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Friday, August 24, 2012

What Have I Done?

Where have I been? I just realized it has been about twelve days since my last post.
Time just flies by, I tell you.
I've been busy.

Working on my zine for one thing. The Correspondence Co-Op is having a
table at the SF Zine Fest next weekend.
You've gotta have a zine at a zine fest, right?
There is also going to be a table for creating mail art and all kinds
of other wonderful things to do and see so I hope to see some of you there.

I have had several ideas for postal zines but no time to make them.
But now I have this one all finished. I'll post some photos of the finished version next time.

We'll see if anyone buys these and maybe I'll make some more...

Is that a GREEN Dymo-taper I see?

You bet. Someone knew green is my favorite color and gifted with me
not one - but two - green Dymo's.
Vertical and horizontal.
With Red Dymo tape.
How cool is that?

And, oh yes, I did got to a wonderful meeting of the Co-Op last Sunday.
Lots and lots of show-and-tell and sharing and fun.
We really do have too much fun.

Of course my passport got numerous stamps--mailbox artistamp by JH,
Dahlia artistamps by GinaVisione and typewriter artistamps by JU.
How cool are they?

For once I actually sat and collaged some postcards with papers I found at the meeting.
Usually I socialize.
This time I managed to multi-task.

And I've been sending out lots of mail. PLH is taking a train trip so there is a
definite train theme going on in the three envelopes I made for her.

Collaged postcard made from purchased postcard.
Collaged postcard for Karen to celebrate her summer vacation.

Postcard (from Vintage Paper Fair)

Zine-making, collage, mail art, meetings and yes, I do believe my OTHER passport
will be getting some new stamps soon too.

See you at the zine fest? in the mail?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

And They Said It Couldn't Be Done

Recently some folks visiting SF met-up with me at my studio. Never having met them before
I decided I better do a little picking as to not scare them away...
(some of you have seen how messy I can get).

It is really nice to be able to see the wood of my desk and not have it it all
covered in paper ephemera...
I am so pleased I decided to take a couple of photos to remind how nice it is to be
(somewhat) neat....

While I waited for the visit I typed a letter to KSP...

I unloaded the chair so you can have a seat and stay a while.....

Some great mail this week -- some artistamps I have really been coveting
made by Sally W. arrived in a super cool big black envelope and silver

These beauties are getting framed and going up on my studio wall.
Thanks Sally!
Another amazing incoming from Susannia of the Planet Susannia blog.
Handmade envelope packed with postal goodies from Germany
and best of all........

.....this absolutely wonderful handmade booklet of her own collage work -- made
just for me.
The pages are all so wonderful I am going to post them in a
photo album on the
Cappuccino And Art Journal Facebook page -- so be sure to check them out.

From Mike Dickau (IUOMA) a wonderful mail artist and prolific artistamp maker
this great little story about his dad's typewriter
which recently came to him...

From James Cline, Burning Man Postmaster and mail artist, an edition of artistamps
he created to protest the closing of the Berkeley CA historic
post office.

From my pal Kelly P--a very fun envelope of all kinds of post boxes made from a
page of a discarded children's book from the library.
And where did she get that stamp?

Turn-around is fair play -- origami letter booklet going out to Kelly P.
I will post the inside pages of this one in another album on the blog's FaceBook
See what you're missing if you don't "like" CappuccinoAndArt on FB?
It is just easier for me to update things and paste albums and links on there.

A bit more outgoing. There is a whole pile here I have yet to photograph....
a watermelon envelope to cool a pal in NYC, Alice in Wonderland for Alice,
postcards, lots lots more...
Correspondence Co-Op Mail Art meeting coming up on next Sunday.
Went to a fabulous zine-making workshop on Thursday night (more about that coming up soon).
Now I need to think up a mail-art zine...
any ideas?

Send Good mail -- Get Good Mail

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Vintage Paper Fair (again)

OOPS I did it again.....
The Vintage Paper Fair is back in town and I had to go, of course.....
it's my favorite event
and it comes around three times a year.
Who could resist these wonderful old folding postcards?
Not I!
The graphics and colors are wonderful and there are so many fun mail art
things to do with with them...
How many did I get?
I'm not saying...

And how about a set of stamps of US Presidents? Perforated  and ready to go...
(they end with Reagan)
And these postcards...all 25-cents each.
Could you pass them up?

More 25-cent stuff --  Ink wells and birds...and a big set of coat of arms stamps

I ran into my pal Ryan (and Sally, Vanessa and Phyllis too) from the
Correspondence Co-op. Ryan found a postcard section called
That was a category we hadn't seen before.
Here is a lovely mortuary card for you.


If you are anything like me, you might want to plan your next trip to San Francisco
around this fair.....

You can google the Vintage Paper Fair and check the 2013 dates
when they are posted.

This babe is writing a postcard and getting ready to stick it into
that green (green?) post box.

Typewritten letter
This is just so much better than e-mail......

"See you next week sometime -- MA"
After all that excitement I needed some lunch...headed out to the
Richmond for some Vietnamese food..

(This is for you, Christine H)

Another excellent adventure in San Francisco.
See you next time.

Send Good Mail -- Get Good Mail!

(Hey--co-op members--what did you find today?)


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