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Monday, March 12, 2012

My Washi Week

Washi Clips

Last week Alyson Kuhn contacted me and asked to include some of my projects
with washi tape in a post on
Felt and Wire
The post came out today and Alyson did a wonderful job with it.
Check it out and see my washi work along with work by GinaVisione,
Shasta Garcia and Alyson Kuhn.
Please leave a comment for Alyson on the Felt & Wire blog if you like it!
Tell her I sent you.
And, of course, comments are always very welcome here on my blog too.

My Outgoing Envelopes
Besides the binder clips and address and datebooks, of course I use washi tape
on my handmade envelopes too.

Surprise For GinaVisione
Well, maybe it won't be a complete surprise since Alyson mentioned it on Felt & Wire today and here I am showing this envelope but I hope Gina enjoys what's inside.

Washi clips with St Patrick's Day spirit!

You can see the covers of all my datebooks and address books on Felt & Wire
but here is a stack of them sitting pretty.

More handmade envelopes going out....

Outgoing Collaged postcards

Recipe cards made into cards..
I think these need a bit more decoration on them -- still working on them.

Incoming letter book from the fabulous Karen Isaacson (who sends great mail).
And a special shout-out to Karen for inspiring me to make the washi chips
following her example. If you haven't checked out Karen's Blog
you should.

Hope you enjoyed the Felt and Wire link and are inspired to create some of your own
Remember, if you send good mail -- you get good mail!

Special thanks to GinaVisione, Karen Isaacson and Alyson Kuhn.

Postcards will be sent.


  1. The post on felt and wire is great, as is Karen, she is a whirling dervish of creative passion. xox Corrine

  2. Oh, I always love to see, what wonderful mail you create! And what a great idea to use washi tape to decorate those clips!

  3. I was so excited to see you on Felt & Wire! Thanks for posting more lovely photos here. You made my (mail)day Saturday!

  4. Another enviable collection Pamela. I love all the vintage paper!x

  5. Hmmmm, for some reason I feel like 'holding fast,' 'attaching,' 'fixing,' 'fastening...' :D :D Thank you very much, sneaky Madame Pamela - I LOVE my clips! It was great fun being involved in the Felt & Wire article with you, Co-op buddy!! Your blogs are always inspiring. And a big shout out and thank you again to Alyson Kuhn!

    1. You are welcome, Ms. Visione! Have fun attaching, fixing, fastening...and it WAS fun being involved with Felt & Wire with you too.

  6. Pamela...another great post! So enjoyed my visit at Felt & Wire and you are one creative lady!! Thanks for my last letter & tearoom p.c. Something back to you soon.

  7. this whirling dervish just got about 10 new ideas from reading this post and the wonderful post at felt and wire. Gina's tape dispenser rack is mind-blowingly cool. and all that yummy tape....
    thanks for the shout out, and you're SO welcome.

    1. Karen--so happy you enjoyed the post and got some new ideas. We've got to keep you real busy! Maybe you could email Gina and commission one of those tape holders. And YOU were the inspiration for the binder clips.

  8. I love the binder clips & seeing how colorful they can become!
    The envelope with the monkey on the giraffe's neck is fabulous! Keep it up Lady!

  9. Those recipe cards are really nice! A good way to send someone a recipe, much less boring than just writing it down :D

  10. Thank you for the birthday wishes! They arrived only one day too late, but since I celebrated it today, still in time ^_^

    1. Had to fix that typo! Annejo -- so happy you got the card almost on time and hope your birthday was very fun and happy.

  11. Hi Pamela, I found your blog via Corrine with dosfishes. I love all the inspiration I see here and now following you. Greetings from Wichita, Kansas!

    1. Lisa -- thanks for checking out the blog and happy to see you here.



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