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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Postal Fun in Chinatown

Air Mail Paper -- love that airplane -- just lined paper inside but I had to have that airplane.

Air mail envies --- very cool -- haven't seen these before.

Love the good-luck envelopes.
They are for gifting money but I like using them for gifting stamps (or maybe gift cards).
So pretty.

Practice your A, B C's....

Love the air mail sign so much - here is a close-up.

Ok, this isn't mail but I really liked the way this alley looked.

Chinatown is a lot of fun for shopping. I have been exploring for years and still always come across something interesting every time I visit.
Good time to browse Chinatown, I guess everyone is downtown Christmas shopping.

Happy Mail Day.


  1. i love going to the eastwind bookstore for those abc books and airmail envelopes. i also love browsing through the dollar stores in chinatown too. + the cheap & yummy food is always a great thing.

  2. Oh yes.....the food.....don't get me started......maybe we should organize a mailart/dim sum lunch in SF in the new year....Jennie, Alice, us....

  3. oooh that sounds fun pamela. dim sum + mail art = awesomeness.



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