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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Getting Inked

No, not me......but I did go see a really interesting show recently. I had a couple of free passes to the Jewish Museum here in San Francisco and went to see this show about tattooing...

It was interesting to me to see the old school tattoos...when the tattoo artist were doing these in the 40's and 50's the world was a different place and tattooing was not really accepted in mainstream culture.

I think I liked the old signs the best....

Maybe it was seeing the Asian women tattoos (and, of course, it was all women and not men in the drawings) but I suddenly had an udon craving...

Finding a great bowl of udon or ramen in San Francisco is pretty easy and happens at least once  a week for me....

These old gals also got inked -- but in a slightly different way. I rolled out my brayer and used some stencils my pal Margarete lent me and gave a bunch of old cabinet cards some ink!
By the way, Maragrete's blog is listed on my sidebar to the right (on your laptop -- doesn't show on phones) and I recommend taking a look at her last two delightful posts.
I'm just sayin'.

I think the color really livens things up, don't you? They all needed some cheering up.

And, while I was at it, I made some cards too. Always nice to have a stockpile of cards ready to mail out.

I think a lot of us here in California could use some cheering up. There are wild fires in both Northern and Southern California. The air quality here in San Francisco is terrible which serves to remind us of of all the losses people and the wonderful state of California are suffering. There are many people here who won't be having a happy thanksgiving.

Count your blessings.

I already have another blog post in the works so I'll see you guys soon.


Friday, October 19, 2018

Anybody Miss Me?

I miss you guys. But, it is hard to motivate myself to work on the blog these days. I am on Instagram the most and I really like it.
I don't want to repost here what is on IG but I do know some loyal blog followers are not on IG and miss seeing things...
What to do?
I have a whole new (very old) stash of wonderful papers like these and old, old books and I have so many projects going on you wouldn't believe it.
That's the way I like it -- busy, busy with lots of ideas.

We've had two - count 'em - two - mail art meetings since I last posted and they have been great.
My artistamp passport is really getting filled up too.

For our September meeting, we were very lucky to have Mandy Ross  speak and do a slide show of her fabulous collection of old scrapbooks.
Mandy is @paperofthe past on Instagram and
here is the link to her website
She just happens to live in San Francisco and was nice enough to come and talk to us. You've got to check out her website or IG, you're going to love it.

She loves old paper too.....and she joined out group...

Some scrapbook pages....pretty wonderful, right? I keep thinking (and hoping) someone will collect all the stuff I make one day when I'm gone...

For our October meeting, Deble did a demo of making fan books. She inspired the whole group and I think we all went back to our studios and made them. So easy and so much fun....

You can see why they are called fan books. Very cool.

I went home and made this one for a certain little kid I know! Pretty cool.  You can use them as a birthday greeting and put dollar bills inside for a young child....I can think of lots of themes for them and all those pockets..

And, here's an accordion book I made using airmail envelopes. I like anything with an air mail theme. Those stripes! Those colors! These two book styles are quite similar and both super easy and fun to make.

You can't just make things ALL the time so I invited a couple of pals to lunch on one of these very fine fall days. Fig tart and friends and fun. A nice way to spend an afternoon.
LOTS going on here -- SF Library BIG Book sale coming right up, a couple of trips for me, loads of art projects happening all at once....
I'll post more photos soon.

And just remember --
Over and out.

Monday, September 17, 2018

When Can I Go Back?

All I can say is, if you like mail art, go to Portland.
I had way too much fun and I am dreaming of my next trip to PDX.
Letter Writing Social at Noun.
Champagne, cupcakes, mail art pals, rubber stamps. What's not to love?
And a late night happy hour at Nostrana afterwards.
See anyone you know?

The gang's all here!
(Maybe you better a cappuccino because this is a long post)

PDX Scrap
It wouldn't be a trip to PDX without a trip to Scrap. In fact, there were TWO trips to Scrap.
I scored some great rubber stamps, including those bird stamps.
It's Portland -- Put A Bird on It!!

Another tradition is a day at Uptown Stamp Show picking out fabulous 10-cent postage stamps from all over the world and 25-cent well-traveled envelopes. I found a bunch of vintage Berlin envelopes/stamps for my next travel journal.
(BIG thank you to Niko!)

Coffee and coffee shops abound in PDX....and, well, my blog does have cappuccino in the name...
There was an entitie isle of coffees at the New Seasons Market near my AirBnB.

Yes, it is as good as they say. And want to avoid the wait? Just get it to-go!

My PDX peeps kept me RUNNING but I did manage to squeeze in some time to tear up a few things.....I am working on my PDX travel journal now that I am back home.

And......I invited myself over to Michelle Geller's beautiful studio. I hope you follow her Instagram 
feed @HoldDear.

Michelle's studio was wonderful but I was really going crazy looking at her incredible handmade altered books. So much inspiration and beauty.

Lunch at Michelle's. That cake!

Yes, I am still eating. And, isn't Trinket the cutest name? Put this one on your not-touristry list.
(IT pays to be pals with the locals)

OF COURSE we had to cram ourselves into the photo booth at CARGO. (You will want to go there too). I love how crazed we look......but then...we are kinda crazed....

This was a lovely afternoon spent  drinking tea, writing the FREE postcards at Smith Tea and dropping them into the white mailbox -- the nice folks at Smith Tea put a stamp on them and mail them for free. Can you believe it?
And I loved the trains roaring by as we wrote...

Lunch at Noraneko

I got a nice AirBnB and was really comfortable. I stayed home one night with Thai take-out and relaxed....(and gave my pals a break too)

Wonderful lunch at Maurice

Lunch at Vivienne -- a Breakfast salad -- TOO yummy!

The Hollywood Farmers Market
There is a Hollywood in PDX -- who knew?And a wonderful farmers market.

All the comforts of home.....

I brought little booklets for all my can't go empty handed...
(you all know how to make these?)

Flying into SFO
My flight home only had 47 people on it - we each got our own row! And I saw the most wonderful views flying into SFO. That green in the lower right is Golden Gate Park. So cool.

BIG BIG thank you to my wonderful PDX Pals -- Karen, Polly, JJ, Michelle, Dre, Sugene, Tammy, Niko, Cori
And, if you are going to Portland, here's your list of fun things to do!

Now, I've got to go work on my PDX book.
See you!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Oh The Places I Go!!

Time for another art trip to Portland, Or. And I am having fun driving myself mean, getting ready....
Of course I have to make things. Much more fun than figuring out the clothes to pack.

I need a travel journal....
This will do. I like green and I am going to the Uptown Stamp Show to forage through  postage stamps. But, it is kind of plain, don't you think?
SEE the last trip to Uptown Stamp Show here

This is better and Portland IS The City of Roses....

I really want this Cavallini paper to line the inside covers but no one in San Francisco seems to have it, And online shipping costs as much as the sheet of paper so I hope I will find it in Portland.

A little stamp action on the cover....

Altered Book From Previous PDX Trip here

And, I needed a tin to carry some art supplies. I am going to a letter writing social at
You can check it out right here

So, here is my book, ready to toss in my carry-on and work on  in PDX. I am hoping I can talk my PDX pals to work on a page to add to my book too....

Isn't this fun? I was browsing the Back-to-School supplies (would you expect any less?) and spotted these cool pocket dividers and I thought I could do something with them....
I cut them down and added them to my book and I can tuck in business cards and ephemera inside.

I prepped a few pages...

I think I will add a photo to this page later on.

My newly made tin is all packed up and ready to go.  My
rubber stamp comes in handy at a time like this.

I really don't bring much -- my altered book and tin plus double stick tape, glue sticks, washi tape on a ring and postcard backs.
I am pretty sure my PDX pals will share their art supplies with me if I am good.

And my address book, of course!
You CAN put addresses on your cell phone but I'm analog. 

So, here you go -- all packed up and ready to go. But clothes? Not so much...
This is the fun part of packing.
So, Karen and JJ and Miss Polly and Michelle -- get ready because I am coming!
See you all very soon.
And, I'll see the rest of you in the mail or back here at the blog when I get back.
Don't forget to check my IG photos @PamelaArtsinSF in the meantime.



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