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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Some Inspiration for Making Your "What I Did This Summer" Album

Well, I don't know about you -- buy I'm going on a summer vacation and I'm going to make a  book about it!
I found this scrapbook at an estate sale recently ($28!!) and it is PACKED with old photos, vintage postcards and postcard folders and "real" photo tiny postcard sets.
How could I possibly resist?
(rhetorical question)

I couldn't tell much about who made this but they sure went all over  -- up and down the west coast from Mexico to Alaska & Canada and to Chicago and NOLA.
I am kind of miffed (don't you love that word?) that they didn't seem to visit San Francisco.
I would have loved seeing vintage SF.

I've been everywhere they went -- except for Tombstone!

So touristy -- so tacky -- but so much fun. 

I bet they had a few margaritas think?

The guy is standing in front of a rack of postcards. I want to shop.

New Orleans
I loved seeing the photos from these pages...

Cafe du Monde
How cool is it to see how Cafe du Monde looked in 1948. (I hope you see this, Mim).

The Nola cemeteries....

Old Absinthe House? And Bourbon cool to see..

This photo should be up above by the Mexico photos...

No SF but they made it to LA and saw REAL MOVIE STAR houses....

I love this one -- I visit Olvera Street every time I can get away with it. So fun to see it back before I was born...

Here is the couple who did all this traveling...Her outfit still looks pretty good...
these two sure seemed to have a whole lot of fun.

My pal Kelly P gave me this book just today and I am already making pages for it .
I'm going to put MY ephemera and photos and postcards from my summer trip in it.
Maybe someone will buy it at an estate sale or the Vintage Paper Fair some day and be as happy as I am with the scrapbook I just bought.

So, now are you inspired to make a "What I Did on my Summer Vacation" book? 
Where are you going?
Be sure to send some postcards!


Wednesday, July 10, 2019

A Roman Holiday

Beautiful, unruly, dirty, ancient, historic, modern...

Beauty is all over -- looking up, looking down, on walls, much art inspiration.
The Romans have been doing this for a really long time.
Lucky for us.

What I wouldn't give for these milagros. But these are in a church and not for sale.

Now this you can buy! Or make. I have my big batch of lemencello started and it will be ready soon.
I'm part Italian so it's in the blood...

Still life with artichokes
We have loads of artichokes here in California but they don't look like Roman ones.

Dressing for the flea market looks a little different in Rome....I covet that skirt!

Si -- we may need a gelato.

This one is a little out of control....

I think you can guess what is sold inside this cool looking shop...

yep....the selection of sausages and cured meats and pancetta and prosciutto is incredible.
Free samples too.

And the dolce........mamma mia.......
We had cakes and cookies and canolli every day. But we walked it all off.
Ok, ragazzas and rigazzos.......that's a wrap for Roma. I'm home in SF and I can still remember every wonderful minute.

I have been making lots of things. I'll have paper to show you next time.
Ciao Bella

Send Good Mail -- Get Good Mail
and I would LOVE to hear from you guys in the comments!

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Some People Go for the Pasta......

I though you all might want to tag along to one of the Roman flea markets we went to. We went to two, plus a postcard market, so stay tuned. Today I am letting all this old paper beauty mostly speak for itself.

It's Roma! Of course there are Prayer Cards....

This one vender was practically giving it still my heart...

Lots of letters folded into envelopes with wax seals...

It truly amazes me you can buy papers written in 1858 for less than one euro....

And, there are priests....

Yes, I had to go through every one...wouldn't you?

Look at that cursive!
They really knew how to do it back in the day...

After all the thrills and excitement at the flea market it was definitely time to grab an Aperol Spritz on the go!
And, can you believe that? You can't get cocktails to go here in the USA.
I love Rome.

OK-- I went for the pasta too. And the all the food and churches and beauty and outdoor markets and desserts and museums...
There is another post coming....



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