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Friday, August 28, 2015

You Have Got to See This

Do yourself a favor, if you like mail art and live in the SF Bay Area...go see this show.
Amazing. Delightful. Wonderful.

Letters to Myself
The Calligraphic First Day Covers of Alan A.Blackman. The show is an the Main Branch of our fabulous SF Public Library until Sunday, October 11.
Here is the link to click to check it out.

And, just in case you can't get over there, I am going to take you along for a little visit with me.
I will mostly leave it to the photos to show you this amazing collection.
There were a lot of squeals and cries of "Oh my God" yesterday when I saw the show...all coming from me....

OK, I just have to say -- look at that address he wrote like TRAIN TRACKS. Oh my God.
Can you imagine that getting delivered now?

(I can only keep quiet for so long....) Don't these look like artistamps???? Or is it just me?

Be Still My Heart....

OH! -- and this address written in the triangle like the stamp......

Yes, do -- here is the link for his website-- you only have to click --
Alan Blackman
And here is what really kills me -- I recognized him immediately from the video that is playing at the show -- and yes, he lived two blocks from my house. And I work for the neighborhood newspaper. WHY didn't we know about him and do a story?

The final envelope

I wish he had a book (let's all email him through his website and ask for one!). I couldn't photograph all the fabulous covers  and calligraphy in the show but I think you'll get the idea.
We have our mail art meeting right across the hall from this on Sunday so you know I'll be going back.
If you can visit I know you will enjoy it but if not, I hope you like seeing the show thru my blog and being introduced to Alan Blackman.

Why didn't I think of doing anything like this?

SEND GOOD MAIL (even to yourself)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It's Like They Knew I Was Coming.....

Ok, I did tell my pal JH I didn't need any more shorthand books. I admit that. But this one was only $1.00.

And look what was inside! Lots of practice  papers.....the real thing.

I can only imagine how hard it was to memorize all these squiggles.

My mom knew shorthand. And how to type. 

I found this brochure inside the shorthand book...

And, this one too....see what I mean? It's as if they knew I would be there...

(brochure opened up)

I have rarely met a vintage bird book I haven't liked...

Especially one with illustrations like these inside the front and back covers...

One table was filled with religious books...I didn't actually buy the books but flipping through them I found a treasure trove of holy cards and cool religious ephemera...why yes....I did help myself to them...

Another book had pages and pages like these....collage anyone? I think so.

Well, I know old books are the best. Who can resist them? So many things you can do with them. Some, I just keep intact because they are so wonderful. Some I tear up completely and use all the various parts to make collages. Or altered books. And some I tear the pages out for collage.
You can't do this with an eReader.

You never know what you'll find out there, or, sometimes you won't find anything at all. But it is always fun to hunt. 

And then to make things.

Playing with paper.......
and scissors and glue....what would YOU do with all this? Collage? mail art?
Any suggestions?

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

More Coin Envelope Booklets

Making these coin booklets is addictive. I can't stop.
And now I've run out of the
coin envelopes.

I have started three more using similar envelopes that are
a lot bigger -- with a book/library theme...

Do you like these?

Friday, August 14, 2015

Pretty Pictures

Yes, it was that time of the year again -- Vintage Paper Fair time -- and you lovely blog readers know I am crazy about the VPF!
So, I am taking you all along with me and showing you some of the delicious eye candy I saw there.

My first stop is always the .25 cent postcards. I'm in postcard heaven there. They aren't for serious collectors (not the .25-cent cards) but they are for postcard lovers -- and there are a whole lot of us at the fair...but there are enough cards for all.

I strolled around to see what I could see and spotted this fabulous book of Victorian paper ephemera...the dealer told me it was well over one hundred years old. He was trying to sell it intact and not by the page, which I commend. What a shame to tear it up.

What I wouldn't have given for it....look at this page! But alas it wasn't to be....the price? $350.00.
But we can look!

(this one is for Dori!)

How fun is this page? I didn't buy the book but we all get to look at the pages. I should have taken a video (but I was afraid  I'd get in trouble).....

Don't you just wonder who made this? A girl? or a woman? Sitting with paper and scissors and glue -- just like we do...

I also coveted these cut-outs of the great state of California and San Francisco neighborhoods....$12.00 each but I still passed....I am the 25-cent shopper...

The BodyScope
I don't know what it is but I want it.....(nope, didn't get it)....

These pages were reasonable....$2/page.....

What did I buy? I collect beautiful old vintage flower postcards and found all these for a quarter each...I was happy..

I love how this advertising card for thread is in the shape of a spool of thread...

Fifty Cents for each of these...pretty affordable I'd say....

I never knew people did banking by mail like this -- on postcards! Hum......seems like we like to keep our banking more private these days....

I always like to check out the cursive writing and cancellations on the cards too.

My favoriate finds at the fair were a couple of Japanese passports -- and one was absolutely covered in immigration stamps. SWOON.
I am sure going to have fun altering these.

Sometime you guys have got to come to SF for the Vintage Paper Fair -- it happens every January and August. And just think -- we don't have any snow in January and August is cool as a cucumber. And I know all the good places to eat nearby too. So, what are you waiting for?

Here -- I'm saving you a seat!

Hope you enjoyed the visit. Now, remember --


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