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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Art Field Trip

I think it all started with these......I saw these beautful gelli-printed envelopes on my mail art pal's blog right here
One Woman's Hands
and being....well, me....I just went ahead and invited myself over to Leslie's house to learn how to gelli.

Considering we live about 60 miles apart it wasn't as easy as a bus ride around town. Mr Zip and I hopped on a BART train and about 50 minutes later Leslie picked me up and we zoomed off to her studio.

I even find things like rides on BART inspiring....

The ride was fun and time passed quickly looking at California out the train windows...

Leslie welcomed me into her studio and said "Touch anything, look in the drawers, make yourself at home."
Don't mind if I do -- there was a lot to look at, including lots of examples of her inspiring and terrific art work.

Just part of a nice washi collection...

We got down to business doing what we set out to do -- gelli printing -- and the hours flew by.
What fun!
Here are more of Leslie's cool envelopes
Stop in (her blog) and tell her I said hello (& thank you).

Some stencils....but she showed me how you can use so many things you just have hanging around the house like bubble wrap and those things Starbucks wraps around a hot coffee and various kitchen utensils.
You don't have to buy a lot of stuff.

We printed on deli papers and envelopes and tags.....this was really too much fun.

We covered every surface in her kitchen with papers we printed..
We almost -- but not quite -- forgot to eat lunch!

While eating lunch I browsed around some more....she had a great vintage book on bookkeeping with really wonderful graphics.
We printed on some of the pages and she gave me the book.

Some of Leslie's handmade stamps....

A collection of her handmade books -- did I mention this lady is seriously talented?

Alas, all good things must come to an end. After such a lovely day in very warm Tracy, CA I had to head back to SF on BART.

But I have a whole pile of my own gelli printed papers here in my studio to play with thanks to the Art Field Trip!
I highly recommend you take one yourself if you ever get the chance. I think spending a day working on an art project with a pal is right up there at the top of my list of

favorite things to do.

Leslie and I had traded mail but we had never met. She so generously offered up her day off to give me a workshop in gelli printing.
I find the art world/mail art world to be a generous one. Thank you, Leslie!

Here is Leslie's post about our day


How many of you have had art play days like this?
If you have, tell us about it. If you haven't -- call a friend and set one one up.


Sunday, June 22, 2014

All In A Day's Work...


We have Cal in Rhode Island to thank for this very interesting update on the USPS and Mr Zip.
She wrote me that right after reading my blog post on bringing back Mr Zip, she walked into her local post office in Rhode Island and spotted THIS!
Can you believe it?
Cal is going to ask if the USPS is bringing Mr Zip back or if this is a special banner commissioned by her PO. And I am sure going to ask the folks at my PO about it too.
The Return of Mr Zip?
Let's hope so -- and a big thank you to Cal for sending me this photo.


Outgoing to Finland

Outgoing Collaged Postcards

(Can you see the vintage mailman peeking out through the vellum envelope?)

Outgoing to Seth

Handmade envelope to the UK

I've been busy with lots of outgoing -- handmade and painted envelopes, a zine edition, art projects....
and I had a really wonderful incoming mail week too -- wanna see a few?

(Some of these have been posted on the Cappuccino & Art Facebook page but since you aren't all on FB here's another look.....)
and, by the way, if you ARE on Facebook, how about LIKING the blog's FaceBook page?
There is quite a lot on there that never shows up on the blog.
Dori Singh mail, beautiful as it always is.....

Wednesday was a GREAT mail day.....

My NYC pal C.S. sent me two incredibly wonderful handmade, postal zippered bags.
They are already in use.

And -- surprise!!! - Judi, who found my blog from
Seth Apter's Sunday Links Post
and enjoyed the blog post on rubber stamps, sent me an entire box of fabulous rubber stamps.
Just because.
Because she is wonderfully generous and especially nice!
(And thanks to Seth Apter for including my blog in his Sunday links)

Tomorrow is an art field trip. Packing up my art bag.
Details to follow.

Now I've got to get busy on some thank you's for the wonderful gifts and great mail.
I better make some GOOD MAIL thank you's.
Thanks to all of you who have sent mail, e-mailed and sent surprises.
Everything is much appreciated.

Now....on to the work table...


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Tooling Around the Studio.....

Love that old school black & white.

SUNDAY -- Zine making

Sundays are my favorite days for hanging out in my new and improved studio.
I am sharing a few photos with you today. I sure have fun playing with the combinations of lenses and film using my photo apps. I remember years of working in the darkroom -- standing for hours, smelling chemicals -- to print photos. 
How it is all with my phone -- amazing. I am trying to decide what to do with my darkroom. I need the space for other things and I really didn't enjoy the darkroom work -- BUT -- it is a skill I learned in art school and practiced many years and part of me feels terrible about giving it up forever.
                                           What do you think???? Should I pack it all up and give it away?

Hope you enjoy some studio views and a little visit with me. Now I've got to get back to making those zines.
                                                          Happy Sunday everybody.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bring Back Mr Zip

I am convinced the USPS needs to bring back Mr Zip.

They really couldn't go wrong -- everybody loves him.

Oh yeah -- we send good mail here in California.

At the rate things are going, I'm not so sure that is going to happen.

The back of the Mr Zip book -- so cool.

I love Mr Zip and I have the rubber stamps to prove it.

Come on, USPS -- put Mr Zip back on postal branding.
We want a Mr Zip Postage Stamp!!!
Say it loud.

I even save all the ZIPs from my vintage stamps. He is just so cute.

So what do you say?
Are we going to start a letter writing campaign or Facebook page to
I know he would create goodwill. If the USPS actually cares about creating an image I think this would be a great way to get people to smile -- even while waiting in line at the
post office.
And think of the tee shirts -- the tote bags -- and the book
Who's in?

Send Good Mail -- Get Good Mail


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