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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Sweet and Short

Yes, I (too) send my love by mail.....
and tis post is short (for me) and sweet...

You in the mood yet?
Here are a few ideas to get you started....You could make a pocket folder with a Valentine theme this one.

Make some handmade cards....I die cut some red envelopes and put a message in them...

I have a punch to make tiny, teeny little envelopes and I put it to work here.

Little envelopes need to be filled!

I made some postcards and mailed them off in see-thru sleeves.

Origami hearts!

Don't you love these vintage LOVE stamps?

The new love stamps are nice too....(but they aren't eight cents!).

Check out that Valentine postmark!!! So cool. This just came today from @PaperTams on IG.

And what would YOU like for Valentine's day? Forget the roses and candy, I'd like a big bag of old postage stamps! I'm easy that way.
Good thing my sweetie doesn't read my blog or he might see his Valentine.
So, there are a few sweet ideas for you -- now go cut out some hearts!
The World needs more LOVE!



  1. Hi Pamela,
    I love your blog posts. They are so inspiring . Where do you get the punch for the tiny envelopes ? I need to get myself one !

    1. Glad you enjoy the posts -- and BIG thank you for commenting. The punch is easy to find on Amazon, Joann's etc It is the Lia Griffith mini envelope punch. Good that and you will see. I love the tiny envelopes. I wish that they had more sizes to punch so if anyone else knows??? Please comment.

  2. Cool ideas as always! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I'm in love, Pamela. I love the old stamps. I think I still have a couple, too. They also made some that were love in the $0.40s, but I forget if it was .42 or .44 cents. They had rings and hearts. I may even have one or two left, too.

    I absolutely adore your tiny Valentines and red envelopes. They are precious. You come up with very clever ideas, dear. Sorry I'm so late visiting. Seems to be the story of my life lately.

    1. Hi Elizabeth ( & Bleubeard) -- you can comment any time you feel like it! Glad you like the little valentines. XO

  4. Fabulous post with fabulous art ,as always!
    I am always so inspired after visiting your blog Pamela! Thank you!
    I so love those teeny tiny envies! You mentioned it is a punch?Could you share one unglued some time?
    Happy Valentine's to you! <3

    1. Thanks Jackie -- always so nice to read your comments. Yes, it is a Fiskers (sp?)punch and easy to find. I probably won't post a flat one but I can mail you a couple if you'd like. Just DM me your address.



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