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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Random Postal Projects

Envelope-making afternoon

What will I do with these lovely ladies?
Any suggestions?
Just look at that hairdo on the left.

The postman always rings twice.
Oh wait -- that's a movie.

Japanese food envelopes
complete with chopstick wrappers and recipes (in Japanese).

Envelopes guaranteed to make you hungry.

a happy mess.

Here I go again..
who will be getting these?

Airmail postcard went out to KT.
More about that later....
(Mailart 365)

Chinese menu envelope out to TrazyZ.

I made a whole bunch of collaged postcards too. What a fun day playing in my studio.

Now watch your mailboxes.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

After a Long Weekend....

Some outgoing mail today, after a long weekend  with time to work in my studio.
Stephanie in NYC gets a take-out menu envelope,
Amazon gets a SF envelope and Barbara.....a collaged one.

Wish I had a vintage typewriter ad to add to this one.

I hope you can see the two babes in the photo. They do not look like they want to be in the kitchen cooking. One has a smoke and a bad attitude for sure.

Two in the 50's Set.
A friend of mine has been cleaning out her stuff and generously gave it to me --
50's photos, cooking booklets, all kinds of crazy stuff -- and I have been having so much fun playing with it.

Two from the India Set for Mailart 365

This came last week from Shelita -- how cool is this?
She turned a security envelope inside out.
Why didn't I think of doing that?

Here's the front.

Last but not least, ok - this isn't mail but someone wrote me she thought "just walking down the street in SF must be interesting". Indeed it is. Just looked down and saw this charming little note.

Happy Mail Day!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Love Letters

February 21

Wedding Anniversary

Still crazy (about him) after all these years.

Who could resist all these love letters in such beautiful envelopes?

Not me.
I love you, babe!

Blue Background -- Imagine it.
Love -- Imagine it.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Some going out, some coming in....

Off to The Netherlands
Annejo has been patiently waiting.
At least I hope she's patient.

 and to G-Man in NYC...some G's for you....

Inspired by Valentine's Day -- a candy envelope 

Four in the Mailart 365 series
(this is sure keeping me busy)

Three more handmade envelopes going out,
Chinese menu envelope to Jen, San Francisco envelope to RO
(my favorite) a typewriter envelope to strikethru

This just in today -- a Valentine box mailing!
A bit battered but it did arrive safe and sound.
Thanks, Alice.

And three Valentine envelopes made it here on Monday.
Love all that red.
Thanks everyone.

Send good mail -- Get good mail.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Mail

Love Letters straight from his heart
all for me......

I'm Yours

What's outside on the envelope is almost as good as what's inside
(I'm Pamela)


Right back at you, M!

Bet you didn't think a one year old could be so talented.
(This card is now nineteen years old
and the kid is twenty!)

Yeah, the kid is mine...and so is the card....

You bet!

Happy Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Deliver The Letters

Busy over the weekend playing catch-up.
Made some envelopes from ledger paper,
among other things.

Some postcards to some pals

Amazing mail coming in - heard a "plunk" today as mail was delivered
and discovered this clear lucite block had arrived........

........along with this pack of stamps.
The Queen of Rubber Stamps strikes again!
I bet my postal carrier is mystified. 

Another San Francisco pal sent me a card with one of her beautiful
photographs on it and Chinatown paper tucked inside.

From SR in NYC -- a wonderful sewn envelope.

Yes, it arrived in perfect condition!
Now please tell me, do I cut it open to see what's inside or leave it as is?
(Last one I cut open I wasn't supposed to!)

And from Kelly, an envelope template from the PO.
I had read you could get these free from the post office but when I went in and asked at my PO they looked at me as I  were crazy (well, it is possible).
Thank you, Kelly!

That is just some of the outgoing and incoming around here.

Yes, I know I'm lucky!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Colors (Red) is for Valentine's Day

Chinatown alley
OK, so every once in a while I like to throw in something
that isn't postal.
I like colors too.
And Valentine's Day is one week away.
Get out those scissors and papers and start making your sweetie a card.

Pink is good too.

Red Awning
Little City Meats
in North Beach, San Francisco.
Old school signs.

Have a cappuccino
Write a postcard at the table.
Or two.
Lots and lots of red in Chinatown
(and great papers too)

Make it a RED LETTER DAY today
(have you all seen
Click the link on the right.

Happy Monday.


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