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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Mail Art Meet-Up!

We had our first 2019 mail art meeting and it was sure a fun one. We had a little theme -- can you guess?

I enjoy seeing what people bring to the meetings....

I love all the art supply boxes , bags and tins..of course I want them all....

We had TOYS!!!!

You don't get your hands on an electric typewriter like this baby every day. And, we learned the SFPL has one you can use for free.

Dymo typer! Always fun to play with too.

We had an origami demo......

Being an origami klutz I didn't "get" it so don't

We had a large group and a big table to make things on...
and brownies.

There is always some Show & Tell
These beautiful books are by Gregg and I am inspired to make some more of my own after seeing his.

I sat next to Margarete and you know that was fun. Look at this collage she made -- don't you love it?

There is always a swap table....the good stuff is snapped up super fast.
I am sick of Xmas but just wanted to show you the little Xmas book I made this year.
Every year I save pretty scraps of Xmas wrapping paper and they sit around till June and end up getting thrown away....
(Isn't this UK Holiday card from my pal Dori the BEST?)
So, this year I put wrapping paper scraps, holiday cards...all my little bits and pieces of Holiday ephemera into this little book so I can enjoy looking at it all whenever I want.
Good idea, yes?
This is a nice memory of Christmas 2018. Too bad I didn't do it sooner....

Public Service Announcement
Someone at the mail art meeting told us about this Rubber Stamp online shop in case you want to take a look....
I am just passing it along because I had never heard of this rubber stamp company and maybe you haven't either.

We are getting buckets of rain here in San Francisco this week. My plan to go photograph in Chinatown for Lunar New Year was thwarted and I am hiding at home staying dry.
But next week the sun will be shining and I will be on the hunt for Year of the Boar lucky envelopes and papers in Chinatown and photos will be coming your way.

Keep those ideas coming....I really appreciated all the comments I've gotten about what you are interested in seeing on the blog.



  1. Thanks Pamela, you do such a good job at eye candy and fun events! I enjoy every visit.

  2. Oh WOW, Pamela, you DID have toys to play with. I want a typewriter so badly. I have a Dymo, but nothing fancy like that one with interchangeable font.

    Your little Christmas book is a fantastic idea. I love how you paired it with stamps, too. I was really interested in your "date due" cards. I've wanted one for ages.

    Thanks for taking us with you to this fun event. I really enjoyed each and every photo.

    1. Elizabeth -- I love those Due Date cards too. I am pretty attached to them but I could send you one or two if you message me your address. I have a bunch of old library catalog cards too -- want some? You should be able to find a typewriter fairly easily. I see them around a lot and they aren't usually too expensive. I have five and that's it! No room for any more. Glad you liked the Xmas book too......

  3. I actually worked on one of those typewriters, for real, as a secretary when I was 19. The UK postbox Christmas card--I have two of them, and I've saved them as well. Now I'm even more inspired to figure out a way to incorporate them into something. Looks like a really fun day.

    1. For real? How cool is that? So fun to think you got to type/work on one of those babies. And yes, you need to use those UK cards for something - they are so beautiful. Thanks so much for commenting.

  4. Love seeing your socials pics. Great ideas for others. So much stuff going on - particularly love that first yellow box! How cool is that!

    1. Those mail art get-togethers are really fun. Large or small....even with two or three people you could have a lot of fun. That yellow Art Supplies is from Blue Q....I'm just sayin'......

  5. I am so envious! Wish I had such beautiful materials to play with. ^^

    1. TomoyoHime -- too bad you can't come to a meeting!

  6. Looks like a super fun gathering!!!

  7. Great ideas as always! Such a fun gathering with interesting toys and activities. I worked at a library years ago when they were getting rid of due date cards. Unfortunately at that time I was ignorant of their mail art potential. They all went into the trash. Such a waste!

    1. Oh the pain -- due date cards in the trash? Nooooooo

  8. What great fun your gathering must have been! I am a bit envious we do not have such things around here...I might have to start something of my own this year!
    I DO love your little Christmas book! How delightful it is!!
    And Red Lead? One of absolute favorite online shopping sites and Chris & Sharon are the best! stop in and visit them!
    Jackie ")

    1. Yes -- start a group of your own! You can start small and it can be an all art group -- mail art, collage, altered book etc You won't be sorry.



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