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Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Postal Week...

I am trying to keep things tidy...really I am.....but I find I seem to work better
when everything is right out and in my face and I can get inspired...

...I made these two collaged postcards by pulling from the paper
ephemera on my work table...see what I mean?

Ok, I admit, those wire shelves are getting pretty darn filled up with STUFF...
but I can't help myself when there are free tables at the various mail art
events I've been going to...
In fact, this has been a great week for mail art fun. The SF Correspondence Co-Op
celebrated our one year birthday at a party last Sunday
and on Friday night there was a great Letter Writing Social at ARCH here
in SF -- typewriters, rubber stamps, stationary....and wine!

This proves I am trying....I actually cleared off my desk and put things away or
in to the old wire can actually see the top of the desk now...

ESTY STUFF for sale -- I am working on getting my stuff ready for the Etsy shop...
I have boxes of (no longer available) onion skin typing paper and
vintage lettering guides and all kinds of fun stuff for mail artists..vintage flash cards,
old cards and stationery, handmade envelopes, zines...

More Etsy....packing up those vintage eraser sets...these were very popular at the Co-Op birthday

More vintage for sale...

Sorting through some of the old French postcards I will sell - if I can manage to part with them..

Old books that I tear up for collage and envelope-making

I may have gotten a bit carried away - I signed up for the Index Card a Day challenge
as well as the new Elevated Envelope Swap ....

A wonderful drive down the beautiful California coast yesterday. Great views an a stop
at a really good yard sale. Picked up that old Postage Stamp Album and the Royal Quiet deLuxe typewriter manual since I have a Royal..I am going to tear apart the Postage Stamp book and fix the broken binding and re-make it into some sort of artist/altered book. Don't be too
jealous -- almost no stamps inside!
Saw this mailbox -- stop the car!!!!!!!

Hard to clean up when there are so many mail art events to go to, field trips to take,
lunches to eat, mail art to make and of course, cappuccino to drink.


  1. Doesn't look too messy to me. Looks pretty darn good. I need to get my mail stuff more organized too. I am thinking wire baskets as well. ICAD, me too. What's one more thing on the plate right? xox

    1. I may not do the ICAD - I make tons of my own stuff every day and I am not good at marching to another drummer....but I am doing Elevated Envelope...

  2. I don't know how you keep everything so tidy. If I had as much stuff as you do, and as many projects, I would be even more buried than I am.

    1. looks must be me, it isn't very organized or neat....

  3. cool stuff. when does your shop open?

    1. Ha -- when i think of a name, figure out shipping costs and take all the photos of stuff....wish me luck

  4. Am soo delighted to hear about your Etsy shop! Bravo & good luck. That's another way to keep your mail carrier in business, right? Re keeping table neat.... I can get it cleared off and take a picture of it, but as soon as more inspiration hits, it's into the whirlwind gap it flurries. I swear there is a paper trail from here to SF!

    1. I feel your pain -- I clean off my table and you're right - it is soon covered up in paper again!

  5. I love the french postcards! If it is me, i will not be able to part with them!hehe! Good lUck for your shop!

    1. Gladys--I actually have set aside a sumner of the French cards to sell, believe it or not.

  6. I just found your blog & have enjoyed it so much. Where did you get your work table? I love the size of it. It's tall enough that you can stand up & work.

    Gotta get busy & make some ENVELOPES...

    cheers & thanks for the inspiration

    1. Thanks so much, Ellie -- I am very happy you are enjoying the blog. My husband built that work table for me years ago - and yes, he designed it so I can work standing up, which I prefer. He built a shelf under it for paper storage and when the table is cleared off I can give lessons to a group of people gathered around it.



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