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Monday, June 25, 2012

Fun with (Collage) Friends!

Can you have too much of a good thing?
Not when it comes to collage!

Last week my mail art pal Annie came over to play.
We had lunch (of course!) and then spent three hours at my work table making
mail art collages.
I love Annie's collage work and it great to watch her in action, cutting, ripping, pasting...
I got a few tips from her and a lot of inspiration.

Some of Annie's collaged postcards

Annie has a great blog too
Curbside Treasure
which I suggest you check out -- Annie makes all kinds of wonderful things.

Outgoing Collage Cards
Here are some of the cards I made this week...

A couple of fun shout-outs from people who have received mail from me--

Planet Susannia (in Germany) and Drawing Near here in the USA

More of my collaged postcards

with little surprises inside....
these just went out in today's mail. Even got them hand cancelled by the very nice man at my
post office.

A Green Tea KitKat bar for energy .....
(that green is my favorite color)


Wheeee! Sometimes you just have a real good mail day...

A French bathing beauty hits the road...

Another happy mail day

MY latest obsession -- besides making lots of collages every day, I have been
obsessed with making these little booklets.
I'll show you a bunch of them in my next post.
I have so many ideas for them.

Now here is a

I have really been having fun playing with the polaroid app and I love the soft focus
quality in the shots but I"m wondering what all of you think.
Do you prefer the sharper images or the Polaroids?
Or do you like both?
I'd really appreciate some feedback so I know what you'd like to see.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you prefer.

See you next time!

(Cappuccino&Art has a FaceBook page too -- with more photos and links)



  1. I think the polaroids are fun. can't wait to see more of those little booklets - very intriguing!

  2. Great post!

    For photo effects, the polaroid soft focus thing is nice once in a while to make something stand out, but a little goes a long way. I like most of the photos in sharper focus.

  3. Love the post and can't wait to see more of the booklets. I loved the photos you showed and would have not complaints about them if they enlarged to really show you more, but they don't. Therefore, I like the other sharper photos more.


  4. I'm excited to see more of the booklets! I like the sharper photos better but I love the Polaroids to break it up. The shape and focus is definitely fun, but I love to see what you're working on and the better the quality the.. better! :-) Keep making great mail, love.

  5. Love the booklets! I make them to use as journals when I travel. Just finished my latest one from SF visit!

  6. I like both kinds of photos -- so I am no help. And your outgoing and collages look great.
    Denise C

  7. your mail is thus beautiful and I love every detail of it! so I prefer the sharper ones...

  8. Love your little books and of course all your fab envelopes and collage. You have been a busy gal. xox

  9. I love those booklets too and your great collage creations - and I like the soft-focus polaroids.

    I've only had a green tea KitKat once, when my sister in law brought one back from japan. I wish they had them in the stores here in Portland.

    1. Green tea Kit Kats are from that Japanese supermarket in Japan Center, Christine. They have had blueberry Kit Kats too. Pretty tasty.

  10. I definitely prefer the sharper focus photos rather than the polaroid. Anxious to see your booklets.

  11. Well, in my non-scientific survey (since there were 300 some odd views and only 10 comments) it seems the sharper photos are winning! I myself love the soft focus ones but I am writing the blog for all of you so I will have to roll with it. I have already done a bunch of polaroid shots of the booklets but they are pretty sharp....maybe I will mix the two...

    Thanks to those who have commented.

  12. EVerything looks wonderful! and love the polaroids :)

  13. I'm voting for the sharp focus photos. I like the Polaroid look for some things, but there's so much great detail in your cards and envelopes that I don't want to work hard to see it. Your volume of output seems awesome to me. I try to get one card done a week, in the morning, before I go to work, over a few days. Evenings just don't exist (when else am I going to read science fiction?) Glad I found you.

    1. Thanks for your vote. And also the nice comments. I am finding the more collages I do the faster I am. My pal Annie helped me with that. Just checked out your blog and yours look great. I am a morning person too when it comes to making art...reading is for evenings...

  14. Dee-licious mail, all around! Thanks for linking to my blog, too. I can attest to the fabulousness of your little booklets--they are awesome!! The Polaroid is fun to "mood shots," but if I want to see the details of your great collages, then a sharper focus might work better. I'm all for variety!

  15. I love both but the clearer pictures show the mail art in better detail.



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