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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Some People Go for the Pasta......

I though you all might want to tag along to one of the Roman flea markets we went to. We went to two, plus a postcard market, so stay tuned. Today I am letting all this old paper beauty mostly speak for itself.

It's Roma! Of course there are Prayer Cards....

This one vender was practically giving it still my heart...

Lots of letters folded into envelopes with wax seals...

It truly amazes me you can buy papers written in 1858 for less than one euro....

And, there are priests....

Yes, I had to go through every one...wouldn't you?

Look at that cursive!
They really knew how to do it back in the day...

After all the thrills and excitement at the flea market it was definitely time to grab an Aperol Spritz on the go!
And, can you believe that? You can't get cocktails to go here in the USA.
I love Rome.

OK-- I went for the pasta too. And the all the food and churches and beauty and outdoor markets and desserts and museums...
There is another post coming....



  1. It's truly amazing what we find precious, others are selling. You found a lot of wonderful goodies to go through. Did you buy it all or just fondle it? There were some priceless pieces in that group. Hope you had a great Independence Day, dear Pamela.

    1. I did buy quite a lot.... very inexpensively .... and yep, I fondled it ALL!

  2. Oh la la! I just love vintage correspondence! I'm glad you had fun in Rome!

  3. Ahhhh the summer got away from me, but how lovely it is to sit here on this fall rainy morning with my hot coffee and drool over your posts Pamela! The Cursive!!! Exquisite for sure!!If you ever decided to sell some small bundles(hint hint) of ephemera,keep me in mind! wink
    I just love seeing Rome,Italy through you and it gives me all the more want of visiting some day! Thank you for the lovely tour through the flea!
    Jackie ")



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