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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Bits & Bobs

So many people have generously given or mailed me bits of ephemera....a lot of it was sitting on my work table and I challenged myself to use it for mail art....
I had 8x8 decorative paper squares, plain library pockets, pieces of paper from India, some stickers..
(thanks to Harriet, JU, Connie, Monica and Jessica for the ephemera)

First thing I watercolored on the library pockets -- they were just a little too plain...and  after that I rubber stamped on them..

I had some library catalog cards too so I sponged watercolors and stamped those too and typed some lists on gotta put something in those pockets!

I like making little bundles of things to mail off...

I folded up that 8x8 paper into little folders and put letters inside. Tucked them into the library pockets.
I'd like to get this in the mail, wouldn't you?
I tucked everything into envelopes I made from paper I got at the Co-Op's swap table and off it goes to cheer up some mailboxes.

I confess - I had to keep this little cutie for myself. I love the colors and the roses and I think it would be perfect to tuck some stamps into and put in my bag.....

And now I've got to get back to making things....see you....

Monday, June 22, 2015

A Fine Saturday

There were stamps for the passports....

and projects to work on...

Three different people brought artistamps
(thanks you guys!)

There a swap table with plenty of ephemera to make things right on the spot.

There was Show and Tell
(Andria-- see your little booklet inside that cool envelope you made? Everyone loved it!)
Andria's tutorial for coin envelope book here
Here is that link for all of you who asked me -- How Did she Do It????

More artistamps for the SF Correspondence Co-op passports -- you can never have too many.

There was laughing and talking and fun.

And there was a huddle....what do you think they are all looking at?
and photographing?

One of our co-op members was gifted this fabulous  mail art themed tote made from a FedEx Tevek envelope with some cancelled stamps and labels sewn on.
We were all overcome with envy and PLH is lucky she made it out of there with that bag still on her person.
But -- if YOU can sew -- and I can't -- you too can whip up one of these bags for yourself and perhaps one for me as well. I'm just sayin'.
What a fun idea.

Another view of the tote bag. The USPS also has free tevek bags but I suggest you actually use one to mail so you then you can re-purpose it into a bag.

A fine way to spend a Saturday afternoon in the city.
After our mail art meeting we went upstairs in the library to see a very fine calligraphy show.

Bottom piece (left) by Co-op member Dorothy Yuki -- a multi-talented woman.

A little calligraphy mail art? I think so!
After that some of went next door to the Asian Art Museum to see the show 28 Chinese.
We figure you can never have too much fun.

So, what did I do with the paper ephemera I took from the swap table? Why, I made mail art, of course!

So that was Saturday.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Day

A day that starts off with a perfect peach and a good read and some strong coffee has potential....

(This picture is going to make you crazy, I know)

I decided to go to Scrap. I haven't been in months, not being happy with the pricing some of the clerks do.
But today was a real good day.
This is my favorite find. I am a sucker for labels like this.

I found a bunch of these cool  rubber stamps...

And the usual good assortment of postcards and cards....

And vintage buttons -- just because they looked cool. They aren't mail art but I like them.

And, in the free section, I got seven (yes, seven) 2015 Asian calendars. I love them for tearing up for collage. Plus, heck -- they still have six months left in 2015 on them.
And, I'm going to share and bring a few the SF Correspondence Co-Op swap table on Saturday afternoon.

After Scrap, I took a nice walk in the sunshine and stopped in at this very fun show. If you are local, swing by. You'll enjoy it.

This piece caught my eye...(of course).

And, if you're not local, here are a few more pieces you can see right here on my blog.
Matchbook art.

You can check out this link to see more about the show -
Strike Away

After Scrap and the match box show I dropped off some mail at the post office....

When my mail came today, I got nothing, nada, nula. Very bad and depressing.
But I did get this book. I hadn't even heard about it until two days ago. Somehow I thought it would be too cutesy for my taste but it is actually quite charming.

I love how the pages on the side of the book look like air mail stripes.

I think you guys might like this one.

Now, I'm just going to sit down and look through my new book.

So---what did you guys do today?
Or, what are you going to do when you have time? Or, maybe, what did you do all weekend?
I'd like to know.

Lucky for me, my work is freelance so I can squeeze in little outings between jobs.

(Which hasn't been working too well for me lately. I'm just saying.)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hangin' Out a Little

I love hanging out in my studio....last night I was working at dusk and noticed what a lovely glow the room had from the very late early evening sun...

Maybe I am enjoying it a bit more since I actually  had to clean up  because newish pal was stopping by for a visit and I didn't want to horrify her with my usual clutter.

Sometimes I slack off from making things and just read magazines and books on mixed media techniques.... always relaxing.

I worked on my newest little zine....

Sorted some stamps that needed to be mounted on wooden blocks...I am looking for more heads and faces these days...

I have to be honest though, I hate mounting stamps on wood....but you gotta do what you've got to do...

Been playing around a lot with watercolors.....very relaxing....

Punched a whole lot of holes in a whole lot of postcards and hung them on a this idea from my pal Leslie. My second ring of mail hanging in my studio.Much nicer than storing them in a box where no one can see them. This way you can just flip through the cards for a hit of inspiration.

My old books, all ready to be torn and sorted and played with. I ran out of room on the bookshelves so these guys have to be stacked up on the floor. I love to see them sitting there just waiting for a project.

Some vintage postcards....ready for another project that's coming up....can't tell you yet.

First thing tomorrow I'll write.....she tells him....


(he says) One thing will lead to another.

Ain't it the truth? Every time I hang out in my studio, one thing does lead to another. I get ideas and inspiration all the time.

And today, in SF, we had lovely and wonderful rain which is making it a perfect day to stay inside and play with paints and stamps and paper.
We are in the middle of water rationing and a very serious drought so the rain today is most welcome.
And seriously delightful.

I am settling in for a lovely, rainy afternoon of making things and reading books and having some tea and cookies.
Why don't you come over and join me?


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