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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Beautiful Post Office

Walking around Palo Alto, California over the weekend my husband spotted this beautiful old post office. Of course, I had to go check it out. (He may have been sorry he mentioned it because once I was inside I didn't want to leave).

I wish my PO in San Francisco looked like this.

The windows even open. I think I'd like to set up shop here and settle in and write some letters.

Fill 'em up!
I want the BIG PO Box.

Ok, these little ones are pretty sweet too. But with all the mail I get I still say I need the big one.

Cool and dark and loads of post boxes. My kind of place.

There are always rules.

Happy to see this -- protected by the Register of Historic Places.
A great example of California/Spanish architecture.

OoooOOooo and right outside I saw these babies.........

Drive-Thru Mailboxes? Three of them? Too cool.
I don't see anything like this in San Francisco.

I think the editorial comment is mis-spelled. 

A nice sunny California day with good mail.

We can't lose our post offices and our mail boxes.
Send out as much mail as you can!
We need to help keep the USPS in business.



  1. Gorgeous! I've never seen such a beautiful post office. Those boxes! Those floors! That lighting! sigh. (I have used up my exclamation point quota for the day)

  2. The building is gorgeous. Drive through mailboxes- visit the Midwest! They are everywhere.

  3. I recognize that post office. It really is gorgeous. Is the R2D2 mailbox still there? (I didn't notice it the last time I was down there.) And did you get to visit Congdon & Crome stationers just a couple blocks away? It's pretty cool & has been there a long time. My 92 year old father-in-law used to buy his school supplies there. :D

  4. Beautiful! I remember some Hindu temple (used an American old building) in East LA looks like that.

  5. @JanaBanana - missed the stationary store but you can bet I will check it out next time I am down in Palo Alto.
    @Tamoe - thanks for the comment. I'd like to see that temple in LA.

  6. What a beaut', we have drive through mail boxes in a couple of places, but no gorgeous post office buildings, not even the one that used to be the main post office. The main post office has now moved out to some place by the intersection of two interstates.

  7. We have a couple of beautiful old p.o.'s near where I live, in small towns, and I expect they're going to be closed soon. I have a friend who's a USPS employee and she's told me how much consolidation has already been done in the Houston area. It's so incredibly sad and I don't see the way out of it. I don't think a developed country can exist without a p.o. I still love sending notes and cards and letters. People love them like they never appreciate electronic mail, though that's handy, too. Richard K/Texas

  8. Richard - I certainly agree - a developed country cannot live without a postal service. It is a basic service we should be assured of. But obviously cutbacks needs to be made to keep it going. It is a distressing situation. In the meantime, send out as many cards and letters as you can.

  9. Wow, it really is beautiful. I don't think we have any post office here as beautiful as that.

  10. It's certainly the most beautiful post office I have ever seen. They should sponsor a write-in some weekend. Have folks bring chairs and write postcards or something. The cool space invites letter-writing events. :)

    My favorite post office is pitiful in comparison. It's been neglected, but it's busy every day. Theres a wait list for p.o. boxes.

    Thanks for showing us such a lovely place exists.

  11. Limner -- that is a terrific idea! And if any of you are on FaceBook, I posted a link on the Cappuccino And Art page to SAVE THE USP where you can sign an online petition to save our USPS or print out the forms to take them around and have people sign them.
    We are having a SAve The Post Office Letter Writing Social here in SF on October 8th too.

  12. That is a beauty. It reminds me a little of the old post office in Honolulu.

  13. Looks like a B&B to me! Some post office. We have a drive through at our other post office in town. We have two. My tiny one with boxes and a window and a larger one cross town
    (over the river and through the woods) that has the drive through. Love it. xox Corrine

  14. This does look like a dreamy post office. I won't post any photos of my post office - it might deter people from sending mail. This is why I love the little blue drop-boxes scattered around the city instead.

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