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Friday, June 29, 2012

A little booklet tease

So, you said you wanted to see some of the little booklets I've been making.
Here is Tallie's Solar System booklet.....

Inside of Tallie's booklet
I love all the little pockets in these booklets -- there are four pockets to tuck in tiny photos,
a letter, some stamps....anything you can think of.

Here are a little series of map-covered booklets in process......

How about travel booklets? I was thinking of making one booklet  each day I'm on a trip
using maps, metro cards, menus all the paper ephemera from the day.
If I don't have time to make them while actually on the trip, I can put the stuff in
zip locks bags each day and make them when I get back to SF.
Good idea, yes?

The fun part is putting the pages inside -- you can use so many different things --
graph paper, onion skin paper, dictionary pages....anything you can think of...

For this one I used Chinese Joss paper....
(don't you love that FACE???)

I have so many ideas for these little books. How about a
SF edition with restaurant tips and addresses and suggestions for fun in SF?
I can hand them out to visiting pals.
Or, a Chinatown book -- with joss paper, biz cards, suggestions...
Oh the places we can go....

I heard you talking and switched to the sharper photos. Even though the comments were
only from a lovely and select few of the viewers
I will assume the sharper photos are preferred.
But I still love those Polaroids and will sneak some in here on the blog
and on the FaceBook page for Cappuccino&Art as well.
You have been warned.

A little booklet went out inside a Chinese envelope, inside a collaged envelope --
al the way to New Zealand!


I made this booklet out of a Japanese supermarket magazine page......
I feel so lucky to have
Japan Center here in SF - the source of so many wonderful things,
like Green Tea Kit Kats and BlueBerry (& Coffee) gum!


I have been collaging as well as making are a couple of collaged
postcards that just went out this week.


Going out to KSP who does like to read....

A Swap-Bot Mailbox postcard swap -- uh oh...I thought the swap was for
mail box photos but I think they might have meant personal
mailboxes at people's homes.....too late now....


Got some fabulous incoming today -- this from Karenann...a wonderful
sewn collaged envelope with two mini-zines tucked inside.
From Annejo in The Netherlands -- great mail, as usual

From Jennifer -- always delightful

Who says they are all going postal at the PO???
I found this delightful little lady at my post office sitting on top of the do-it-yourself
postal machine (I know there is a name for those things but I cannot think of it at this moment).
Someone at the PO there made it. So funny. And she has been there for two weeks
without anyone stealing her!

So, how'd you like the booklets????

I did shoot some step-by-step photos while making one of them but I'm not sure if the how-to will
be totally clear from the photos....

Monday, June 25, 2012

Fun with (Collage) Friends!

Can you have too much of a good thing?
Not when it comes to collage!

Last week my mail art pal Annie came over to play.
We had lunch (of course!) and then spent three hours at my work table making
mail art collages.
I love Annie's collage work and it great to watch her in action, cutting, ripping, pasting...
I got a few tips from her and a lot of inspiration.

Some of Annie's collaged postcards

Annie has a great blog too
Curbside Treasure
which I suggest you check out -- Annie makes all kinds of wonderful things.

Outgoing Collage Cards
Here are some of the cards I made this week...

A couple of fun shout-outs from people who have received mail from me--

Planet Susannia (in Germany) and Drawing Near here in the USA

More of my collaged postcards

with little surprises inside....
these just went out in today's mail. Even got them hand cancelled by the very nice man at my
post office.

A Green Tea KitKat bar for energy .....
(that green is my favorite color)


Wheeee! Sometimes you just have a real good mail day...

A French bathing beauty hits the road...

Another happy mail day

MY latest obsession -- besides making lots of collages every day, I have been
obsessed with making these little booklets.
I'll show you a bunch of them in my next post.
I have so many ideas for them.

Now here is a

I have really been having fun playing with the polaroid app and I love the soft focus
quality in the shots but I"m wondering what all of you think.
Do you prefer the sharper images or the Polaroids?
Or do you like both?
I'd really appreciate some feedback so I know what you'd like to see.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you prefer.

See you next time!

(Cappuccino&Art has a FaceBook page too -- with more photos and links)


Monday, June 11, 2012

A little of this and a little of......

United States Post Office
Rincon Annex

When is a post office not a post office?
The sign says it's a post office and it looks like a post office but Rincon Annex is no longer
our main San Francisco post office. Closed years ago but happily
you can still explore the lobby and see the incredible art deco
details and postal signage.

Eagles guard the entrance doors outside....there are quite a few eagles inside and out.
At least I didn't get kicked out of this PO for taking photos.

Inside Rincon Annex, amazing art deco details are all over, wonderful old murals..
couldn't find the old PO boxes though.

Letter Drops (old signage)

Another Eagle and sign honoring the SF postal workers who fought in a war..

Eagles are all over the heating vent grills....I just love these....wouldn't this look nice in my studio?

A Korean lunch after a tour of the beautiful old Rincon Annex....need to get some energy back
before the afternoon adventures.

Afternoon visit at a friend's studio - I hadn't been before and was amazed at  how
lovely things looked.
These are collages made by my pal, hanging in her kitchen, before she mails them off.
(I hope I get one)
A drawer filled with vintage mailing labels....
I met J.U. through a mail art group and it is such fun to find someone who shares so many of the same interests.

My friend has an amazing collection of rubber stamps...I admit it, I am a little

Vintage tape measure collection
How who would have thought to curate and hang up tape measures?
What a good idea.
I love this.

Some wooden rulers..well, at least I have a few wooden rulers too...

Monday Incoming
OoOooo I got lucky today! Thanks everyone.

Outgoing Monday
And, I've been busy too.....working on mail and several other art projects are going on my my studio.
We are having a spell of amazing beautiful weather here in SF
making it just a little hard to stay indoors and work....

Happy Mail -- Happy Monday

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Postal Week...

I am trying to keep things tidy...really I am.....but I find I seem to work better
when everything is right out and in my face and I can get inspired...

...I made these two collaged postcards by pulling from the paper
ephemera on my work table...see what I mean?

Ok, I admit, those wire shelves are getting pretty darn filled up with STUFF...
but I can't help myself when there are free tables at the various mail art
events I've been going to...
In fact, this has been a great week for mail art fun. The SF Correspondence Co-Op
celebrated our one year birthday at a party last Sunday
and on Friday night there was a great Letter Writing Social at ARCH here
in SF -- typewriters, rubber stamps, stationary....and wine!

This proves I am trying....I actually cleared off my desk and put things away or
in to the old wire can actually see the top of the desk now...

ESTY STUFF for sale -- I am working on getting my stuff ready for the Etsy shop...
I have boxes of (no longer available) onion skin typing paper and
vintage lettering guides and all kinds of fun stuff for mail artists..vintage flash cards,
old cards and stationery, handmade envelopes, zines...

More Etsy....packing up those vintage eraser sets...these were very popular at the Co-Op birthday

More vintage for sale...

Sorting through some of the old French postcards I will sell - if I can manage to part with them..

Old books that I tear up for collage and envelope-making

I may have gotten a bit carried away - I signed up for the Index Card a Day challenge
as well as the new Elevated Envelope Swap ....

A wonderful drive down the beautiful California coast yesterday. Great views an a stop
at a really good yard sale. Picked up that old Postage Stamp Album and the Royal Quiet deLuxe typewriter manual since I have a Royal..I am going to tear apart the Postage Stamp book and fix the broken binding and re-make it into some sort of artist/altered book. Don't be too
jealous -- almost no stamps inside!
Saw this mailbox -- stop the car!!!!!!!

Hard to clean up when there are so many mail art events to go to, field trips to take,
lunches to eat, mail art to make and of course, cappuccino to drink.


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