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Sunday, October 30, 2011


Happy Halloween!
Don't you wish you could go trick or treating and have people put those
Halloween stamps in your bag?
This a quick post to say hello and Happy Halloween after a week away. I got SNOWED ON! You heard about the big snowstorm on the east coast? Well, I was there.
Another post soon with the mail that was waiting for me when I got back
and some postal pictures from my travels. Snow covered mail boxes, anyone?

Left 36' weather for 70' weather here in SF.

I'm not sure which I like more -- the Legend of Sleepy Hollow stamp or Mr Zip.
Damn, he's cute!

I just love these little messages on the sheets of stamps
(but I digress).

I love my series of typewriter envelopes (if I do say so myself).
And of course orange is a Halloween color -- this one heading off to
The Netherlands.

I whipped up a couple of Day of The Dead Envelopes -- very big in SF.
(And of course, in Mexico)

I just love to get mail from Tallie.
This one took a while in transit. I guess the USPS got a little confused by all the writing.
But, it got here.

I just get the best mail -- thank you, everyone! Keep it coming.

Double treats from GinaVisione -- grazia.
Love the orange envelope and the keyboard on there.
And a Mail Art Kit submission -- yes!

Halloween least I think it is....
Happy Halloween everyone.

And, I leave you with lunch (miso ramen). You should eat well before going off and eating all that Halloween candy that you know you are going to eat.

Did you get any Halloween mail?

Send Good Mail--Get Good Mail

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mail Makes the World Go Around....

I have been on a typing kick lately and I think my handmade envelopes are reflecting that. don't you?
Check out the Halloween stamps too.
Nice and creepy.

One of these went off to France and the other to Brazil.....
(Hi Bruno)

Ever since I got that bracelet made from old typewriter keys I have been typing my heart out...
go figure...

I really like cursive writing too...
working on a letter to Annejo (The Netherlands) today in cursive..

Correspondence Co-Op Meeting
6th month anniversary meeting last night -- so much fun.
Jennie is such a wonderful host.
And SOMEONE showed up as a flight attendant.
(Don't ask)

A pile of my stuff...passport (mais oui!), mail art kit, address book.....

Time for a new Passport at the next meeting...I am on the last pages...
Aren't these cool artistamps?
(Stamps by Gina Visione, Red Letter Day and Annie)

I'm going to pack up my Mail Art Kit and Passport and hit the road (so to speak) for a few days...

Have you sent me your entry in my call for entries?
What's In Your Mail Art Kit?
No jury/no returns/documentation to all
Due: November 1

Mail to: 3934 25th Street, San Francisco, CA 94114

Your kit can travel on a plane anywhere in the world, go on a road trip or just to the local coffee shop.
Or, maybe to work in your car or to the doctor's office.
Where do you work on mail art?
What do you bring?

Traveling Address Book
I whipped out a little travel address book to pack in my kit. Nice, isn't it?
I was supposed to fill in all the addresses I want inside last night
at the Co-Op meeting but (ahem) I seemed to be a little too busy (chatting).

Maybe you will get a postcard?

I hope I will be getting a lot of mail art kit entries  -- and of course a lot of mail!

Send a Letter Today!
Help save the US Postal Service and have fun doing it.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Week Around Town

Mail Art Sunday and Mail Art Monday added up to a lot of mail
to be sent out on Tuesday!
I put twenty - count 'em  - twenty pieces of mail in the mailbox on Tuesday.

Off they go.....
I promise I am doing my part to help out the USPS.
Sent more mail every day this week.

This little beauty went out to Kelly P.
Hope the washi tape held together and kept all the enclosures tucked inside the folding San Francisco envelope.

We want to see these babies filled up so I hope you are all working hard to do your share.

I am still waiting for my FIRST What's In  Your Mail Art Kit? far nada.
Come on people -- it will be fun.   ***This just in -- first entry arrived today and it is lovely** Thank you to Jennifer.

These cards were handed out at the Snail Mail Social (via  Missive Maven's blog)
and they were even pre-stamped. How cool is that?
So I sent some out, adding a few additional stamps of my own.

INCOMING from John Tingly --
How cool is this? Can you see how he put my address in the different candy jars?
This is his second attempt to send me mail, following in the footsteps of
Reginald Bray - The Englishman Who Posted Himself

So glad John  tried again (after the first one never showed up).
Of you haven't read his book, you should!
This time his very creative postcard arrived from England without even a postmark.

What We want!!!!!!

Vintage Supplies
I came across a box of these vintage erasers today and had to snap them up.
Stationery/mail art kit supplies are very difficult to pass up.

Instant Collection!

There is always lunch if you are hanging out with me...
mail and lunch and vintage and letter writing and exploring SF and putting things into big blue boxes.....

Save The Post Office One Letter at a Time!

Cappuccino and Art is on Facebook and so is the Englishman Who Posted Himself.

What's In YOUR Mail Art Kit?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Social, Supplies & So Much Fun

You know I must like cappuccino because of the name of the blog.
(Actually I wish I picked a better name but too late now)
Cappuccino and a little postcard writing at Caffe Puccini in San Francisco.

Yesterday was the Snail Mail Social organized (brilliantly) by
Annie and Carolee
All I did was just go and have fun.
Typewriters, supplies, people who love mail -- what"s not to like?

Art supply shop ARCH hosted the event.
If you are in SF, stop in and check it out.  Lots of great art supplies.

Annie watching the magic fingers of Carolee on the typewriter keys.
Someone has to understand typewriters and it seems to be Carolee.

(And there seem to be some mail art kits on the front of that table -- don't forget my
Call For Entries for "What's In Your Mail Art Kit?")

I love how well-used these rubber stamps are.

You've gotta have supplies if you are going to have a Snail Mail Social going on.
There were press-on letters, typewriters, rubber stamps.......

Lazy Letters and specially made stationary

So many things to create with.....

It is possible I did more socializing than actual letter-writing.

No worries -- I declared today
Mail Art/Letter Writing Day
and I have been working in my studio all day long. And since tomorrow is a
a holiday in the US I declare tomorrow a mail art day too.

Here's a letter booklet for KP.

A Drive-By Mailbox in Mill Valley, CA
I just don't see many of these in San Francisco. I'd like to see a
Bike-By mailbox.

October 10 will be a No Mail Monday
(no fun) so I guess I won't be going to the mailbox like this lady
but you can bet I will be working on some mail projects.

Send a Letter -- Help save the USPS
(and have fun while you are doing it)

Hope you are all having a good weekend and getting your mail art on.

Did you send me your entry for the Mail Art Kit yet?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Communiqués From Red Letter Day: Have Kit, Will Travel

Communiqués From Red Letter Day: Have Kit, Will Travel

OK, this is what I am talkin' about, people!
Check out Miss Red Letter Day's mail art kit.
Now get busy with your entries in my Call For Entries for
"What's In Your Mail art Kit?"
(previous post)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Two Calls for Entries - Fun in the Mail

We better send mail while we still can.
Let's have some fun.

What's In Your Mail Art (Travel) Kit?
I love mail and I love travel and I seem to have a thing for zippered cases.
Tell me what's in yours.
Draw pictures (like Carolee) or make a list (like Donovan) or take a photo
or...??? something creative.

Carolee did it.....

Annie doesn't seem to travel light...
but I bet she doesn't take this one on the plane.

Alice travels all over
and I wonder what she brings with her. She always sends great mail.

I try not to take too much stuff with me...but I must have my good pens and
some labels....

and of course, glue sticks and post card stamps (if I am traveling in the USA).

Here's what Donovan brings with her.....

Washi tape is always handy for the traveler
and maybe a tiny stapler?

I love my Yosemite address book.
Do you bring a suitcase? Zippered pouch? Cigar box?
paints? watercolors?

Please send your entries to me at the above address by
November 1, 2011.
No jury/no returns/documentation to all (maybe a zine?)
I will post some of them on the blog and share the notes about what
everyone is packing in those travel kits.
I bet there are all kinds of things to travel with that I haven't thought of.
maybe you all travel really light?
(I have never been accused of traveling light)

And here is the second Call for Entries from my mail art pal, GinaVisione.
Theme: "YUM"
Please Place this word on your MailArt somewhere...
*What is your favorite food, drink, snack, indulgence, concoction, recipe,
childhood food memory, or restaurant at home or abroad --
and why?
*For my project send me all postal objects that deal with any technique.
*No jury/no returns/documentation to all.
*Please send all MailArt entries to:
165 1/2 Chattanooga Street
San Francisco, CA 94114-3438
Contact for questions:
DEADLINE: November 30, 2011 (someone's birthday....when's yours?)
Tell Gina I sent you!
(that is the backside of one of my entries)

OK, everyone -- get busy. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Happy Mail Day to all.


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