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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Coffee First & Cocktails Later

Last week I took the Larkspur Ferry with some friends to Marin to see an Altered Book Show
at the Marin Museum of Contemporary annual tradition. 

With a Peets coffee in hand and a view of the Golden Gate Bridge it was a great start to the day...

When I got to the show, I had to laugh, because it sure looked a lot like my studio....

At the show...

See? This is my studio.......
I really liked this piece and...

I found the description quite touching....worked on in a hospital waiting room....I have spent some time in hospital waiting rooms and the last thing I could do was make any art. I think it is very impressive and inspiring that this artist could.

Another piece I liked...

I got to attend the show with one of the artists, bottom right is the very cool work of Punkie Ebert. She wrapped some poems around those spools....

Just bits that caught my eye....

You KNOW I have lots of books that book like these....

My studio
And, of course, there was lunch. A wonderful group of six artists and I'd love to put a photo of us all but I know they would kill me is what I had for lunch. Blackened salmon salad....delicious.

And, Barcode Barb brought little handmade presents for us all -- vintage matchbooks with her charming drawings inside.
Aren't they cool?

The view on the ride back to San Francisco wasn't bad either....every time I take the ferry I wonder why I don't take it more often......good question..

Well, it is Memorial Day Weekend coming up here in the USA. What are you all doing to celebrate.
It is the official start of summer but here in chilly, foggy, windy SF, I may have to have a nice gin & tonic by the fireplace.
I can live with that.

I'm thinking a movie and dinner date with my guy, some work in the studio, the farmers market....things along those lines.
What is everyone else planning on doing?


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Bless Your Heart, y'all........

After Boston we flew to Richmond (Virginia) and first thing we did was head to Sally Bell's for a boxed lunch.
These are the greatest -- a deviled egg all wrapped up in wax paper, macaroni salad, a cheese wafer  and a sandwich of your choice -- and a fabulous cupcake -- all for $8.85.

The dogwoods were in bloom every where we looked.

Now I know I'm not in San Francisco any more.....

If only I was driving home......

What we did mostly was eat southern amazingly good.
This is The Boat House, set right on a river.
 (I'm the one in the green)

And why did I not know about pimento cheese? To die for!
This is lunch at the Shirley Vineyards and it is highly recommended by me if you are ever in the area.
The food was amazing.

Supermarket browsing.....

Saucy's BBQ. in Petersburg.
Need I say more? You gotta go.

Antique shopping was fun too -- I bet you can guess which one of these things I did buy and bring home with me.

We were running around so much and hanging out with the fam I had almost no time to work on my travel journal. But, I shoved all my travel ephemera in between the pages and I have finished it since I've been back home in SF.
It's fat and happy -- kind of like I felt when I got home. The food in SF is a little less fattening....
but when in Rome (or Virginia).....

So, I am back to making stuff again. Catching up on mail. 
What are you'll doing? I missed you.


Thursday, May 3, 2018

Swan Boats & Lobsters & Postcards...Oh My!

I'm back home and I'm not that happy about it.
We sure packed a lot of fun into ten days. So much fun that the ephemera just mostly got stashed in the pages of my travel journal loosely....

But -- that's ok because I have already finished a lot of the glueing and pasting since getting home on Tuesday night. It is fun re-living my trip.

But, looking at everything is making me wish I could turn around and fly back...

Boston was really fun, even though it rained on me. Last time it snowed so rain is better...

I scored some vintage ephemera to stash inside my journal too. What would she think of all this?
I wonder.

I think Boston has some of the best postcards I've seen...I love the airmail envelope theme they've got going on...I wish all cities had such cool postcards.

In case you're wondering, the big newsstand in Harvard Square (Cambridge) had them all.

The Boston Tea Party?

Bring on the Tea Party stamps!

The rain stopped and we had a wonderful walk around the Boston Garden. I always say hello to George Washington when I am in town.
My husband refused to go on a swan boat ride with me though....

We spent the rainy day at the Gardner Museum -- a favorite. 

I recommend a visit if you visit is near the Museum of Art so you can hit both of them on the same day. Especially if it's raining. Or, snowing. I've been there for both...

These are not San Francisco restaurants.
If you visit, I like Legal Seafoods and Atlantic Fish.

Enough said.

I wanted to cram everything in one post but it would be too long so stay tuned for for Richmond/Petersburg party of the trip next.
And, my travel journal is really rolling along so if you want to see that, raise a hand! Or, a lobster claw.

Real life. 
I prefer vacation.

What has everyone been doing while I've been gone?


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