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Friday, June 29, 2012

A little booklet tease

So, you said you wanted to see some of the little booklets I've been making.
Here is Tallie's Solar System booklet.....

Inside of Tallie's booklet
I love all the little pockets in these booklets -- there are four pockets to tuck in tiny photos,
a letter, some stamps....anything you can think of.

Here are a little series of map-covered booklets in process......

How about travel booklets? I was thinking of making one booklet  each day I'm on a trip
using maps, metro cards, menus all the paper ephemera from the day.
If I don't have time to make them while actually on the trip, I can put the stuff in
zip locks bags each day and make them when I get back to SF.
Good idea, yes?

The fun part is putting the pages inside -- you can use so many different things --
graph paper, onion skin paper, dictionary pages....anything you can think of...

For this one I used Chinese Joss paper....
(don't you love that FACE???)

I have so many ideas for these little books. How about a
SF edition with restaurant tips and addresses and suggestions for fun in SF?
I can hand them out to visiting pals.
Or, a Chinatown book -- with joss paper, biz cards, suggestions...
Oh the places we can go....

I heard you talking and switched to the sharper photos. Even though the comments were
only from a lovely and select few of the viewers
I will assume the sharper photos are preferred.
But I still love those Polaroids and will sneak some in here on the blog
and on the FaceBook page for Cappuccino&Art as well.
You have been warned.

A little booklet went out inside a Chinese envelope, inside a collaged envelope --
al the way to New Zealand!


I made this booklet out of a Japanese supermarket magazine page......
I feel so lucky to have
Japan Center here in SF - the source of so many wonderful things,
like Green Tea Kit Kats and BlueBerry (& Coffee) gum!


I have been collaging as well as making are a couple of collaged
postcards that just went out this week.


Going out to KSP who does like to read....

A Swap-Bot Mailbox postcard swap -- uh oh...I thought the swap was for
mail box photos but I think they might have meant personal
mailboxes at people's homes.....too late now....


Got some fabulous incoming today -- this from Karenann...a wonderful
sewn collaged envelope with two mini-zines tucked inside.
From Annejo in The Netherlands -- great mail, as usual

From Jennifer -- always delightful

Who says they are all going postal at the PO???
I found this delightful little lady at my post office sitting on top of the do-it-yourself
postal machine (I know there is a name for those things but I cannot think of it at this moment).
Someone at the PO there made it. So funny. And she has been there for two weeks
without anyone stealing her!

So, how'd you like the booklets????

I did shoot some step-by-step photos while making one of them but I'm not sure if the how-to will
be totally clear from the photos....


  1. What great ideas! from YOU and your friends who send things. I was in Portland this last week and saw a beautiful pink typewriter in a Back to Basics store in Sellwood. Lots of cool stuff going on all over the place. I love the West Coast!

    1. A PINK typewriter! Be still my heart. I love the West Coast too but I also love NYC.

  2. The booklets are lovely! Such a great idea.

  3. Cute little booklets. Do we get to see how to make them?

  4. Booklets are marvelous! Each one a personAlity of it's own. Wonderfu
    l collages outgoing as always.Dont know why my ipad is always so difficult to type with, clumsy fingers I guess. Can't get wnderful to actually form the word above but you get the idea! xox

    1. Thanks Corrine! I have deleted a number of comments when using my iPhone APPLE but paper is still the best...xo

  5. Teacher! Teacher! I wanna learn! :D. Such great booklets Pamela. I've been getting some tiny ones from Phyllie, and they are so much fun! SO creative & beautiful - keep up the great work!!!

    1. GinaVisione--you are a riot. i love how you call Phyllis "Phillie". And the Teacher! Teacher! made me laugh. Of course I'll show yoiu but guess what? These are the same booklets as Phillie makes. But you can make them bigger too.

  6. I like the clear picturez better too, it shows all the lovely details on the things you make! It's a good thing they don't sell such booklets in stores, else I would buy them all :D Happy to see my letter arrived!

    1. Ack!! OK the clear pictures are winning! Annejo - your letter and everything inside the envelope was great. Thanks so much. But you don't have to buy the booklets -- you can make them. Stay tuned!

  7. I hope you'll show the how to one day soon. I'd love to see it up close and learn how to make them. I've been wanting to make one for my friend who is recovering from Breast Cancer treatment. It would be perfect for her to look through and discover little things tucked in!

    Great post -- as usual -- full of fun and inspiration! Love to come to your blog!

    Sharon in TX

    1. Sharon--I am working on a picture-post of how to make the booklets. Coming very soon. I hope it will be clear enough for everyone. They are really very easy to make once you know how. I bet your friend would really enjoy one.

  8. I don't come visiting your blog as often as I should...but when I do, I'm always amazed with your work. Your booklets are wonderful!

    1. Thanks, Dave! And you know, you can sign up to subscribe to my blog if you like -- you won't miss anything that way! Thanks for commenting.

  9. I'm loving all this mail, Pamela. And I would love to see the step-by-step photos...I want to make some of those booklets of my own!! :-)

  10. Your little books are gorgeous!!!!



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