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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Pocket Folder Tutorial

OK,  you asked and I'm answering. Here's a little tutorial for these pocket folders.
Warning: They are addictive to make
I just keep coming up with different ideas for them. They are such fun to make and so easy.

And , I think it's such fun to fill them up. I always love themes so I like to make the folders with different themes in mind...For that French folder in the first photo I filled it with teeny tiny vintage French envelopes I bought in Paris...Can you see them?

Here we go with a horse theme.......

This one might be nice for a little girl, don't you think?

What about for a birthday? You could put dollar bills inside the pockets and little notes to the birthday girl. I bet even a BIG birthday girl would like that.

What papers can you use?
My personal favorites are book pages. I used an old postal stamp stock book here . I like when both sides of the pages are interesting. But you can use any paper you want....I have used origami paper and old airmail envelopes and some of those paper pads from Tim Holtz.

And why five?
I like odd numbers and I like five. You could easily do this with three pockets. Seven would probably work ok too but these are just paper and not really strong so I think that would be pushing it...

Step 1
Start with FIVE pieces of paper and fold each piece in half as shown.

Step 2
You need to decide what piece will be your cover and which will be the last  page. These are really the only two that count since most of what's on the other pages will be hidden. 

Step 3
Trim off the rough edges.
Also, if there is a lot of while space this is the time to trim the pages down if you want to.

Step 4
Now you put double stick tape on two sides of each page and close it up. Each page will be a pocket -- open at the top.

Step 6
Now you put a piece of double stick tape right down the center of the pocket you want on the bottom of the folder with the opening at the top and press the next pocket down on top, lining up the tops.
Continue doing this with the rest of the pockets till you get to your front cover.

You now have five really cool pockets and you are almost done.

At the very bottom, put a piece of decorative tape to reinforce the bottom. I used masking tape here which wasn't a great example because you can't really see it. I love masking tape and couldn't help myself.....

Now you can decorate the cover as little or as much as you'd like. I was thinking vintage math flash cards would have been great in here but I couldn't find my stash. 
Fill 'em  up!!!!

Here are four pocket folders I whipped up in just a few minutes.  You can see the tape at the bottom of these better. You can use wide washi tape, masking tape, decorative duck tape.....
I was thinking it would be great to put recipe cards in that Green Salad folder...
You could put zines in these folders....or ATC's or decorated rolodex cards....or a letter.... Really, the possibilities are endless.

to all of you who answered my questions in the last post. It is very much appreciated. And, for ALL of you (and you know who you are) who haven't yet weighed in, I would still love to hear from you.
Let's keep this blog going -- and fill it with things you are interested in. But, I can't do it alone. You've got to tell me what you like seeing.

I'm off to the Vintage Paper Fair on Saturday and you KNOW I will have something to post about that. If you're local, it is this coming Saturday & Sunday (Jan 6 & 7) in Golden Gate Park.
Look for me there!

Happy New Year!!!!


  1. This was so cool Pamela, thank you for sharing.

  2. Great tutorial - I love these! Been using dictionary paper but now you’ve given me theme ideas....once I put the holiday stuff away and get the girls off to Spain, I am hoping to have plenty of creative mail time!!!

    1. Michele -- I bet you will come up with LOTS of different ideas. Hope all goes well with getting your girls off to Spain and the weather cooperates.

  3. Oh and please please please post on the vintage paper fair!!!!!

  4. I love your tutorial. I made some of these one year and placed them in my altered book. I stuck tags in them. In one book, I added velcro to the outside of the cover and to the book page. When open, it was a real surprise. I love the idea of flash cards for the inside of that one. Your covers are fabulous.

    1. Hummm what a good idea, would be fun to put one -- or two -- in a travel journal. Thanks for the great idea.

  5. Hello Pamela,
    So fun to see this idea! Something even I could tackle! Thank you so much for posting!! Love to read all of your posts. I find the variety of your posts super interesting, as well as the individual posts. Ann

    1. Ann -- I'm sure you can do this -- it truly is simple. Let me know how you do.

  6. A fun little project that I think I'll try today - thanks!
    I admire your blogging persistence. It just became too much work for me so now I just IG. I enjoy tutorials like today's, pics from your travels, and studio tours, in depth ones like close looks at your various categories of rubber stamps or other favorite supplies.

    1. So??? Leslie??? How did they turn out? I know you can do this. I may be crazy still blogging but I do know quite a few folks are not on Instagram or facebook so I try to hang in....and thanks for telling me what you're interested in seeing.

  7. These look great Pamela. A great use of the paper goodies. I would love to meet you at the Paper show but I am staying away and cleaning my studio and working with the treasure down there. Happy New Year!

    1. I happen to know you DO make A LOT of treasures in your studio so I understand -- but I sure wish I could see you for some fun.

  8. Yipee was hoping you would do this! I loved making the origami wallets that I used for AT Coins - now this! And I love the earlier idea of adding into journal. I have a long list of new things to try in 2019 :)

    1. Hi Jewels -- i like that idea of adding it to a journal too -- I'm going to do it. So happy you enjoyed the wallet tutorial and I hope you have fun with this one too.....happy 2109!

  9. One of my New Year's "resolutions" is to get out of my creative rut by trying new things. This will be a fun project to try! Thank you for always inspiring me with your beautiful creations!!

    1. Yay! Let's hear it for trying new creative things -- I love to do that too. Have fun making these...

  10. Thanks bunches for the up to my "happy place" to make several to put in letters that are over due! I so look forward to your posts; keep them coming. Happy New Year to ya!

    1. Thanks, Linda -- hope you had fun with them.....they are fun for letters....I put a few bits in them and pages of a letter and mail them off...

  11. Thanks for this tutorial. You made this project seem so easy and possible to make. Before I saw this post I thought they would involve complicated folding. You offered clear explanations with good photos and several finished examples. Great tutorial! Thanks.

    1. Thanks so much, D! Hope you tried it and like your results. You will be amazed at how simple they are to make. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

  12. Makes my mind wander, thanks for the inspiration!! x



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