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Friday, December 17, 2010

All I Want For Christmas

I want my very own Art O Mat

Red would be nice

All stocked up

And a Photo Booth would be good too.

Dear Santa
I've been very good
so please keep this in mind.

I'd also like a typewriter.

If I don't get what I wished for, at least I know I can go over to Rayko Gallery in San Francisco and play with their toys.

And, I have been buying a few postal presents for myself.
More about those later.


  1. We have an Art-O-Mat here in Chicago but I've never bought anything. It would be cool to own one.

  2. I guess if you own one you have to keep it stocked with your own art!

  3. I hear Santa likes bad girls, but I could be wrong;
    hope you get that typewriter one way or another,
    before too long.

  4. I have never seen an Art O Mat, though I've read of others' experiences, and once played with one via surrogate in Western Massachusetts. My surrogate wrote me a one word description of my choices, I picked and pretended to pull the knob, and she sent me the art. It was wonderful. All I'd like for Giftmas is to be able to see an Art O Mat in person.

  5. Post Muse, come visit San Francisco and I'll take over to play with one......

  6. Miss Pamela --

    Isn't the Art-O-Mat super fab? During the teaching semester, I usually walk my book arts students over to Rayko and extol the virtues of "democratic multiples". It's part of a larger "DIY with what you have" lesson...

  7. JH--yes, it is fab and aren't your students super lucky to have you as a teacher?! (You are an inspiration to me)

  8. Pamela,
    I would really like a photo booth too. I'm sure there's room for one here somewhere in the house...maybe in the living room. Oh, I just looked online and it appears that the nice ones start at $7,500 and go up to $11,000. Hard to justify that, but I do like the idea of renting one for parties.



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