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Monday, December 9, 2019

Ready or Not....

Christmas is coming....ready or not!
Cards to write and presents to wrap. It's all good, if a little crazy busy.
I made this pocket folder to hold my Xmas cards and postcards.

I really do enjoy wrapping gifts (all year round). And, I love a neutral palette....
I really like using books pages as wrapping. And after they are unwrapped, the recipient can use the papers for collage.
We're all for creative re-use.

I also love brown kraft paper. I wish I knew where I found this one with the white dots because I want more of it....

Sometimes I do like more traditional Xmas wrap -- especially if it has airmail stripes and a postal theme!

I even broke out the vintage tags this year instead of them....

A little Cavallini paper slipped in there too....

I also love buying various sizes of these clear bags at Diaso and making little packs of cool things....doesn't that look nice?

When I'm traveling I always notice how beautifully things are wrapped in places like France and Italy....every day is a holiday.

So, what are you using to wrap? 
Hope you get a little inspiration from my ideas. Now put on that holiday music and sip a little eggnog and get to work!
Santa needs all the help he can get spreading happiness.
I'm off to the SF Correspondence Co-Op Holiday party tonight!


Monday, November 25, 2019

Catch Me If You Can

Ooh! Things are busy around here -- and I am guessing it is a busy time for all of you.
Making, cooking, holidays, friends, family, wrapping, eating......
standing in lines?

Yup, I did it again -- stood in line at the wonderful Cavallini Sale.
I got up at
Can you believe it? At least this year it wasn't raining. My pals and I got there at about 6:45AM and the doors opened at 8AM and the wild stampede began.
Cavallini is really a wonderful local business. They supply PEETS coffee (the best!) and boxes of fresh donuts and the employees working the sale say
"thank you for coming"
(as if wild horses could keep me away).

My two bags filled with treasures. I wish I could show you what's in the bags but Santa would be mad at me if I did....
Let's just say I got a lot of Xmas shopping done and some things for myself as well.
Who needs Black Friday when you have Cavallini??

I am also picking up bits of fabric and lace for my slow stitching projects...In the meantime the little fabric piles look so pretty. And that flower needlepoint -- I got it all finished for $5!
It is so pretty...I want to cut it up and use pieces in my creations but I am still working on the concept.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around the studio too......I usually refuse to do anything before Thanksgiving but since Thanksgiving is so late this year I realized I better get this party started!

I love those Flat Rate Priority Mail boxes and Padded Mailing Envelopes.
Thanks USPS! 

I picked up the art studio for my special Thanksgiving guests (you know who you are). Hung some things on the wall.....

....and yes, there will be wine and cheese......
You all are welcome to come over for a little party!

The town square near my house has a little light show going on...such a pretty spot.

Thank you to all of you who bought books! They are all sold out except for two and I really appreciate your suppose and interest in the books. And for your patience!
I've been told people had trouble commenting and the Contact Me Form wasn't working. This was not Bloggers finest moment. I'd like to switch my blog to a better platform but right now the thought is daunting. I may sell on Instagram. Loads of people do it and it seems easier, so stayed tuned.

So, now our thoughts turn to food -- and family and friends -- here in the USA.
I am thankful for all the lovely comments and support I get from the art community on social media. And I am also thankful for all the inspiration.
I hope you all enjoy the holiday.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Pop Up Shop! (An Experiment)

Want to buy a pocket book or three?

There was a lot of interest when I asked the question in my last post so I am trying an experiment.
This is kind of a free form pop-up but you guys are all cool, right? We can do free form.

These are cute little books with pockets that can hold money or  gifts cards or ephemera or travel souvenirs.
They make nice little gifts or maybe you'd like one for yourself?

I even made some Christmas inspired books with red pockets inside...

Top Row middle Santa SOLD

Santa is SOLD

And, some are of Vintage European postcards....

New York is SOLD




Both Roses SOLD

You could get the pink and yellow rose one or the pink rose on green background.....
or, both...



Coming to San Francisco? Or maybe you've been here already? A nice little souvenir for you with some Chinese joss paper tucked inside...I have multiples of this one...

So here is the free form plan...

Little books are $20.00 each plus $2.50 shipping

THREE books are $50.00
plus $5.00 shipping

Only USA Orders please

Comment below on which books you would like -- maybe what photo the book is in and a description e..g. "French Postcard book in first photo, bottom right"

Leave me a message with your email and I will NOT publish the comment. I will email you to see what books you are interested in and we can go from there...

So, that's the plan.
It would better if you all could just come over to my studio and pick them out and hang out a while.
I don't want to open an ETSY shop so I am just trying to make this work.
You blog readers are getting first pick but if I don't sell them quickly I am going to put them out on Instagram.
I"m just saying.

So, thanks for all your support and encouragement.

I discovered that messages from Contact Me are NOT going through. I am so sick of Blogger. I need a new platform for my blog.

Happy Xmas Shopping!SEND GOOD MAIL -- GET GOOD MAIL.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Hello Again after a Long Time...

I've been gone for a while, haven't I? You wonder what I've been up to? Too many things to catch you up with everything but how about catching up with the last week or so?
I've been making things (of course!!) and I am just back from a very fast-very fun trip to to LA.

Little Pocket Folder Books
I've really been into making lots of little pocket folder books.They are just so charming I can't stop making them.
I have a big stack of them just sitting in my studio keeping me company.
The first ones I made were all from vintage postcards of Paris. Then I got the  bright idea to make a set from each of the places I have visited and tuck small souvenirs from my travels inside the pockets.
So, there's that.

Then I got the idea to use beautiful old rose postcards on a set so now I am hoarding these too.

Here is the question:
Would you be interested in buying these little books for Christmas presents? I was thinking of having a pop-up sale on my blog.
Let me know if the comments what you think, ok?

 These are the pockets inside......

Then, I had a trade with a wonderful Instagram artist and I made her a few things. Since she just received them I can show you....

French General in LA
So, this past weekend I went to a couple of things at French General in LA. If you don't know about French General, you should.
Check out the workshops on the website -- some wonderful ones and I sure wish I lived closer so I could take them....

Did I mention they have a SHOP????? I bought a present for myself.

I bought several...ahem....vintage French cahiers filled with beautiful cursive writing.....I will show you more if you ask nicely.

Ann Wood's Needle Book workshop
The reason I planned the trip in the first place was to take Ann Wood's workshop and make a needle book.
She is a wonderful instructor. I have ideas for these little fabric books. Little postal themed (fabric) books? Very likely.

Books from our workshop -- aren't you inspired?

French General

The Getty Museum
Made a stop at the Getty Museum and it was wonderful.If you're in LA, there is a lovely Manet Show there now and a show also of his MAIL ART! Did they know I was coming?

Nice spot at the Getty to sit outside and write postcards.

A Manet
That dog! Yes, I know it is sideways but actually it works this way too...

And, of course, I had to alter some postcards in my five minutes of down time at the hotel....I picked up a bunch of FREE cards at a restaurant supply shop but they were way too boring so I HAD to alter them....I like them now.
So, that's the last week from here. Hope you will all comment and let me know what you think about the the post and the books etc -- please do -- or I think I am just talking to myself here.

See you soon!



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