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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Hello Again after a Long Time...

I've been gone for a while, haven't I? You wonder what I've been up to? Too many things to catch you up with everything but how about catching up with the last week or so?
I've been making things (of course!!) and I am just back from a very fast-very fun trip to to LA.

Little Pocket Folder Books
I've really been into making lots of little pocket folder books.They are just so charming I can't stop making them.
I have a big stack of them just sitting in my studio keeping me company.
The first ones I made were all from vintage postcards of Paris. Then I got the  bright idea to make a set from each of the places I have visited and tuck small souvenirs from my travels inside the pockets.
So, there's that.

Then I got the idea to use beautiful old rose postcards on a set so now I am hoarding these too.

Here is the question:
Would you be interested in buying these little books for Christmas presents? I was thinking of having a pop-up sale on my blog.
Let me know if the comments what you think, ok?

 These are the pockets inside......

Then, I had a trade with a wonderful Instagram artist and I made her a few things. Since she just received them I can show you....

French General in LA
So, this past weekend I went to a couple of things at French General in LA. If you don't know about French General, you should.
Check out the workshops on the website -- some wonderful ones and I sure wish I lived closer so I could take them....

Did I mention they have a SHOP????? I bought a present for myself.

I bought several...ahem....vintage French cahiers filled with beautiful cursive writing.....I will show you more if you ask nicely.

Ann Wood's Needle Book workshop
The reason I planned the trip in the first place was to take Ann Wood's workshop and make a needle book.
She is a wonderful instructor. I have ideas for these little fabric books. Little postal themed (fabric) books? Very likely.

Books from our workshop -- aren't you inspired?

French General

The Getty Museum
Made a stop at the Getty Museum and it was wonderful.If you're in LA, there is a lovely Manet Show there now and a show also of his MAIL ART! Did they know I was coming?

Nice spot at the Getty to sit outside and write postcards.

A Manet
That dog! Yes, I know it is sideways but actually it works this way too...

And, of course, I had to alter some postcards in my five minutes of down time at the hotel....I picked up a bunch of FREE cards at a restaurant supply shop but they were way too boring so I HAD to alter them....I like them now.
So, that's the last week from here. Hope you will all comment and let me know what you think about the the post and the books etc -- please do -- or I think I am just talking to myself here.

See you soon!



  1. I would love to purchase a couple of your pocket folder books - would be prizes for our Dec Mail Art Social! You send out the coolest mail I know of. Have enjoyed your LA pics. Julie (justticketyboo)

    1. Thank you, Julie -- what a nice thing to say about my mail art. I appreciate it. Stay tuned about the books (I am trying to figure out how to sell them online) or message me.

  2. I'd be very interested in a pop-up/flash sale of your stuff!

  3. Whew, I can’t keep up with you! So much goodness!

  4. Yes! I am interested in purchasing a folder. Your work is wonderful, as is your blog.

    1. Thanks so much -- I am so glad you enjoy the blog and things I make. Stay tuned -- or message me.

  5. I always love your art and the things you make. My budget doesn't allow it, but I sure love those pocket books you made.

    Those heart books are brilliant. I love them.

    I didn't even have to look at the writing to know that was the Getty. I recognized the maize, a real drawing point while there. And those altered postcards are impressive. I absolutely love everything you share with us and am glad you checked in.

    1. Thanks so much, Elizabeth -- you always leave the nicest comments. Much appreciated.

  6. Wow! You've been busy! No wonder you haven't posted in a while. Can I ask nicely to see what's inside those journals you purchased? Did you mention writing?! I want to see :-) I'm so glad you had a great time at your class. Looks like a lot of fun. Oh, and I'd buy a pocket folder or two ;-)  M

    1. The mysterious M -- You did ask nicely and I will show you next time. Beautiful cursive writing inside -- I am inspired to get going on a practice notebook using the examples. XX (I know who you are!)

  7. Even though you didn’t mention anything about your studio, seeing this post inspired me to want to clean my space so I can create some lovely things like you!

    1. Ha ha -- I inspired you to clean???? I clean up and the second I start a project it is a mess again......

  8. Always so interesting and makes me so want to do the things you show. Would buy some of your lovely postcard little books and the needle books are so amazing how different they are from the same pattern.

    1. The needle books were all different and it was inspiring to see what everyone I have to finish mine...

  9. OMGosh!! I absolutely would buy a few!
    What were the other questions? heehee
    Such a fabulous post and filled with sooo much fun and goodness! I so love those pieces you sent to a swap partner. Are those holes around the cards real holes? or a stamp or what? They are so cool! They really make the piece!
    And yes, been to the FG website before, thank you-(you sent me) lol so much goodness in one place! I too wish I lived closer so I might visit a workshop.
    Now, on to those needle books! OMG! How could one not be inspired- I am indeed!!
    Thanks for some awesome reading with my morning coffee!")
    Jackie xx

    1. I love your comments! Thank you for the encouragement. Hummmm holes around the cards? You meant the perforated stamps? Yes, they are tiny holes -- perfed!
      Stay tuned for more info on the little books -- or message me if you'd like.

  10. It is wonderful to hear about your projects. You are so creative! You always inspire me to get crafting. Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much -- I love that you get inspired to make things. Have fun.



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