polka dot vellum envelopes -- see what I put inside?


JOSS PAPER SHOES with candy in them....a pair of shoes for  $2.99?
You can't beat the price. But you can't wear them either.

Oh yeah...I've got one coming up....
(collaged postcard)
Do you think i should take this car?

San Francisco Art Car
I saw this baby at a street fair last weekend and I couldn't believe it. Amazing.
I'd sure like to drive that thing to LA.
Those are San Francisco scenes painted on the side.


SoCal collaged postcard

Allow Enough Time for Southern California

Well, I never have much time. We roll in and we roll out pretty fast, picking up paper ephemera all along the way and stopping for great food and taking pictures and making mail art. And getting into trouble.
So what are you going to do this weekend?
Anyone else want to trade with me?

Don't forgot to check the Cappuccino&Art faceBook page for updates and more photos and links.
See you around!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Random Postal Happiness


I thought I would share a little of the wonderful mail I've been getting lately. I certainly have noticed how thoughtful and generous mail artists are.
I often find treasures in my mailbox. And, I like everything!


I absolutely cannot find any vintage envelopes around SF so my pal
Kelly P send me a shipment from her travels....these are going to be so much fun to work with.

AND as if that wasn't enough, the very same Kelly P made me the cool folder on the right -- something cool to put mail art supplies in...just my type..
And on the left is another folder made from paper, fabric and sewn that I found for free out on the lucky day.


Leigh from the big state of Texas sent me a very cool vintage book of  San Francisco printers and typographers. Another thing that will be great for collage and mail art.


From SA in Pasadena -- another wonderful collage.


Kelly P has done it again -- she made an origami type booklet with a letter sewn inside.
Too wonderful.


From Laura Dunkin-Hubby -- a letter and collage arrived sealed up in clear plastic.
The photo doesn't do it justice. 

INCOMING French Book

Vintage French phrase book (God knows I need it!) from Millicent that was really fun to cut up and collage with....

Cutting up cereal boxes to use as postcard backs -- love re-cycling!

Chinatown Joss Paper

My pal Sally and I both liked this joss paper on a Chinatown shopping trip. We thought those round symbols looked like postmarks. You think?


I have been using the pages from these Chinatown booklets for letter writing and using the envelopes to mail them. Quite a nice combination, don't you think?
I might wear mostly black but I do love those oranges, red and pinks.

I'm picking up paper ephemera all over SF in my travels around town. I have some new booklet-making in mind. You'll see.....

Got out the stamp collection and all my postal stickers and....

Postal ATC's

......I'm working on a series of Postal ATC's to trade with some mail art pals....
Dori, Connie, Andria are all in....
I think it's going to be a lot of fun.

So, you see I have a lot of mail to catch up with and answer....and this is only some of it..
Booklet making, ATC's....and I'm packin up my mail art travel kit too.

So, what are you all up to these days?
I've got a lot going on and I'll show you more next time......

Send Good Mail -- Get Good Mail

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Weekend That Was

Ok, here's my excuse for not really making any mail art over the past weekend -- I was working on the trip album of photos from Turkey and Italy.
Trust  me, there were a whole lot of photos to edit and organize and stick into the
album I made.
The good news? I am 99% finished with it!
I did manage to send off a few things last week -- like this collaged card to K.Y.
I like to collage both sides of the cards I make -- sometimes the insides too.

This one, for PLH, was collaged from vintage paper dolls...well, because she likes paper dolls.
The old paper was too brittle to make an envelope out of so I improvised.

I do like a pretty envelope!

You saw the booklets on the last post -- I am still  very taken with them.
Here are a couple more pages...


I have quite a few new ideas for them so you will see some more as I make them.
Any of you trying to make them too?
Come on, it's fun and easy -- don't be shy.


I had some tiny little vintage envelopes sitting around and realized it would be fun to type a
tiny little letter to go inside...don't you think?
I put that larger airmail envelope in there for scale....these are small!

OUTGOING Artist Book

This one was for Planet Sussannia

By the way, I ordered her collage book and it already arrived from Germany.
I suggest you check it out -- and her blog.


Vintage Chinese school book with captions by me, joss paper, collage, water color...
Chinatown Shop in San Francisco

After all that work I think it was time to go out and explore a little. Saturday was a
beautiful day in SF and off I went with SW and KC to Chinatown.
We agree the dumpiest shops sometime have the best stuff. I got some fancy paper shoes here as well as vintage papers and postcards.
Why yes, that actually is a big stack of paper. How could we resist?
Chinese Calligraphy
We did have to stop and have some lunch......(of course)
Cappuccino and Cake

And since this blog is Cappuccino and Art.......

Now, the photo albums is nearly done so I am back to mail art projects this week....

What are you all making and sending out?
Thanks to all of you who comment. Really helps keep me going. It is no fun "talking" to myself and it 's nice to know you're out there!



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