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Thursday, August 13, 2020

This is not a test

Day By Day
The new normal? Stay at Home......

I miss all my pals!
Remember when you could hang out with your friends?
Zoom doesn't cut it...

The Gorgeous Dahlia Garden in Golden Gate Park
Nature can still give us gifts...and did you know the dahlia is the official flower of San Francisco?
No wonder GG Park has a big Dahlia garden.


NO Eating Out
Restaurants in San Francisco have no dining in since March....and (in my opinion) SF isn't the greatest place to sit outside....fog, wind,  chill and hard on the restaurants, workers, etc
I hope they can manage to stay in business.
Doesn't this guy look like a chef? or line cook? or waiter?

City Girls
These two look like city girls to me. One with a bag of take out and the other wearings pants probably before it was common... 

What is going on here???
Wouldn't you love to know? I know I would... 

And this one, perfect for August. I can't tell what kind of fruit that is. Peaches? I have been hitting every farm stand and farmers market I possibly can.....two words...
Summer Tomatoes
(And no, that is not me)

Zucchini blossoms
Another summer is so cool to eat flowers...

Girls just wanna have fun...
even now...
I found these great old snapshots at ScrapSF (which just recently reopened)
 . I've always loved old photos. So many ways to play with them.

Like this is going in one of my altered passports. I wonder where those two are... 

Garden Photos
I always love a good garden photo... 

And, I love a good garden too...this is my little city backyard and it has been an oasis of peace since all this started. I am so happy to have a place to sit that is green and pretty.

Pull up a chair...
and have a seat. We can sit six feet apart and visit and catch up. You can tell me what you've been doing. Wouldn't that be lovely?
So come on over and sit.
Or, you can leave me a comment and tell me.
I'd love to hear from you and I am hoping everyone is well.

Since I've been away from posting, Blogger has changed everything and I don't know what has happened. Favorite posts and search and all the sidebars have just vanished (does anyone know where the sidebars went?)....I should set up a blog on another platform but I'd need a whole lot of help to figure that out.. 

Hello Friends...hope you're all well and safe.


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