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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Some Inspiration for Making Your "What I Did This Summer" Album

Well, I don't know about you -- buy I'm going on a summer vacation and I'm going to make a  book about it!
I found this scrapbook at an estate sale recently ($28!!) and it is PACKED with old photos, vintage postcards and postcard folders and "real" photo tiny postcard sets.
How could I possibly resist?
(rhetorical question)

I couldn't tell much about who made this but they sure went all over  -- up and down the west coast from Mexico to Alaska & Canada and to Chicago and NOLA.
I am kind of miffed (don't you love that word?) that they didn't seem to visit San Francisco.
I would have loved seeing vintage SF.

I've been everywhere they went -- except for Tombstone!

So touristy -- so tacky -- but so much fun. 

I bet they had a few margaritas think?

The guy is standing in front of a rack of postcards. I want to shop.

New Orleans
I loved seeing the photos from these pages...

Cafe du Monde
How cool is it to see how Cafe du Monde looked in 1948. (I hope you see this, Mim).

The Nola cemeteries....

Old Absinthe House? And Bourbon cool to see..

This photo should be up above by the Mexico photos...

No SF but they made it to LA and saw REAL MOVIE STAR houses....

I love this one -- I visit Olvera Street every time I can get away with it. So fun to see it back before I was born...

Here is the couple who did all this traveling...Her outfit still looks pretty good...
these two sure seemed to have a whole lot of fun.

My pal Kelly P gave me this book just today and I am already making pages for it .
I'm going to put MY ephemera and photos and postcards from my summer trip in it.
Maybe someone will buy it at an estate sale or the Vintage Paper Fair some day and be as happy as I am with the scrapbook I just bought.

So, now are you inspired to make a "What I Did on my Summer Vacation" book? 
Where are you going?
Be sure to send some postcards!



  1. Oh my goodness, Pamela. I've been to all those places, too, except for Alaska. I loved seeing where the traveling couple had been, and I laughed because Olvera Street looks very different today. So glad you shared this. I may just make my own, albeit imaginary, Summer Vacation travel journal, too.

    1. Oops -- I haven't been to Alaska either. And I agree about Olvera Street -- quite different. I think an imaginary summer vacation travel journal sounds perfect! Bon Voyage.

  2. I love that he's wearing a suit and tie to be a tourist!

    1. I know, right? But people used to dress much more formally than we do now....

  3. WOWSER! Lovely find. My favorite time period and the great graphics. I have some old homes of the stars postcards - so funny. Would love to interview this couple to hear about their travels. Speaking of which I've had several trips this past year and have stacks of ephemera I need to get into my version of "scrapbooks".... Thanks for the kick in the butt :)

    1. Hi Jewels -- oh yes -- have some fun playing with your own travel ephemera. It would be fun taking to that couple, wouldn't it? There were loads of postcards and postcard folders in the scrapbook. Wouldn't it be fun to travel in their footsteps????

  4. How fun! I can't believe those two! It was probably before they started having kids ;-) --Margarete

  5. This makes me wish I had done a better job with my trip journals. My first trip alone (Greece) has this kind of scrapbook look and it's now 30 years old. Love this.

    1. Annette -- you can do it! Never too late to work on your travel journals.....

  6. What a great find! I always envy folks who are able to travel. I mostly spent my summer caring for my dad's baby parrots. However, I also crocheted, relaxed, etc. No travel, though!

  7. Wow, I adore that photo album with all the postcards! Those vintage postcards are so happy and cool! Thanks for sharing a view into your treasure!

  8. How absolutely Fabulous!! And that you shared this awesome find with us even better! That couple made me laugh out loud at their touristy shenanigans! How fun!!People would be too embarrassed or self conscious to take fun photos like this today! I mean, wouldn't it be something if that were your grand parents or folks?! I would love to have such a treasure!
    Jackie ")

    1. Ha ha! You haven’t seen some of my crazy vacation photos. Those two would be fun to have a cocktail with, wouldn’t they?



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