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Friday, April 6, 2012

You Say It's Your Birthday?

Incoming Birthday Mail
What a generous and thoughtful group all my mail art friends are!

Surprises kept rolling in all week. Look at how beautifully wrapped this is.
Thank you J.U.

A surprise from GinaVisione in a great old Kodak Paper box, a cup with a
snail in it from the infamous Kelly P and a great handmade photo with rubber stamped
greetings from S.W.

Even my son decorated an envelope for me!
So many creative people out there -- I am always amazed. I am saving this box.
Annejo sent me this fantastic typewriter card -- with typed greetings in Dutch!

INCOMING -- Present!
And, speaking of typewriters, my sweet and long suffering husband gave me this old beauty--
An Olympia SCRIPT typewriter!
I guess he got tired of hearing me talk about how much I wanted one.
Isn't she a beauty?

Now my beloved old Royal Quiet deLuxe has a companion!

While in NYC, I read an interesting article in USA Today about the boom in
typewriter collecting -- and in using.
These are not just decorative items even though they are lovely to look at.
I have been very busy since returning from NYC catching up on my correspondence.

Some San Francisco stamps supplied by the lovely GinaVisione for me.

Putting some of those Casey Rubber Stamps to work. And a letter off to a
coffee-loving correspondent in a Chock Full of Nuts Coffee Bag.

The other side....I am always looking out for what I can re-purpose and put in the mail.
Aren't you?

Many heartfelt thanks to ALL of you who did so much to make my birthday special.

And Cappuccino and Art has been pinned on

Nice photos...if I do say so myself.

Happy Birthday to all you Aries out there!



  1. YAY - you got your script typewriter! how exciting. picked up a fabulous package from you today! thank you thank you thank you! I adore them. - Karen

  2. So glad you got your script typewriter! Happy Belated Birthday! Hope it was great.


  3. Cool OLYMPIA Script.....LUCKY GIRL! (your husband is a GOOD man). PLUS- what great mail! Hope you got my bit-o-cheer *smile*. I Loved the Yummy card that you sent to me- thank you.

    1. Thanks for the birthday mail -- and you should have the COFFEE mail too....

  4. What beautiful outgoing mail! The cup-mail you received looks fun!

  5. I see a lovely envelope for me.... and a lovely card from me! I'm happy it arrived safely and is as nice as "advertised" :D The Chock Full O' Nuts envelope is really cool, I need to start buying things were they have nice packaging.

    1. I didn't even have to buy the Chock Full of Nuts bag -- just helped myself to a few.....(and the typewriter card was fabulous).

  6. Yay!! So glad it looks like you had a wonderful Bday! ooooh, and a lovely Script typewriter too! SO lucky ~ And happy to see others are using up the humongous Restoration Hardware Catalog pages (paint can wrapping) - so wasteful and glad it gets re-purposed!!!! Just sent off one of your repurposed bubble bags to my Dad :D. Ciao Bella Pamela & thanks for the lovely posts!!!

    1. A very happy birthday, thanks partly to are very welcome for the posts...thanks for commenting..



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