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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mail Art Highlights This Week

Thursday Night
January meeting of the Correspondence Co-Op.
Kelly P -- see anything familiar on the table?
And, for those of you who have asked, yes there are guys in the group too.
They seem to be a little camera shy but three were there on Thursday night.

Thursday Co-Op Meeting
There is always lots to share and then there is show-and-tell
and food....and a little wine..
not a bad way to spend an evening.
In fact, many of us look forward to this  every month.

Thursday Night
Miss JH--Red Letter Day and the fabulous Alice S sharing a moment.

FRIDAY -- the Tables of Content show opened at the Berkeley Museum
with a noon talk by Robert Warner.
A bunch of the Co-op members trooped over to hear the lecture
and look at all those tables of content...

The thirteen boxes Ray Johnson gave to Bob Warner filled with all kinds of  things...

Some think Ray Johnson was the father of mail art
Ray Johnson

...including loads of envelopes he worked on and saved...
and mail Johnson received...

Bob Warner (left) with a table of contents of boxes...can you see all those envelopes?
And there is JH herself on the far right....I understand she will be writing a blog post on this event so check her blog Red Letter Day in the next week or so to see it.

Warner with audience and some of the contents of the boxes on the tables.
Very interesting talk - I was told a video of Werner's talk will be posted on the museum website so you can see it for yourselves....
Berkeley Museum

(that would be today)
WHO would ever think of deconstruct an airplane and MAIL THE PIECES?????

Claire Healey & Sean Cordeiro: Par Avion (American debut)
This was really amazing -- I have never seen anyone mail pieces of plane before.
And from Australia to San Francisco. They mailed them directly to the gallery.
Frey Norris Gallery

They are selling the whole set of mail art plane pieces if any of you want to buy them!
I'd sure like one but you have to buy the entire set.

I read a review of the show in the newspaper this morning and also read it closed today.
I raced right downtown because this I had to see. What a shame I didn't know about this earlier and pass the word to my mail art pals in SF.
At least you get to see the photos!

I need to sit down with a cappuccino and relax after seeing all this mail art this week.
I have Incoming and Outgoing Mail photos to post but I think I will save those for the next time.
If you live in the Bay Area, check out the Berkeley Museum show.

Send some Mail Art this week.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Dragon Mail

I had fun sending this out to Kelly P. and it was a huge hit at the post office from
where I sent it out. The woman working at the counter loved the pouch and wondered where
she could get one. She told me with the postage sticker she put on it, it didn't have to be cancelled so it would go through better than using stamps. Here it is on the
PO counter in San Francisco waiting to wing it to Chicago!

A typewriter inspired envelope went out for the MILK Gallery's  mail art call.
Hope someone there likes it.

Some birds on this handmade envelope to Shelita W.

This wall inspired these cards...........

Some Lunar  New Year mail going out....and today's the big day...
Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Yes-- darling -- what WOULD the post master say?
What will those crazy mail artists think up next?

OoooOOoolala last week was a good one! Wonderful letters and postcards and a fabulous painted
Altoids box/collaged card from Karen (who does some amazing things with paint and imagination)
and a funny box with a great surprise inside from the Kelly P (once again).
Thank you everyone.

The painted Altoids box with cool clips stashed inside.

And finally -- after two long weeks traveling -- the handmade envelope from Annejo in the Netherlands with the
Post Crossing stamps! So cool.

I sent out three things this afternoon -- a surprise for GinaVisione and two Lunar New Year
envelopes. Marjorie has been VERY patient waiting for me to respond....hope she isn't disappointed.

DRAGON COOKIES -- outgoing!
Dropped this box of Ginger Cookies off to the people who work the counter at my favorite
post office (shout-out for the Diamond Heights PO here in San Francisco!)
They are so friendly and nice and deserve a treat, don't you think?

Wishing you all a happy Year of the Dragon  and hope your mailboxes are filled all year long!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Re-Visiting My Mailbox

Incoming Mail
Since today is another no-mail Monday, I thought I would
revisit the mail I was lucky enough to receive this week.
Check out this great mail -- and that handmade envelope from the fabulous ----

Ms. Kelly P!!!
I am so very happy to be on her mailing list.

And another fearless and wonderful mailer -- Ms. Alice S. --She sent a beautiful calendar and book by a woman artist from Japan - Makiko Azakami - who  makes amazing art out of paper.
And I just happend to be at a party at Alice's last Friday night introducing the
Domo arigato.
Here's Makiko's website -- Paper Toy

Yes, there is even more...from Red Letter Day, Miss JH herself as well as Sally W, CJ and Shelita.
Do you think I need to get busy and send some mail out?

Yes--I do--but first some lunch. Ramen in Japan Center always works.

Getting busy -- a looooooong letter to Kelly P.

.....Stuffed into this envelope ....

They aren't going anywhere quite yet but I worked on a bunch of collaged
postcards over the weekend.
These are pretty time-consuming with having to wait inbetween layers for the paint and ink to dry.

More collaged cards -- by now everyone knows how much I love all the papers from Chinatown. My dry-cleaner gifted me with a Chinese Calendar and I am loving ripping it up and using all the pages.

Do you even have to ask?????
Of course I do! And I bet all of you do too if you are reading this blog.

Cappuccino and Art has a Facebook page.
If you're there on FB, check out the
52 Weeks of Mail
page too. There are a lot of letter writers, mail artists and postally inclined people like us
out there.

Some of you are waiting patiently (I hope) to hear back from me.
I seem to answer various people as the spirit moves me so I appreciate your patience.

Keep the Post Office busy!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Vintage Paper

The Vintage Paper Fair came to San Francisco again this weekend -- kind of like a museum with things you can touch (and buy). Really heaven if you like paper ephemera.
And, I do!

Actually, this looks a little bit like my studio....
fun to sift through all the postcard folders.

SF is having crazy mild weather at the moment - almost 70'.

Passports for sale -- ok, I couldn't resist one of these.....

The one I picked has tons of stamps inside from all over the world...if I can bring myself to tear it up, the pages will be great for a collage.
The woman who held the passport sure did a lot of traveling.
Reminds me a little of the Correspondence Co-Op passport...
Any other ideas about what to do with it?

WHY do I never, ever see boxes of old letters or envelopes at thrift shops or garage sales?

25 Cents
for these stamped, first day of issue envelopes -- the stamps are still good so these babies are going into the post box to some of you (with additional postage, of course).

A little bit of shopping for some rubber stamps....

A bit scary, isn't it?
My work table today....fully loaded. I just seem to work better with a lot of stuff...I mean...inspiration around me.

Collaged Postcards
I was inspired and worked on a series of collaged postcards for a Chinese New Year Mailing.
I wonder when the USPS will put out the Lunar New Year stamps.
Love the red and gold combination.
After the gel dries I have to press these overnight to flatten.

A couple more collaged cards that went out to Stanislav in Russia and to Kirsten & Sally.

Playing catch-up after a super-busy December.
January is a bit busier than expected but I am able to spend more time
in my studio.
Next Vintage Paper Fair in SF is in April -- anyone coming to visit?

Send mail, everyone! And have fun doing it.....

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 -- Short and Sweet

Happy 2012! Bonne Annee!
My sweetie and I stayed in to enjoy each other's company and share a bottle of champagne.
Lovely way to end 2011.

The start of a lovely brand new year -- thanks to all of you who have commented on and supported my blog. I have loved exchanging mail with many of you
and I appreciate your support and all the lovely comments.

January 1

Wishing you all a year of health, happiness and lots and lots of GOOD MAIL.

Imagine PEACE


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