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Sunday, April 7, 2019

You Never Know

You never know where your mail art will end up.....I spied a piece of my mail from 2010 in a gallery at SFMOMA.

The mail art was displayed on a large piece of glass you you could see both sides of it -- what a great way to display it. I wish I could do this at home.

The Snap + Share Show up up at SFMOMA and if you are in the Bay Area and like mail art I suggest you go see it.
Check the SFMOMA website to see how long it will be up - it just opened so it will be a while.

Here's my doesn't like like what I do now but it was sure fun to see it hanging there...

Lots of mail art from the collection of John Held, Jr

My feeling exactly.

I really enjoyed her work....

Moyra Davey

Moyra Davey

Of course Ray Johnson was represented...

On Kawara

There it was again in the New York Times today.....this is fun.
Send Good Mail -- Get Good Mail
You never know where it might end up!


  1. That is awesome! Congratulations on having your mail art on display. And thanks for all the great photos of the exhibit.

    1. Thank you, FinnBadger -- it was a great show and fun to see my tiny piece there. I took a lot more photos but figured the post was long enough....

  2. How unique and unusual. The John Held ones really caught my eye and I LOVED that your art was included. I am in awe of all mail art. I also think it makes the postal people happy to see something of real color and interest. You're going to have to explain who John Held Jr. is (grin).

  3. Oh, how interesting! I would spend a lot of time in that exhibition!

  4. Oh! I wish I could go to this! Thank you for sharing for those that can't go see this!

  5. I rarely visit blogs these days, my own included, more the shame as I almost missed this post of yours. I'm always so excited to see that museums are recognizing correspondence art. We'll be in San Francisco in June! Hope the exhibit will still be up.

  6. How COOL! Wow did you know that your piece was going to be included or did you just happen upon it?Very exciting!
    What a neat way to display, just as you said!
    Where I live is so far from any art and culture, it is great to be able to see what you share here on your posts- thanks so much Pamela!
    Jackie xo



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