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Monday, June 11, 2012

A little of this and a little of......

United States Post Office
Rincon Annex

When is a post office not a post office?
The sign says it's a post office and it looks like a post office but Rincon Annex is no longer
our main San Francisco post office. Closed years ago but happily
you can still explore the lobby and see the incredible art deco
details and postal signage.

Eagles guard the entrance doors outside....there are quite a few eagles inside and out.
At least I didn't get kicked out of this PO for taking photos.

Inside Rincon Annex, amazing art deco details are all over, wonderful old murals..
couldn't find the old PO boxes though.

Letter Drops (old signage)

Another Eagle and sign honoring the SF postal workers who fought in a war..

Eagles are all over the heating vent grills....I just love these....wouldn't this look nice in my studio?

A Korean lunch after a tour of the beautiful old Rincon Annex....need to get some energy back
before the afternoon adventures.

Afternoon visit at a friend's studio - I hadn't been before and was amazed at  how
lovely things looked.
These are collages made by my pal, hanging in her kitchen, before she mails them off.
(I hope I get one)
A drawer filled with vintage mailing labels....
I met J.U. through a mail art group and it is such fun to find someone who shares so many of the same interests.

My friend has an amazing collection of rubber stamps...I admit it, I am a little

Vintage tape measure collection
How who would have thought to curate and hang up tape measures?
What a good idea.
I love this.

Some wooden rulers..well, at least I have a few wooden rulers too...

Monday Incoming
OoOooo I got lucky today! Thanks everyone.

Outgoing Monday
And, I've been busy too.....working on mail and several other art projects are going on my my studio.
We are having a spell of amazing beautiful weather here in SF
making it just a little hard to stay indoors and work....

Happy Mail -- Happy Monday


  1. What a great place to explore! And those measuring tapes are so lovely.

  2. What gorgeous post office. I see those shiny floors and it makes me want to put on a pair of roller skates.

  3. The old PO looks quite an amazing building, the old signage I adore, and the grillwork is amazing. Your friend's place is most wonderful, love the display, like a mini museum right there. Thanks ever so much for sharing. xox

    1. Corrine--Thanks and I agree. my friends studio was so lovely and inspiring. And I love the old post offices.

  4. Wow. i love that post office and your friend's studio is terrific.

  5. Quite an excellent piece, combining two places filled with such postal history :D!
    I Have to go check out the beauty myself! Isn't it amazing what hides under our noses, only a few or a few more blocks away?!
    Thanks PG!

    1. Yes, Gina--I agree. Go check it out and you can have dim sum at Yank Sing right there in the same building.

  6. My favorites here: those heating vent grills, the look of the collages hanging at your friend's house (a great idea for display), and those awesome mailing labels (what is a good source for those??) and tape measures.

    1. I love my friend's hanging collages too. I think most of those mailing labels are vintage and tricky to track down. Cavallini puts out new ones, which I'm sure you have seen. I always check any office type stores I pass to see what they have and sometimes you get lucky in a thrift store. I love those eagle grills too -- very cool.

  7. I love that beautiful floor in the third picture! And I bought loads of washi tape (finally) and I've been really busy, so I will have lots to write about when I sit down to make a letter for you next week :D

    1. Annejo -- no worries -- write when you have time. have fun with the washi tape.



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