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Monday, July 28, 2014

Can You Really Have Too Much Fun?

Can you ever really have too much fun?
I'm researching this very question.
Lately I have been having such a good time around San Francisco I haven't had time to to upload my photos (1,500 of them) for the blog or work on any of the pending posts I've got going....
There's a collage post and a visit to a friend's studio post and a post about two really charming postal books and one about some of the projects I've been working on...and....well...let's say I'm behind.

We have been having some nice weather here in San Francisco. Warmer than our usual freezing summer weather and I've been out and about taking some lovely long walks. Always watching for a nice mailbox or two.

And then this weekend was my personal favorite The Vintage Paper Fair.
Stop reading now if you feel faint at the sight of piles of wonderful vintage paper...

I love to be surrounded by so much vintage paper ephemera.There are postcards, posters, vintage stamps, tin types and snapshots, maps and pages torn from old books, First Day Covers and old envelopes.....lots of friendly vendors...

What makes it so great to me (besides being around all that vintage paper ephemera) is that  whatever your budget is, you can find treasure.
All those boxes of b&w snapshots in the photo are .25-cents each. And the postcards on the table are also .25-cents.
There are some expensive items for real collectors but I always find lots of wonderful, affordable treasures to bring home.

Real Photo postcards -- three for a dollar -- the price is right and I think "Stamp Heads" -- don't you?
(Yes, I'm still obsessed)

One friendly vendor has loads of face value vintage stamps -- quite a popular item.

Some of my treasures....I can't resist those beautiful flower postcards (25-cents)...

A Steal!!
I got a very large paper that is a mortgage from Great Britain  and all personally hand-writeen in calligraphy!
Can you believe this? The photo does not do it justice. It is a truly amazing piece,

With three wax seals on it too.......swoon.....

Another hand written beauty -- Japanese, I believe, and an entire book of hand-written calligraphy by a student with corrections in red by the teacher.....

And, no, I don't work for the Vintage Paper Fair. You'd almost think so, wouldn't you? I just love it and never want to miss going when it is happening.
I really don't think it would be a bad idea to plan a visit to SF around the same time the Paper Fair is happening, do you?
Happily, I live here!
Look here to see the VPF's schedule and other locations

and after all that, I got to have a terrific Thai lunch with two great pals...

As if Saturday's event wasn't enough, Sunday night was our July SF Correspondence co-op's meeting at the SF Center for the Book.
Socializing, food, a little wine, an artistamp for our passports....what's not to like?

We had a demo of bee's wax collage.....very interesting..

A little food, of course and show-and-tell and sharing supplies and catching up...a terrific end to the weekend.

I kinda needed to go home and have a martini and calm down after all the excitement...
(good excuse, anyway)

So, here's my stash. Now I get to play with it and make things.  I am going to pull about the Japanese calligraphy book and use the papers in collages.
Maybe hang the calligraphy mortgage on the wall since it is so beautiful.
And I'll send out some of those postcards with vintage stamps.
If you are feeling faint, don't say I didn't warn you.

I have loads more to show you - 1500 photos, after all -- so stay tuned to the blog to see.
(Remember, there is a FaceBook page too with more photos).

So, that was MY weekend, what did you do on yours?


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Another Studio Sunday

I collect vintage French postal people....

Portrait of the wonderful photographer Imogen Cunningham (by Judy Dater) and two of Imogen's photos....

Deyrolle posters from Paris...

The little traveling typewriter
(thank you again, Kelly P!)

A friend sent me this very cool Stamp Craft (vintage) book and....

...the following week I found these little cards in an antique shop -- all made from stamps!
So charming -- and only $5.00.
Maybe I will try some stamp crafting....
(or, maybe not)

I can't help myself.....I love a messy work table....

One of my (four) beloved typewriters... 

I find art supplies so photogenic....

Some ribbons to tie up stacks of letters and wind around books .....

Sunday is Studio Day around here so I'm inviting you all over and take a look -- open drawers, look on shelves, move things around.....
Just had a great visit with an art pal and photographed her lovely studio so that's coming up soon.
I don't know about you, but I love seeing artist workspaces.
All kinds of fun around SF -- Vintage Paper Fair next weekend if you are local. Look for me there.
SF Correspondence Co-op meeting next weekend too -- open to the pubic.

Now I have to go make things -- it is Studio Sunday, after all...

What are you making today?


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Maker Summer Camp

Don't you wish you could be a little kid and head off to summer camp? I sure do!
I am having a little summer art camp of my own with inspiration and help from some of my wonderful mail art pals.
Dori Singh Mail is some of the best mail to get and Dori has inspired me a lot.
She often sews on her work and she does a lot of cool folding.
So, inspired by Dori, I made this little folder to mail some things to a friend.

Gelli Printed cards and envelopes

After my play date with Leslie Sowden. I have been having a blast printing with my gelli plate.
I made a set of cards and envelopes.
It was more fun painting with Leslie but gelli printing is pretty fun no matter what.

Collaged Postcards

As usual, I am doing lots of collage cards to send out. I've started using some of my own family photos.
The originals!


I have a continued love affair with vellum envelopes.
Another inspiration from Leslie.....
Get some of these rings and a hole punch and .....

Sort your postcards into landscape and portrait stacks.
Punch a hole in the corner and load them onto the ring. Great way to organize your postcards and have them available to look at (rather than ticked away inside boxes).
Thanks, Leslie!

I've got four rings of them so far.......

Envelopes/Letters on a ring

And since postcards worked so well on the rings, I thought, why not put envelopes on one too?
Doesn't this look cool?

And then there was the long stitch workshop at SFCB with the fabulous Jennie Hinchcliff.
Jennie is truly a wonderful instructor and I highly recommend taking a class with her if you ever get a chance.

The workshop was great and I have nailed the long stitch.

BUT....I need help and more practice with certain other aspects of making books.
The paper I choose wasn't strong enough for the stitches and ripped as you can see here.
And I made my spine too loose....
I am looking to see if Jennie is teaching a longer session on book making because I obviously need it.
Maybe I'll see some of you there!


OUTGOING Collage postcard

Altered vintage postcard series

Summer Camp would be more fun with some play-mates so if anyone wants to come on over, please let me know.

Special thank you to Leslie and Dori for inspiration.
And to Jennie Hinchcliff for being an awesome instructor. (As they say in books, all mistakes are mine).

I am busy punching holes and gluing and cutting paper and generally having fun.
What are you all working on these summer days?
Lots of fun coming up here in San Francisco -- The fabulous Vintage Paper Fair is back on the weekend of July 26 and 27 and you KNOW I am going to be there.
Just being in a huge room filled with vintage paper makes me happy.
Renegade is coming to SF too -- and Donovan and Kathy from LWA -- so I will be there too.
And we are having a July Co-Op meeting too.
Lots of fun to be had. Who says summer vacation is just for kids?



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