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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Let's Go to Chinatown!

With all the crazy weather we have been having here in SF, it hasn't been easy to get to Chinatown....but I have been determined to try..

You've gotta pick your days...
Things are rarely closed in Chinatown but Chinese New Year is the exception and a lot of places are closed for the holiday.

I went the day after (the first day of) Chinese New Year purposely...because I know what I will find all over the streets....

Lots of fire crackers wrappers and red papers and torn red envelopes. So many things to collage with....I only got a few odd looks while picking up off the sidewalk...
and I had to get there before it rained again and everything got soggy.

A lot of the paper displays are outdoors too so a rainy day wouldn't be ideal.

I'm sure you all know it's the Year of the Pig...

Red envelopes with pigs on them are all over the place...I must have  red envelopes with all of the twelve animals on them...
I've been at this for a long time.

I love the joss paper shops -- inside the shop it is about 99% paper! Who doesn't love a shop filled with paper?

You need some new clothes?
Probably better to hang on the wall than try to wear though..

This paper outfit is quite fetching, don't you think?

Short on money? Here you go.

All kinds of pretty paper envelopes to choose from.

So, my rule is, if I bring it into my studio I've got to USE it. I have a vintage Chinese notebook and I am filling it with papers and photos from Chinatown...and...

I made a set of Chinese New Year artist trading cards and put them in a take out container a pal sent me...

I had fun using the papers I picked up and the fire cracker wrappers and even some pieces of the firecrackers I found...

So, today is a good day to post since it is pouring rain again...I'm glad I got to go to Chinatown in between storms...and now I have paper to play with on a rainy day.

Have you found anything interesting on the streets lately?
I'm always looking...

Gung Hay Fat Choy
Send Good Mail to Get Good Mail


  1. Loved it all, thanks for the trip to Chinatown.
    ore varieties of joss paper than I have ever seen.;o)

    1. Glad you enjoyed -- and yes, we do have a lot of joss papers in SF!

  2. What a fun trip to Chinatown. I have to say, your money is a LOT cheaper there than what I paid for mine. I also have a love of joss papers and your ATCs are out of this world.

    Several years ago, I used firecrackers (U.S.) in some art. To be sure they never could accidentally get lit, I poured glue inside the firecrackers. Mine didn't look like yours you found, though.

    I don't ever seem to find anything on the ground, especially nothing interesting like you did.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the visit! I have been roaming around Chinatown for years and years. I always enjoy it. And there are some good deals on joss papers for sure.

  3. Thanks for the fun stroll through China Town. I always enjoy it when I get to the city. Love your colorful ATC's!

  4. Wow the one thing I rarely see is the kind of Asian paper ephemera you have access to - love the colours and graphics. So cool to "pick up" for free lol. And putting ATCs in a take out container - brilliant!

    1. I have a big box filled with joss paper buried in my closet. If i can ever find it i will send you some...

    2. That would be nice of you - I have a couple of things to send to you :)

  5. What a fun post! yes, I am a bit late, but i would not miss this for anything!
    How cool are the paper shops?! I must make it a to do ,when I next visit Ca. Your journal and those atc's! Omgosh! They are totally Fab! Seriously, you collage so perfectly-i just love your work!
    Jackie ")

    1. You are just so nice -- many thanks. I hope you visit SF and the joss shops sometime soon -- and Scrap too! I do love to collage....I have to stop myself my filling my travel journal with collages BEFORE I even go!



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