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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

I've Put Down my Glue Stick!

 Art by Molly Meng

Don't worry -- it is only temporary!
But I've discovered slow stitching thanks to the delightful Molly Meng, LA artist extraordinaire . I'm telling you, if you ever get a chance to take a workshop with Molly Meng, do not hesitate.
I had a wonderful time on Sunday slow stitching away and getting inspired......
check it out..

It was all about the slow stitching but I kinda felt like it was also collage using fabric. I am primarily a collage artist and I felt right at home with this.

Molly provided everything we needed including things like this -- beautiful, vintage tags from Basque Country for berets. 

All kinds of fabrics, included avocado dyed pink like this! Yes, you can use avocado pits to dye fabric and paper -- just google it.

Lace and trims and more dyed fabric, this time it was tea dyed.

Art by Molly Meng
She also brought some of her own work to inspire...

Art by Molly Meng

Art by Molly Meng

Art by Molly Meng
I think I liked this one the most....just lovely shades of whites and ivories with that red initial and a small patch of blue...

Fabric Book by Molly Meng
I am absolutely kicking myself for not taking the Fabric Book Workshop the day before the Slow Stitching. I was afraid it would be too advanced for me but I was wrong. I sure hope she comes back to San Francisco and does it again.
Are you listening, Molly?

Art Work by Molly Meng
I mean...just LOOK at this. This is the book unfolded with slow-stitched collages on six pages. It is really an inspiration.

Art work by Molly Meng

Art work by Molly Meng

Art Work by Molly Meng
One of my favorite pages...

Art work by Molly Meng
Another favorite
By now you are all ready to sign up, right? You can find Molly on Instagram at molly_c_meng.
She is on Facebook too and going to have her new website up and running soon. She gives workshops at French General (check the French General web site). If you're in Los Angeles, you're in luck. And, lucky SF, she is coming back to San Francisco in May to do a collage workshop at SF Center for the Book which is FULL.
here is her paper weaving SFCB workshop which is still open.
Better hurry....

I want to give a little shout out to San Francisco School of Needlework and Design where I took the slow stitching class. I just discovered it and I am so happy I did. Located downtown right between Saks and Tiffany -- can you have a more swank address? A delightful place to learn embroidery and all kinds of stitching.

Here is a link to the Fabric Book class where you can see what you -- and I -- missed. Get on their mailing list in case it is offered again.

SF School of NeedleWork and Design
Charming, oui? 
Ok, now are you in the mood to stitch? Or collage? Or both? Let's get busy!
I am totally inspired and have lots of ideas. A birthday trip to SCRAP SF helped too. I picked up some fabric to play with and some vintage sewing supplies. I even got my sewing machine working again and I can't wait to sew on paper. When I'm in I"m all in!
So, what do you think? You in too?



  1. I LOVE how you used fabric. I am impressed. I wish I could slow stitch, but I have no pinch grip, so can't hold a needle. However, I love this idea and it makes me think of the small quiltlets I make using my sewing machine. You certainly created a beautiful piece and Molly had some awesome examples, too.

    1. Hi Elizabeth -- well gee -- I am glad YOU commented because no body else did!!! Thanks for that. I guess I will stick to paper

  2. I love that you shared your post about slow stitching! And your excitement about Molly and her classes is so fun! I have been slow stitching lately as well and yes, it is absolutely a form of collaging. My favorite part is using vintage fabrics together!

    Anyway, share more when you have time. I love an artist who is well rounded! Have fun Pamela- that what it is all about!
    Jackie xx



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