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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some Mail Going Out and a Give-Away

Collage coffee card went out to a coffee lover.
Of course, I love cappuccino.

I finally got my nerve up to tear up one of the typewriting manuals
and make some envelopes.
Still lots of great pages in there.

Anybody want one? Post a comment and I will send you one.
(Let me know if you want it sent through the mail to you or enclosed in an envelope for you to send).

A thank-you note to a pal.

Heading out to Baton Rouge....
(you know who you are).

A wonderful incoming from someone I hope will be a new postal pal..
I took this letter out to lunch with me.

Mail stories: A pal in Panama sent me a letter over a month ago which never arrived.
He e-mailed to ask about it. It turns out the postal service in Panama isn't real great. Postboxes and Post Offices are few and far between and very often mail goes missing.

Another friend from England, wrote to say, she has been snowed in for a week and no mail was delivered because the postmen "didn't have the right shoes".
Gives new meaning to our postal motto
"Through rain, and snow and sleet".

Ok, we don't get snow or sleet here in San Francisco but it is raining like crazy as I write this.
And, I'm sure, I'll get my mail delivery today.

Hope I get something good!


  1. There's snow and ice here, and also another postal service strike. No mail for three days! Oh well, I can come to this blog and enjoy other people's mail :-) I love the picture with the chili sauce bottle!

  2. I did get something great today -- from you -- Annejo! Your handmade envelope and wonderful letter and more all arrived safe and sound today, even with your mail strike. Many thanks......

  3. Hey I recognize my name peeking out of one of these envelopes. Can't wait to get it. It's such a treat to get real honest to goodness mail and it keeps encouraging me to send out notes. Your motto of "send a letter, get a letter" I remembering hearing when I was 8 years old and mail call at Shriners Hospital in the children's ward was a highlight of my days. Good memories in the midst of not as cheery memories.... just like today!

  4. Hi! What a lovely beautifull blog you have here.... I love snail mail stuff like envelopes and postage stamps and goodies in the mail ^^

    Im a little shy to be asking but.... could I get in on this glorious pen-pal exchange stuff??
    My name is Grace and Id love to write to you ^____^

    I also love your handmade envelopes. Like SO MUCH.

  5. Thanks, Eruanna. One way to get into the pen pal world (or whirl) would be to click the Make Every Day a Good Mail blog on the left and then go to CALL FOR CORRESPONDENTS. There are loads of folks who want to exchange mail. I would be happy to send you some handmade envelopes if you e-mail me.
    (Just go to profile page and you'll see the contact me section). Happy to hear you're enjoying and you like mail.

  6. Yay! I see mine heading this way! Oh goody! Your letters are always so nice!

  7. I wish I knew how to get a letter on board a ship going through the Panama Canal, bound for San Francisco. Might be more reliable and certainly faster. They say normal air mail to US is 10 days. Crazy!

    Of course, I could also try dropping it off at the US Embassy in Panama City and then you could read it on wiki-leaks in a few months. ;)

  8. I so enjoy your posts...reading them is like having a chat over one of those delicious looking cappucchinos! I would love to receive one of the typing book pages, if it isn't too much trouble please send it through the mail (not in an envelope). I will send you something in return. Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Lovely blog. I'd adore getting one of your envelopes, posted as is. I'm on sendsomething too so I'll look for you there and send you something if I find you!
    Happy holidays.

  10. OK, elle.mental and sarala -- outgoing to you! Thanks for the comments.

  11. Thank you so much for the typewriter manual envie and all the goodies inside! I loved it! BTW the mail system was very gentle on it, the envie arrived without a scratch. I will be sending you something in return very shortly.

  12. Hi ,

    Your type writer paper envelope are so bloody awesome !!! HOW THE HELL DO YOU MAKE THEM SO NEAT AND CLEAN AND PRETTY? I always end up messing things up when I make an envelope. !!

    Do you still have got any of these envelopes ? ( type write paper ones ? )
    Please send me a reply if you have . :D

    And your work is so GREAT !!!

    ( )



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