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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

So, did you say you wanted to come over?

I am having a little trouble getting myself to work since the weather is so lovely....
Just sitting around my studio with all the doors open and hanging out.
Want to come on over?

I planted myself on my couch and I'm just looking at the walls...ok, and all the stuff sitting around here....

It is rare to have a lovely summery SF day of somewhere around 70 degrees. Temps are supposed to drop 20 degrees tomorrow so I am just being lazy and enjoying today...

I carted these posters home from Deyrolle in Paris.

The nesting dolls I bought in Russia. I do like souvenirs of my travels.

Uh Oh. This is the OTHER room. The messy one. But hey.....I work in there. And, when I'm not being lazy I've been really busy doing all kinds of things.

See? I have been making some teeny, tiny books. And some zines. And mail art. And a birthday surprise for a friend. And collages. And adding things to my glue book. I've got a lot going on.

And, I went to the SF Correspondence Co-Op Birthday Party on Saturday -- SEVEN years of mail art with my peeps.

But, some days, it is really nice to do almost nothing....sit around....and just enjoy the day.
Don't you agree?

(maybe tomorrow)


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