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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

A Roman Holiday

Beautiful, unruly, dirty, ancient, historic, modern...

Beauty is all over -- looking up, looking down, on walls, much art inspiration.
The Romans have been doing this for a really long time.
Lucky for us.

What I wouldn't give for these milagros. But these are in a church and not for sale.

Now this you can buy! Or make. I have my big batch of lemencello started and it will be ready soon.
I'm part Italian so it's in the blood...

Still life with artichokes
We have loads of artichokes here in California but they don't look like Roman ones.

Dressing for the flea market looks a little different in Rome....I covet that skirt!

Si -- we may need a gelato.

This one is a little out of control....

I think you can guess what is sold inside this cool looking shop...

yep....the selection of sausages and cured meats and pancetta and prosciutto is incredible.
Free samples too.

And the dolce........mamma mia.......
We had cakes and cookies and canolli every day. But we walked it all off.
Ok, ragazzas and rigazzos.......that's a wrap for Roma. I'm home in SF and I can still remember every wonderful minute.

I have been making lots of things. I'll have paper to show you next time.
Ciao Bella

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  1. I was in Rome in May... Your pictures bring me ggod memories!

    1. Just missed you -- I was they till May 1.....isn't it wonderful? Did you go to the flea market too?

    2. I realise now that I was there from 22 to 29 April (last time was in May). Maybe we crossed paths!

      I didn't visited the flea market. I was too busy drinking coffee and enjoying fountains ;-)

  2. What incredibly wonderful photos. You certainly captured the essence of Rome. I was really surprised by the Milagros, since I associate them with Mexico, which is a LONG way from Rome. Truly gorgeous photos, dear Pamela. Great looking food and drink, too.

    1. I think they are called ex-votivos in Italy.....but yes, they are very similar. Very glad you enjoyed and thanks for commenting.

  3. Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

  4. What a fabulous trip!
    Pamela, what is the purpose or the idea of the Milagros encased like that in the church? Do each represent something or someone? I would just love to feel them,to say I did! :)
    Those shops!! I could spend forever in them! The smells and tastes must have been mind blowing! Can you tell I am all about the senses? heehee And the greenery and flowers on that one?! Bella!!
    What is Lemoncello? I am not familiar...
    Now those desserts I am familiar with a few! Oh my yumminess!!
    Wow i am stuffed from the post with all of the goodness your trip had to offer! (in case there is more,I could squeeze in another read-lol)

    Again, thank you for sharing and yes! that skirt!! I have the shoes and tights, I'm ready!



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