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Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Vintage Paper Fair (again)

OOPS I did it again.....
The Vintage Paper Fair is back in town and I had to go, of course.....
it's my favorite event
and it comes around three times a year.
Who could resist these wonderful old folding postcards?
Not I!
The graphics and colors are wonderful and there are so many fun mail art
things to do with with them...
How many did I get?
I'm not saying...

And how about a set of stamps of US Presidents? Perforated  and ready to go...
(they end with Reagan)
And these postcards...all 25-cents each.
Could you pass them up?

More 25-cent stuff --  Ink wells and birds...and a big set of coat of arms stamps

I ran into my pal Ryan (and Sally, Vanessa and Phyllis too) from the
Correspondence Co-op. Ryan found a postcard section called
That was a category we hadn't seen before.
Here is a lovely mortuary card for you.


If you are anything like me, you might want to plan your next trip to San Francisco
around this fair.....

You can google the Vintage Paper Fair and check the 2013 dates
when they are posted.

This babe is writing a postcard and getting ready to stick it into
that green (green?) post box.

Typewritten letter
This is just so much better than e-mail......

"See you next week sometime -- MA"
After all that excitement I needed some lunch...headed out to the
Richmond for some Vietnamese food..

(This is for you, Christine H)

Another excellent adventure in San Francisco.
See you next time.

Send Good Mail -- Get Good Mail!

(Hey--co-op members--what did you find today?)


  1. You really scored on your findings!!! I'm so happy for you!!!

    1. Thanks, Karenann! It is a lot of fun to comb through all that ephemera.

  2. Pamela -- my sister and I had that exact set of glass wax stencils when we were kids! Great photos -- the fair was really fun..great seeing you and ran into Phyllis, Vanessa & Anna too. --Sally

  3. Oh great vintage stuff! I would find it hard to resist all those yummy papers. As always, a great lunch. xox

  4. I sure wish we had a paper fair like that here in NY.

  5. I had those stencils as a kid, and we used to use this stuff (now banned as a carcinogen) called Glass Wax, which we tinted with food dye, to decorate the windows. I love your treasures. And the prices. Faint!

  6. Looks like such fun! Have a great time with your new finds; I look forward to seeing what you have in mind for them!

  7. What a fab fair! And what fab finds!! Love it!!

  8. What a great haul!

    Thanks for stopping by and your encouraging comment!

  9. I was really appreciating all of those great treasures at the paper fair, but then when I got to lunch I was really in heaven. Oh does that look good.



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