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Monday, December 9, 2019

Ready or Not....

Christmas is coming....ready or not!
Cards to write and presents to wrap. It's all good, if a little crazy busy.
I made this pocket folder to hold my Xmas cards and postcards.

I really do enjoy wrapping gifts (all year round). And, I love a neutral palette....
I really like using books pages as wrapping. And after they are unwrapped, the recipient can use the papers for collage.
We're all for creative re-use.

I also love brown kraft paper. I wish I knew where I found this one with the white dots because I want more of it....

Sometimes I do like more traditional Xmas wrap -- especially if it has airmail stripes and a postal theme!

I even broke out the vintage tags this year instead of them....

A little Cavallini paper slipped in there too....

I also love buying various sizes of these clear bags at Diaso and making little packs of cool things....doesn't that look nice?

When I'm traveling I always notice how beautifully things are wrapped in places like France and Italy....every day is a holiday.

So, what are you using to wrap? 
Hope you get a little inspiration from my ideas. Now put on that holiday music and sip a little eggnog and get to work!
Santa needs all the help he can get spreading happiness.
I'm off to the SF Correspondence Co-Op Holiday party tonight!


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