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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Incoming Mail

Fabulous envelope and collage book by
Fast Eyes from SendSomething.

This was really fun - a one month Diary Postcard A Day Swap with
Leilx from Swap-Bot. I am really going to miss her wonderful daily postcards.

And from Alice in San Francisco - we both attended the John Held Mail Art Opening
and both shot photos that were on the LWA blog.
Hello Alice!

Lovely Stationary from Germany.
This contact from
Imagine, the German postal service has set up a pen pal website.
Why can't the USPO do that?
They would sell more stamps if they encouraged more letter-writing and Mail-Art.

A close-up of this cool envelope stamp. I wonder where Cal got it?

A faux stamp from Elle Mental

Great envelope from Shelita.

Cal from Good Mail Day blog post - the post that started it all for many people.

Great Christmas zine and hand-sewn card from The Fruid

My pal RO sent this lovely lady through the mail.
Love the card. Love the hair.
Thanks, RO.

My mailbox has been very happy lately (as have I).
I better get busy and start working on returning mail to all these great folks who have send me such wonderful stuff.
Next post will be Outgoing!

Send a Letter -- Get a Letter!
Keep the Post Office in business.


  1. Pamela, Thanks for posting my First Day of Issue card on your blog

    It is nice to see what happens to them when they travel through the post. I am glad to see that the official cancel doesn't obscure the image on the stamp! I will be sending you a signed block of four as a thank you! Elle Mental

  2. Thank you, elle.mental--loved the mail!



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