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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Life's Little Adventures

Creepy Halloween-inspired handmade envelopes.....
are there tricks inside?
Or treats?

Stack of Outgoing Mail
I have really been busy sending out lots of mail...keep the post office in business and
keep me out of trouble...
plus, as we all know, you've got to send good mail to get good mail.

Collaged postcards

Handmade envelopes with little treats tucked inside...and apples from my apple tree.
(Yes, there was pie)

More outgoing (I told you I've been busy) -- collaged postcards and another creepy envelope.
Creepy in a good way.

Not to complain, but last week wasn't a real great mail week -- except -- all this arrived on Friday
and that was a good mail day.
One day my mail was delivered at 7:40PM! Can you believe it? I have to say, I think that really
is way too late.
And after waiting all day long for it to come, I didn't get anything good.

Three collaged postcards, loaded with stamps, have arrived from New Delhi, India.
I have a friend living there for several months and she is making mail art
and taking cooking lessons -- so I am hoping for an Indian dinner when she gets back (are you listening DD?)

Correspondence Co-Op Meeting
on Wednesday night. Always fun. Getting my passport stamped with artistamps
is just part of the fun....

Seeing Catwrangler's fabulous postal bag was another highlight....

Show and Tell is always fun too - CW made a stamp-carving zine and brought in some
Eraser Stamps that can be used for carving rubber stamps...
I'm going to have to try making some..

Happy Halloween
So all you ghouls and case I don't see you...have a
Happy Halloween.

Washi decorated luggage tag with air mail ribbon on suitcase..
I just can't leave well enough alone, can I?
I think the tag and suitcase look much better with postal trim.

Now everybody -- mail me something back!

249 "followers"?
Who will be lucky number 250?


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Travelin' But Not Light

Turkish Airlines Postcard

I'm getting myself ready for a trip! But I'm afraid I just don't travel light.
I try.
Really, I try but what about art supplies? My journals?

Airline Stickers --
Wake Me Up For Food??? Oh yes!

My friend Christine H sent these to me today and I had to laugh --
what do you do? Stick one on your forehead in case you asleep on the plane?
Why no "Wake Me Up for the Drink Cart"? or"Wake Me Up When We Land?"
I can think of quite a few ideas.
So funny, thanks Christine.

Absolutely no idea of what clothes to pack but I cleared off my work table
to work on getting some travel journals started....
first things first, right?

Large Travel Journal
I'm combining both countries I'm visiting into one journal,
Turkey (Istanbul) and Italy.
I found some wonderful old postcards of Istanbul when it was still called
I'm adding old maps and the vintage cards now and all the rest while traveling...

Two Mini Journals
I made a small mini for each country. I've been writing notes in them like addresses and info. I plan on carrying one around with me when out and about.

The (mini) Italian
embellished with a lovely stamp.

Vintage Turkish Postcard

What else have I been doing besides obsessing packing, art supplies, weather, etc?
Well, I took up a challenge from
Karen of I Am Rushmore and Mail Me Some Art
and last night I had fun making some duct tape booklets. These are really quick and dirty
(as some say) and quick and fun to make.
I'm thinking they would be fun to make while traveling using
"foreign" papers and ephemera. 

Here's an inside page.........

Chinatown Photo/Collage/Book Project

I've also been working on my Chinatown project (it is an ongoing one).
I am making a series of books of photos, joss paper, collage and vintage Chinese booklets.
And those chopsticks are made of paper.
Pretty cool, don't you think?

Another Page....
I think I should put this project aside and figure out what clothes to pack though...
Chinatown lunch - Clay Pot Chicken

I found an old test from an Italian class I took -- with a B on it.
Not bad -- too bad I have forgotten everything.

Any of you out there have any great restaurant tips for Istanbul or Venice, Italy?
Any helpful hints?
Anyone want to come over and help me figure out what to pack?
Can anyone tell me how to pack light????

Send Good Mail --- Get Good mail

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

High Temperature Equals Lull in Mail Art

OUTGOING Origami Booklet
Maybe Kelly P has gotten this already...this was a fun booklet to make
and fill with a letter and a few surprises.

This time to someone other than Alice!

OUTGOING Origami booklet with many pages
for Planet Susannia in Germany

I hope she enjoys all the pages inside

Here's a look at one but I don't want to spoil the surprise and show all the pages.

OUTGOING collaged postcards....

It is a good thing I did all this BEFORE the 90" heat hit the usually cool grey city of San Francisco.
It sure isn't cool now and we are not amused.

FREE APPLES in my studio today..
My very prolific and organic apple tree is giving me more apples than i can use up.
I guess I could stick a stamp on a few and mail them off
but instead I gave bags of them to my friends who visited my studio today.
You know who you are!


It's never too hot for lunch -- this was Saturday's lunch -- but there was lunch today with the above-mentioned friends too.

Come in to my back room in my studio....and just sit for a is way too hot to do anything else....

....except maybe sort a few stamps while drinking something cold...

or maybe work half-heartedly on my travel art kit for the upcoming trip....

Trust me -- it is way too hot in SF. I think I will just kick back and think about FOG.
But I have sent a lot of mail out and as soon as it cools off I'll get busy again..

In the meantime -- I love hearing from all of you.
How about some cool comments?

PS--It was 98!!!!

UPDATE: back to 64" and I'm back to mailart. And here is a link to
Planet Susannia
showing the fabulous NYC origami booklet she made from my tutorial.  And here are the pages inside her origami booklet I love her work.
For those who asked -- GinaVisione and Texas Leigh -- put Origami Booklet into the search box on the left  and you'll see OK YOU ASKED -- my tutorial on how to make them.
And have fun!


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