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Thursday, February 6, 2020


Happy 2020!!!
Ok, a little bit late but it is still early in the year. And, a long time since I've posted. But I do post regularly on Instagram....
Of course I am busy making these fun gusseted folders made from old legal files I picked up at ScrapSF and covered with pretty paper.

They are very handy to pack up with letter writing supplies to take to a SF Correspondence Co-op Meeting or to a cafe on the chance you might want to make some mail....

I put a bunch of velum packets inside to organize things.....and they look good too. I find these folders really useful -- I had a Christmas one with all my Christmas supplies supplies (cards, stickers, stamps etc) so when I had a few minutes I could grab it and write a card. And I have some for putting travel ephemera in for each country I may visit on an upcoming trip. All ready and waiting when I want to make a travel journal.
Speaking of travel, I have plane tickets to Beijing.....and, given the circumstances, it sure doesn't look like I will be going....

Made some little pocket folders from the Cavallini Sale postcards I had sitting around...

...and I gave them to the pals I stood in line at Cavallini with as a little souvenir.....

I collect pressed souvenir pennies. Any of you want to trade pressed pennies with me???
Just let me know. I'd especially like some from New York City but anywhere would do...
Of course there is cappuccino.....and Happy Lunar New Year to all who celebrate. The BIG Lunar NY Parade is this Saturday here in San Francisco and if you are looking for
fire cracker wrappers to collage that is where you want to look (down)....

Made my 2020 datebooks. Old school. I like pen and paper.....I had a Japanese theme going on but I'm not sure I will be going to Japan this spring with all the chaos going on....we'll see...

That didn't stop me from working on an altered passport from Japan....
work in process....

Here's one of those gusseted file folders at a SF Correspondent  Co-Op meeting in action....and Italian pouches with mail art supplies made my my pal Dori.

I've been making ephemera packs too....

I'm not sure what I will do with them? Sell them? 

I'm having a love affair with fabric scraps......These beauties and that gorgeous pin cushion came from ScrapSF. No, I really can't sew but I am determined to hand stitch a fabric book or two so stay tuned...

See? There is a seat at my table just waiting for you. Who is coming over? We could have tea....or coffee.....and I almost always have something around that I baked. And, we could make things....
I was happy to have the holidays over with and a brand new year but it is zipping by so incredibly quickly.....How can it be February already?
And, what are you all doing and making?
Let me know...and also let me know if you want to trade pressed pennies....or ephemera?
HAPPY 2020!!!!!


  1. Those gusseted folders you collaged seem to come in handy. I really like the bits of organized packets you created, too.

    Gosh, Pamela, if I had a pressed penny, I'd send it to you. Sadly, I've never even seen one!

    The Japanese altered passport is wonderful. I'm not sure I would want to be in that part of the world right now. Would you be going for business or pleasure (inquiring minds and all).

    I'd love to join you for either tea or coffee and a bit of art. LOVE all you are working on, dear.

    1. Hi Elizabeth -- Japan is for pleasure! And I am still hoping to go (but Beijing is crossed off the plan). I am working on a whole series of altered passports. So much fun to work on. Thanks for checking in and saying hello.

  2. I am making Christmas cards, yes, Christmas cards. I am recycling store bought cards and I got a very cute Christmas kitty card making kit with a magazine, I just had to try it. Plus, I love making them in general, so every excuse is fine.
    I am living in Cork, Ireland, if I am not mistaken there should be a "pressed penny machine" at one of the tourist shops. I don't collect them myself though...

    1. Cork, Ireland? Beautiful and very green I bet. And why shouldn't you make Christmas cards in February? You will be all set in December! Happy 2020!!

  3. You are always so busy! Makes for good blog posts. I'm mostly unpacked and have been making various things, booklets, origami. Need to see if there's a SCRAP down here. Did u get the little religious card thing I sent you a while back?

    1. Leslie --oh yes, I did and thank you. Please send me your new address - I can't seem to find it. I do hope you find a Scrap, They are the best!

  4. Thanks for posting all that gorgeousness!

    1. Laura, you are most welcome and thank you for taking the time to comment. Much appreciated.



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