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Friday, February 15, 2013

Handmade Joss Everything!

Ok, here we go -- playing with (joss) paper--
sometimes I just stick some stamps on the joss paper packs and address them and
mail them off -- quick and easy!
And so much fun to open up and look for the treasures inside.

Yup -- just drop them into a post office box. So far everyone has gotten the ones I've sent out.
Stationary, envelopes and collaged postcards....Top is stationery, middle is handmade envelope and bottom is postcard with rubber stamps and paper envelope.

Simple one -- just label, stamp and send...

Wrapped up a couple of letters inside the paper....and off they go.

Hum.....I am noticing these pomolos are the same colors as my envelopes above.
Wonder if I could get away with sticking a stamp and address label
on them? You think?

Some of my Lunar New Year greetings..
these were fun to put together and send off...
Front and back


I have loved the paper clothes for years. Check out the white underpants.
So funny.
And this year I've put some in vellum envelopes and sent them out...sometimes I just string them up in my studio...
Collaged Postcard with joss paper...
Collaged postcard with joss paper and vintage Chinese children's book
From Vizma (IUOMA) in Australia -- a collaged booklet made from joss paper...
extremely cool to get this in the mail..
And from Harriet O in NYC -- a set of notecards with my initials in joss paper.
Why didn't I think of this?

These very large calendars have tissue thin paper -- I use it to fold up into origami booklets,
tear up for collage or write letters on.

Time marches on.
Time to get busy and make some more stuff.

Now, how about all of you tell me what YOU do with joss paper? Or what you would like to do with it if you had any? 

I made up 10 packets of joss to sell here but someone told me you can't sell things on blogspot blogs. Who knew?
I am kind of bummed though.

I'd like to hear from you.
 I am wondering if I should keep the blog up and running.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Vintage Hearts
Today I bet most of you have hearts on your minds. A heart-shaped box of chocolate is good but these vintage paper hearts make my heart go pitter-patter. 

Valentine Telegram
Found for 25-cents at the Vintage Paper Fair -- now this guy Jim knew how to win a girl's heart.
Hope Marjorie liked it.
I know I would like a Valentine telegram. If we still had telegrams.

Now here is one going out to my a velum envelope....hearts and flowers and decorated all the way.
Boys like fancy mail too.
(Good thing he doesn't read my blog)

Here's another one for him...
because yeah...he is my husband and my sweetie so he gets two. Plus out wedding anniversary is in exactly one week. You wouldn't believe how long we've been married.
A long time.
And I'm not telling either.
I could add this one to the envelope since he is a musician who sings bass....

Now I hope all of you have made or bought and sent Valentine's to your loved ones.

And I hope you all get a lot of valentines too! And chocolate. And if no one gives you any -- just buy your own!

Vintage Valentines
AWWWwwwwww you're just my type......thanks for reading and commenting on the blog!

OUTGOING TO MY SWEETIE -- it better get delivered today.

The French always have romance on their minds, bien sur!
My 2013 Valentine edition.....
By now I hope they have all been delivered....

Happy Valentines Day to you all.
Just remember, valentines can be for anyone and everyone -- best friends, old grannies. nice people,
celebrate happiness!

Tomorrow the mail-art joss post.

I've got to go eat chocolate.....

Now, what are all of you doing to celebrate today?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lunar New Year/Part One

Joss Paper Men's Jewelry

Paper Daily Cleansing Kit -- toothpaste, comb, soap, toothbrush
Everything you might need in the afterworld...

Joss Paper
Eye glasses, gold watch, gold rings and my favorite, a blue fountain pen - made of paper.

Can you see what I love to go visit the joss shops in Chinatown so much?
Joss Paper Shop

All decked out for the Lunar New Year -- Year of the Snake
This time of year is a terrific time to walk around Chinatown. The shops are all stocked up and decorated for the Lunar NewYear.
There is a street fair, a flower market, a big parade and lots of delicious Chinese food.
What's not to like?

Joss Shop

By now I think you all know how much I love roaming around SF's Chinatown. I
especially love the Joss Shops -- it is all PAPER, after all. And there isn't anything I don't like about paper.
I admit -- I don't use the joss paper for the purpose it is intended
(to burn as offerings for the deceased).
I like it for collage and mail-art. I really, really like it.

A stop for a cup of tea....

Buddha Exquisite Corp is my favorite joss shop. I admit I was too chicken to take photos inside the shop though. I was afraid someone would yell at me.
But trust me, it is fabulous. They have paper everything -- iPhones, cars,
clothes, shoes, toothpaste and toothbrushes, jewelry, smokes....
Really, just about anything you can think of. So cool.

I asked my sweetie for a paper iPhone and paper shoes for my birthday.
Not too much to ask for, is it?

Year of the Snake Envelopes
These are for givings money/gifts but I like to stamp them up and mail them off....


Smaller gift-giving envelopes
They come in lots of sizes. I got some teeny ones. I will think of something to put inside.

Some of you have gotten my Lunar New Year postcard edition with the tiny cards
like this one
Another size is the perfect size for a gift card.

I love the colors, lanterns, lotus and bricks....

Joss Shop

Incense (the wrappers are pretty beautiful too). And you can use the paper
wrappings for collage...

Fire Crackers and pink door...
Joss Paper Man's Suit
Is this cool or what? I love the clothing and especially love the paper high heeled shoes.
I neglected to photograph them but trust me, they do exist.
Maybe not in my shoe size though...
Chinese Sweet & Sour Soup. This was delicious. Except for those things that
look like cucumber sponges.....not so much....

Part Two of this post will show some of the stuff I make with joss papers and various other Chinese/Asian papers I pick up -- calender pages, newspapers, food packaging etc. I think you are going to like them. (I may have to put a Valentine post in between)
So check back!

How about some comments about what you would like to see one the blog?
I'm up for ideas!

Tomorrow, February 10, is the big day so happy Lunar New Year to all of you
who celebrate.

Gung Hay Fat Choy

Monday, February 4, 2013

A Whole Lot of Mail Coming In

From Stephanie and Laura -- they both used clear, see-thru handmade envelopes and
Hello stickers and both are really cool.....
I don't believe these two mail artists know each other -- perhaps I should introduce them.

Backside of Laura's....

When I see an envelope from Planet Susanna in my mailbox I  get excited.
A wonderful collaborative artist book -- with a photo I took on the cover!
Here is a look inside!
Be sure to check out her blog -- it is very inspiring.

Not one -- but two envelopes with zines from Alice S...and a little something from Sally.

Christine H knows how much I like oddly flavored KitKats - these
are wasabi KitKats -- but I think she ate them all because I only got the wrappings...

From South Africa -- check out that stamp! Very fun -- at first I thought it said
International Snail Mail...I guess you sometimes see what you want to see..

Another beauty from Stephanie  (IUOMA) arrived just today -- a handmade
pop-up book in another clear envelope.
Love this.

Pop-Up Book
This is so cool and just my type. Thanks Stephanie!
Something will go out to you soon.

From Carol W - a great Year of the Snake postcard. She printed this edition somehow...
lino print? I don't know but I am sure happy I got one.

Origami lanterns with calligraphy

I had to go over to the Flower Market and Street Fair in Chinatown on Saturday.
Lunar New Year is such a great time in SF.
Flowers, citrus, red and gold decorations, lion dancers, food, fun...

Lunar New Year Supplies
Oh yes--I do think a mail artist could find some good supplies inside this shop.

Who could pass up these beautiful gift envelopes?
Certainly not I.

Love the citrus too -- pomolos, Buddha's Hands, kumquats -- I bet I could stick a
mailing label on one of these babies and send it off!

Of course, there is always lunch, and on a cold day some hot and sour soup
really warms you up.....

And some to keep up my strength for all the mail I am working on.

Even though I didn't show it here, I have been sending out a whole lotta mail!
Working on the joss paper mailings, Lunar New Year and Valentine editions...You will see it all very soon.
Two joss paper posts are in the works (coming soon).
I hope you all enjoy seeing some of what's been in my mailbox lately.

Now what have you all been getting in yours?


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