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Monday, September 26, 2011

Big Fun at the Library Book Sale

Things have been busy around San Francisco this week. Tuesday was the annual
Library Big Book Sale.
I went with a mail art pal and we had fun wading through all the books.
That is most of my loot above (not including all those foreign language flash cards I
posted in the last blog post).

The Library sale is  at Fort Mason in SF, set right on the water. It is in a great spot especially if you have to stand in a long line to get in.

I scored an old Atlas to tear up for mail art (if I can bring myself to actually tear it up),
old stationary, typewriter book plates......

from the old Atlas

Scored an old how-to-type book and a book of paint samples that are
perforated like stamps -- oh joy.

I have been out running around a lot all week. The Correspondence Co-Op met on Wednesday night
and that was great fun, as usual.
But I stayed home on Sunday and got busy on mail art -- thirteen pieces went
out today. Here's a stack of outgoing.

On my desk with my new favorite pens.

The airmail set, vintage envelopes from Chinatown (More about that in another post)
and vintage air mail stamps.

This envelope came to my husband and when I saw that "Warning" on the
bottom on the envelope I just had to re-use it. And I knew exactly who to send it to.

A see-thru envelope of stamps went out to Annie.

The "Menu" envelope is out-going AGAIN -- I sent it at least a week earlier to a
friend in Australia and imagine my surprise to see it back in my mail box.
For some it got returned to me. The address seemed totally clear so I added a couple of "TO"'s and the pointing finger and tried again.
Let's hope it gets to Australia this time around.

To my bike riding pal, GinaBella.

Also went and visited the beautiful Dahlia Garden in Golden Gate Park, got some great incoming mail
and had a few lunches to share but this is long enough for today.

That's it for now folks. Remember to write those letters and help save the USPS.
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and I add extra links about mail and events on the page.
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Who will be number 150?

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  1. Oh that Atlas is a dream. I so love maps and playing with them, like little geographies for my artwork. Funny I hated geography in school, now I love it. What a stash and what beauty heading out into the world from your arty studio my friend. xox Corrine

  2. Me! I am number 150 and so happy to be here :)

  3. Oh my goodness! What lovely things you found! And that envelope with the warning is highly appropriate for Banned Books Week! Be sure to continue showing us the lovely art you make with those goodies! =)

  4. Ooh! Book sales!! My favorite!! I always spend so much at them, but oh, how it's worth it!

  5. I love that Atlas too. I don't think I could bear to tear it up. What a lovely score.

  6. You got a Pantone color book...lucky you. Looks like they have a great library sale. We try not to go to these though. No more room. :(

  7. Looks like a great library sale...wonderful finds!!!

  8. Wow! Awesome mailart! Thanks for sharing it with us. I love Stabilo pens, too, and wish I could find them in thethe store. Fortunately, there's always online shopping. Many blessings.

  9. I have a similar atlas & had never thought to use it for mailart. You have inspired me!!!

  10. Thanks for the comments everyone and welcome #150 AES (and #151)followers. Your support is much appreciated.
    Stabilo pens are sold a block from my house -- how can I resist?
    Corrine, I was a horrible geography student too but I adore old Atlas books and maps now...have you ever tried painting over an old map?
    Catwrangler, I know....I don't like to tear the books up either....but if I have a number of the same one I sometimes manage to do it...

  11. What a feast for my eyeballs! I enlarge, ogle, and move on, and repeat. Looking takes a long time. :)

  12. I just discovered your other blog! I am smitten. You're amazing. :)

  13. Limner--happy you are enjoying the blog. My other blog? Do you mean Mailart 365? That isn't my blog -- I have just participated in sending mail art every day but I have fallen behind in posting the photos of it. Thanks for the comments.

  14. The paint sample book is actually a PMS (Pantone Matching System) swatch book. Designers use these swatched to give to printers so that the printer matches the colors a designer is asking for. These numbered swatches correspond to CMYK formulas. Very expensive books to buy.

  15. Those are my favorite pens! All those lovely colours and they write so well - and they're very cheap too over here. I really need to buy more of them :D

  16. @Annejo--hey--I have missed your comments. Did you get my letter a while back?
    I am working on a new post with a "Call For Entries" hopefully tomorrow....

  17. I've sent you two pieces of mail yesterday! (In response to your lovely letter :-)) September was a BUSY month - I really had to cut into my online time. But now I'm back :-)



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